FOOD-A Global Concern Addressed by ‘FMB’

Today, in this humongous world each and every existing creature struggles for a living. Whether, men working with all their physical and mental strength in the sweltering heat of the sun or even bees flying over the colorful fields to make honey for themselves, all of them work hard to earn for those essential basic commodities. Out of these basic need approach, ‘food’ is one of the basic requirements for a healthy survival. As the number of mouths that need to be fed increases, it naturally raises the growing demand of food-which is the main reason why every man is competing in this never-ending race of life. Pakistan Poverty If we dig in deeper, apart from the constant endeavor some are still lacking behind. The poverty line is escalating because of the insufficient amount of income earned to satisfy those needs. Can you believe it? Still millions of people around the world are going to bed with their stomach growling because of hunger and food shortages getting worst at its peak. Still thousands are dying every day because of the unbearable stress of not full-filling the requirements of their family. Politicians rant and rave and make promises to provide these basic needs but sadly, all in vain. Finally! One fine day as the sun rays brightened the grounds on earth, it brought breezes of contentment and joy along. The shower of blessings had at last begun to pour on the people of the ‘Dawoodi Bohra Community’. The community which is renowned for their business ethics, plethora of welfare programs, penchant for peace, unique cuisine and dress code. They follow the footsteps of their spiritual leader, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, who is acclaimed internationally as an Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill. Image As per Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s deep concern that not even a single         community individual should go to bed hungry, His illustrious son and heir, Syedi     wa Maulaya Muffadal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin initiated the exceptionally remarkable       concept of ‘Faiz-ul-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah’(FMB) and yet again, the community   stood unique in their customs. FMB is basically the scheme of feeding the community at large and aiming at a   healthy living. Each and every area of the world where Dawoodi Bohras reside has been blessed with hygienic community kitchens which have meticulous professional chefs who cook healthy traditional Bohra food along with all other   cuisines. The nutritious food is then served in thousands of tiffins ‘thaali mubarak’     by the community volunteers and is then delivered to thousands of doorsteps.


In the era of economic recession, this system has been made possible collectively. The community kitchens are run by members donating a reasonable fixed amount a month with the privileged members sponsoring for their poor brethren. The multi-tiered benefits of this system include the framing of our thoughts by creating a sense of social equality and stability. When every day, we consume from the common kitchen with the magic ingredient- the love of our Leader- it bridges the gaps between members belonging to different castes by nurturing humility and oneness. It brings the society closer to each other and promotes a feeling of socio-economic goodwill and gains Allah’s happiness which is a true purpose of a believer’s life. Practically, the goal of this system was to aid believers in alleviating their stresses related to the basic procurement of food. This has been accomplished incredibly as we can now focus on climbing the ladder of our dreams. It has given Dawoodi Bohras the courage to discover what great they can do by making the most out of the precious gift of time which in the past, used to be consumed by the thoughts of putting food on the table. Today, our men focus on booming their businesses to full-fill other luxuries of life and our women being pampered by this blessing which has liberated them from the diurnal shackles of the kitchen and have given them a chance to concentrate on shaping the lives of their family & has given them an opportunity to seek new horizons of activities or start small businesses; which contributes to the family’s income and society at large. Even in the era of strife and complications, we receive every morsel of food so lovingly from our leader; it is hygienic and the diet is balanced because of which many diseases are prevented. It is absolutely halal which is a golden benefit for foreigners. It is affordable and families can enjoy different varieties everyday together. We never needed to worry about the price of grocery out there in the market but have still accomplished the saving and savoring of much needed food. “When the whole city was demolished and businesses were shut because of the hurricane currently, even then we received tiffin that day” says a US citizen with gratitude reflected in his eyes. Today, it has nearly been two years of we being raised together in the blessed shade of our Spiritual leader. Today, it is shown to the world that actions speak louder than words as the stories about our initiative have flooded in the media dramatically and communities heartily appreciating our move. It’s somewhere printed that, “It is rare to find a ‘common kitchen of two brothers of a family but Dawoodi Bohras are having a ‘common kitchen’ for the whole community!”.


