Honor of being an MSBian.

An incident occurred last night when Juzer Bhai Mithai Wala (ex-student of our school) was shot. He was shot in the head and near his abdomen. He was in a very critical condition, due to this injury. His family members were all torn apart by the event. They all prayed, as he was quite a young guy and even that his wedding was due in two months.

In the morning they came to find out that he had passed away, his family members were left shaken by the news. Soon the news spread, and his friends and even his teachers were disheartened of what had occurred to a good natured person like him.

As I entered school this morning, everyone knew that an ex-student of our school had been shot and had passed away. In the assembly our principle announced his name aloud and everyone prayed for him that may he get shafa’at of Aqa Moula Tus and his Mansus and may his relatives gain sabr (patience). And then everyone of us recited the 2 band (paragraph) of Syedna Tahir Saifuddin’s nasihat.


This was the honor he got for being an MSBian, as he was blessed under the umbrella of the school. No matter that he had passed school, his teachers remembered him and mourned for him. Each student had prayed for his shafa’at, and hasanaat he got from each dua (prayer) are infinite.

May Allah keep us under the blessed shade of Moula Tus and his Mansus and grant them a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgment. Ameen.

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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14 thoughts on “Honor of being an MSBian.

  1. True Ruqaiyah..!
    We are proud to be a MSBian and
    Glad that I have the Honour..
    Mustafa Baroda 🙂

  2. Hussain Muslim Mithai wala

    Ruqaiya it means alot fr me as well as alot for his parents. This blog of your filled our eyes with tears. Especially Juzer bhai’s father has has said you thanks fr the fact that u wrote in this blog.
    Its Truely an Honour for us that we are The MSbBiaNs..

    • Hussain thank you so much that means a lot for me too. Thank you to your chacha also that he said this. It was really an honor to write for him. Thank you again Hussain. Ruqaiya.

  3. huzefa.A.hazari

    The view of qabrastaan that morning still comes in mind…. it just sometimes disturbs me what happened, and i personally wasnt able to look at juzer bhai…
    I havent seen anyone stronger than juzer bhai’s FATHER…. he truely did SABAR, as he knew where his son has is going. What the feeling would be when he must hav heard about his own son… totally unimaginable…
    Good Job Ruqaiyah…(as always)

  4. IbrahIm shabbIr

    reallyyy…he was a great guy..and yes his fmly did sabar,
    and this makes us realize that it is an honor to be an MSBIAN…

  5. Sarah Munawar

    One of our teachers always used to say ‘Madrassa ni barakat hmesha sathe rehse’.
    We are blessed to be educated in such an institute which wont stay with us till we die but even after we die.. I second Huzefa.. Once an MSBian always an Msbian!
    Juzer bhai’s death is devastating but he made us learn alot..

    • Umme salama evershine

      I miss MSB so much! Being in this school since years now has been amazing and indeed barakat rahej che sathe! I’m late on this one but it brought back many school memories (:
      Umme Salama Evershine

  6. Husain Penwala

    I randomly wandered into the archives and read this post. It’s such a poor thing to be shot, and most importantly, a mumin bhai being shot. I mean it’s not a common thing like a disease or a cardiac arrest. It’s unimaginable! I pray for him and his family and friends. My condolences go out to them as well. I really want to know how he was shot? Here’s a thing: you don’t say about the flesh and blood thing. You only say how or why he was shot.

    • Yes, it is. It is really unbelievable when it’s someone so close to you. Well, as I wrote above, even though what happened was very gruesome and cruel but he got infinite blessings after it, especially when the teachers and students prayed for him.. About your last sentence i didn’t get what you mean by saying it ?

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