For A Better Tomorrow!

They say that patience bears the sweetest of fruits. We hope it does. Well, what else can one Pakistani say to another?  The feebly old, the energetic young, the technical businessmen and the multi-tasking housewives, everyone is repeating the same question, “will our lives be returned back to us or not?’’

The aura has dramatically flourished all over Pakistan! The souls have become too anxious; everybody is in a rush to know will they be saved of the cruelty?
Well folks as we all know,we’ll reap what we sow, and now all depends on your votes because that will only bring the change.

I see people around me who would have never bothered to visit the polling station and give in their vote but now they are the ones waiting for the date; the 11th! The day of decisions and judgments, the day that will eventually decide our future.
Well, as it is our community the Dawoodi bohras, most of them stay away from the politics and don’t indulge themselves much in the critical issues. But there are people out there like Fakhruddin jee Ibrahim who is at the moment the election commissioner and there might be other patriotic bodies too. But We try to keep far away from the so-not peaceful activities. We are the silent people but then we do want good for our country too. As it is well-known in the quran “حب الوطن من الايمان”-loving your country is indeed a part of Imaan. And this time the air is filled with enthusiasm of bringing a change. There are more people than ever who have promised to vote. Everyone looks positive and have sparkles of hope in their eyes and wishes for the well-being of the country.

“I will surely vote for Imran khan” says an elderly aunty I met in the masjid. “I think he will really bring the change in the system, you know the way he is delivering and assisting. He thankfully is educated and looks sensible to me.”

Whereas, one of my mother’s friend Tasneem aunty who is a jubilant worker of the society tells “ Imran is so handsome, my vote is for him only” and then swiftly looks around to see if her husband did not hear our conversation. 😛

When I interviewed my father, he replied” whatever my darling daughter wants.” Ha-ha so much like him!
But then he says “ I think Nawaaz sharif ,he is experienced and has a business mind. He will surely do good, just look at what he has transformed Punjab into. But then Imran khan is also a very strong opponent.” I think he’s still taking in the pros and cons before signing in the deal 😛

Zainab, a teenager in her 2nd year of A Levels and a good friend replied with enthusiasm “a country without a leader is useless. Imran khan is promoting education, has promised to bring equality. Come on! Whatelse would we want.”

When asked to a couple, they argued joyfully whether to vote Mr. Asif ali Zardari’s team or Imran khan’s. The wife jokingly said that I can’t deny him or we’ll have a war at home:P but anyhow secretly I’ll convince him to vote my choice.

On the other hand, when I asked to one of my favorite people she gracefully replied. “I would definitely vote for Imran khan, he is untried, let’s give him a chance. Truly the others have had their share.”  Then with a smile she said “I don’t give a damn who becomes the leader till I get a happy life for myself and my family. “

“I vote for a faithful leader!” says Taher a student of commerce. “Unlike other politicians he hasn’t had a bad history. Look at his achievements, the cancer hospital, and the school he has made. He looks promising!” and with a serious note he adds,” our country desperately needs an honest leader!

Listening to all these replies I prayed whoever the next leader is, he better be a good man. And obviously in the end, all we want is peace, happiness, and quality of life for ourselves and our families, don’t we?

Today it has become primary for us to vote, to fulfill our duty. Today we have to take up our responsibility so that we have a better tomorrow. Let’s all vote. Let the light of hope glow! So Yes, WE vote; for independence, for free-will, for anti-terrorism, for anti-corruption, for our safety. Indeed We vote for our lives and our future!Image

Maria Sadri



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14 thoughts on “For A Better Tomorrow!

  1. Atlast, Marioo!:P
    Honestly, I’m completely outta the world of politics. I’ve never had interest in any of the leaders and even sometimes jumble between the names :p BUT this time, I find myself fully eager to vote and support Imran! So lets vote. Bring the change. And have a prospering future!

    Wesay, I enjoy relating to people in interviewed articles… And u knw well why this made me ‘smile’… ;D

    Great post with a meticulous flow!

  2. Read this somewhere. Worth sharing:

    So we have entered in the last week of election ’13 – the most critical week in the history of Pakistan.

    A humble request to all my friends, be a part of PTI family, become a Tabdeeli Razakar and ensure IK’s wave. We can’t wait for wave to start on its own – we’ll have to get out of our comfort zone and do something for our country. If we all make a promise today – the wave will automatically start. We have seen last 25 years, Karachi in particular, rotten by the corrupt political terrorist parties. If we fail today, if we fail this time – we may never get a chance to stand back again.

    Pakistan needs you – share this message as much as possible. Make it viral. Go door-to-door, relative-to-relative, call your friends, help them if they have transportation issues, mobilize the resources, with unity-faith-discipline do whatever you can to make this Pakistan- A Naya Pakistan. Naya Pakistan is that Pakistan we all have dreamt for years.

    On 11th May 2013, Recite Ayatal-Kursi and leave your houses for voting. Don’t let anything/anyone stop you. Consider this as the first and last favor of yours to this nation. This country has never asked you for anything until today – Pakistan is asking you to vote. VOTE for Pakistan, you are not Mohajir, Sindhi, Balouchi, Pushtoon, Serayki, Punjabi – you are Pakistani.


  3. Maria, well done! Very timely post. Especially loved the way it started!
    Yes, we need to hold on firmly and unflinchingly to the belief that each vote will count; that every one of us can contribute to a new Pakistan; that the predominant fires of corruption and terrorism will be doused by our faith and love.

    Sarrah also loved your shared comment-very passionate!
    Keep writing

    • first of all thank you Maryam bhen:)
      Unfortunately sometimes we don’t get what we want but fortunately for the country the opposition’s too strong to let much corruption happen 😉
      Happy reading!

  4. If the youngsters of this country are this enlightened……. Of course we have amazing hopes for the future
    well done

  5. Huzefa Hazari

    Chalo chalo imran ke saath, Chalo chalo imran ke saath….
    I, personally would have voted imran khan, but, unluckily i m not 18+ yet to vote.
    this is written on a perfect time, which reminds me of the movie”Chambaili” which has also released at the time when elections are near…..
    i guess you would also vote imran khan, right ?
    As always, great piece of writing….
    Best of luck for your exams 🙂
    Keep writing,,,,
    “I’m lovin it”

  6. Ao Naya Pakistan banaye! 🙂 Vote for change! Hope this elections do some good!! Great post Maria ! 😉 Let us hope for the best on this Saturday!

  7. IbrahIm shabbIr.

    yar tum log 18+ nai ho? soo sad..:p
    yes gud write-up and yes most of the people willvote for imran khann……

  8. Yaaar Ibrahim baat to aise kar rahe ho jese tum 18+ k he ho 😛
    Hahaha thanks for reading and commenting bhai jaan:P

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