Not just the media, but the dignitaries of the world have also been appreciating the glory of our leader. Out of many, once President of U.S.A Ronald Reagan remarked, “As you (Holiness) look back on the fullness of your life, you can reflect with pride on the solemn purpose to which you have dedicated your work and the many achievements that have been yours.” Honestly, buckets of tears of gratitude would fall short compared to what we have been blessed with and taught by. May Allah grant such a Leader, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin–who is an inspiration behind our every positive and worthy thought, who is our Savior and Guide in this world, a Long, Healthy and Prosperous Life till the Day of Judgment. May His son and heir, Syedi Wa Maulaya Muffadal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin, who is a consummate example of how to follow our illustrious leader, be blessed with a Long Life in His Holiness’ heavenly shade. Ameen!

Amat-e-Syedna TUS,
Sarrah M. Mustafa Malirwala.

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33 thoughts on “FOOD-A Global Concern Addressed by ‘FMB’

  1. Burhan

    one of the best articles I have read, everything is so touchy and nicely set, proud to be a Dawoodi Bohra 🙂

  2. Habib Mazahir

    The tiffin is a very good initiative and the story of the hurricane hits a chord too. You have decent writing ability.
    Having said that, I feel Ronald Reagan is an inappropriate person to quote, given his association with U.S politics in general (which has been very money based and inhuman according to history) and he was also amongst the people who provided the talibans with resources that made them the threat they have become today (through financing them during the soviet war in Afghanistan).
    There are some more things that I can say but for such a young girl, you have made a very good attempt. I hope your factual knowledge improves with time.

    • Hi Habib bhai, it was a pleasure receiving an honest feedback. Thank you for the appreciation.
      The thing I would like to discuss is the stuff you said related to Reagan. Well yeah, maybe I don’t know the Reagan guy. But what he has said just hit me because it’s undoubtfulyyy true, isn’t it? And maybe the man was bad but the words were good. Balkay, not just him…there are so many more dignitaries too.. having said extra-ordinary stuff about Maula TUS so we can consider them too.
      That’s why I don’t think it’s really an issue to quote what’s said by HIM. (: We should actually focus on ‘what’ is said rather than ‘by whom’ it is said.

      Secondly, I would appreciate more things from you as well. Hope we could discuss that too… just to clear everything or maybe for people here to learn. (:

      Sarrah Malirwala

  3. ajab sh shabbir

    beautifully written….!!:):):)

  4. You’ve written a remarkable explanation about FMB. Excellent…keep it up! May Maula tus accept this khidmat.
    God bless you dikri.

  5. umaima lakda

    speechless:o you did a really greatt job :D…so proud of you my friend:)

  6. fatima

    Outstanding article.keep it up sarah . The words express every emotion of an individual.

  7. Amazing Sarrah! You have explained so many blessings that we mumineen got from thaali. It strengthens our faith! Great yaar!

  8. Sarah Munawar

    I am speechless!
    (After 5 minutes) SaRRah!! Now this is is the best post from your side! 😀
    Its amazing to see how you just started with importance of food and continued smoothly with the related blessings which FMB provides us!
    I am in awe, this is worth publishing! 🙂

  9. moiz

    superb amazing thought great work

  10. M.Taha

    A very well written piece of writing:) good work…….hope to get more soon.:)

  11. And oh yeah something I would I like to share! It’s the first time since 2010 when a single post got such high views. And this is that post with above 600 hits and 79 shares on the social networks till now. Thankk yooouu sooo much peopleeee! It feels greattt to share on this platform:)

  12. IbrahIm shabbIr

    very well written and u took the right topic to write…

  13. Sarrah FMB is such a vast topic and has so many aspects and top cover it all i indeed an art. A great piece of work which should be undoubtedly in the paper. Exquisite piece with eloquency all along. 🙂

  14. Fatima Raziuddin

    Excellent work !!! The article is well written and thought provoking. After work, when I come home and eat the food. I feel so blessed that I am a Bohra. The benefits of FMB can be seen in the change which has been brought about in our community.

  15. Hussain S. Ali

    Waooo, as the word goes……

    Excellent potrait of a Dawoodi Bohra Kitchen. Its been heard in the news and read in newspapers but must say, this is far the most comprehansive explanation of our Daily food and the same diet the whole community have at one time.

    May the showers of Him be blesssed on our leader His Holiness Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin and His heir Syedi Wa Moulaya Muffadal Bhai Saheb Saifuddin. Ameen


    wowwwwww sarrah. good job (Y) feels so good to be a dawoodi bohra 🙂


    TOUCHING :’) 🙂

  18. Roo

    Mind blasting yaar!

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