In the Abadi Saya of Maula Burhanuddin Aqa R.A…

There is a time of our life which we never forget, our school times, right? We spend a lot of time at school and there are memories of all the kinds from school. For me, it just won’t be school memories. For me, it would the thanda saya (cool shade) of Muqaddas Maula Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Aqa R.A.


Al Madrasa tus Saifya tul Burhaniyah, the institution well-established by Maula Burhanuddin Aqa R.A- the institute, that has changed lives of hundreds, as Maula R.A states in one of his Bayaan Mubarak “ Al Madrasa will endeavor to see that its students acquire knowledge from childhood in consonance with Deen. When its pupil leaves the school, his educational preparedness and standard should be so high, that he may be eligible for admission to all the esteemed higher educational institutions of the world. At the same time his thinking and mental faculty would be so trained and disciplined that he would be spared from vices of worldly education, which normally hampers efforts to reach standards of perfection.”

Thinking over the Kalimaat Nooraniya I now think back to the time I came to madrasah. In class 2 I got admission in madrasah or should I say I got the ne’mat (blessing) of being under the Saya Mubaraka of Maula R.A. Each wall, each brick of madrasah reminded of Maula R.A’s Zaat Mubarak. Each achievement in madrasah was appreciated and each painful misery was made forgotten with ease. What is it about madrasah that makes this happen or should I say, what is it not about madrasah which wouldn’t benefit you?

Each day in madrasah began with Maula’s zikr and tul-ul umr dua. Throughout the day we were taught and nurtured in Nazaraat Raheemiyah of Maula R.A as each class had a picture of Maula R.A right in the front, over the class board. It was, as if, Maula R.A himself taught us everything, it was his picture that consoled us in our problems and his tabassum that assured us that he is proud of our achievements.

We were granted with the most wonderful teachers who groomed us and taught us everything. From the part that how should one eat, to the part that how should one perform khidmat. It all came from Maula, from madrasah, from all the teachers even the ones that did not teach us in class, but gave a lesson to learn in each act.

As the final year will soon come to an end, our class teacher Janab Al-Sheikh Huzaifa Bhai gave each of us a paper. He instructed us to write our names and pass it to the one on our left. We were supposed to write whatever we want to about each other as a farewell comment. The idea rejoiced us but it also reminded us that the year in madrasah of learning each day was coming to an end. The difference that madrasah made in our lives is remarkable. We all did khidmat of both the Maulas together; we recited duas and did araz our hadayah in Hazrat Aaliyah being one. And, there was one significant day we all used to await each year. It was the day when we celebrated Milaad Mubarak of Burhanuddin Maula R.A (the Izhar-ul-Masarrat program). Different competitions were held of card making and thali making and what not. We all used to attend this day in Libas-ul-Anwar and it would be the most momentous day that we would have each year.

However, this year came with a difference. The 40 days of Ta’budaat had begun and preparations of the Milaad programs had started at school when we heard that, “Maula Burhanuddin Aqa ye hamesha no araam farmayo che.” The heart pounded vigorously, the mind couldn’t picture the thought and all I could do so was cry. I cried like I had never cried in my life. It was as if everything that I had is gone, well it had indeed. As Maula says ‘Man Lahul Maula Falahul Kul’ (je na pase Maula che ehna pase saglu che). The news baffled my ears that had I heard it correct, was it the news of my Maula that he had closed his eyes forever from this mortal world? As I saw Maula’s picture in front of me I just looked at him and cried ‘Maula ap padhari gaya? Maula hame ye apni waat na suni hamne maaf karjo’.

In a few days when madrasah re-opened after Maula’s wafaat I knew things would be so different. We came to assembly and recited Dua and qaseeda Mubaraka inscribed by Aali Qadar Maula in Maula R.A’s Shaan Mubarak. The walls of madrasah were mourning; there were silent cries that surrounded us. How could one bear the thought of losing Maula forever?

Each day as I entered madrasah, it was Maula’s madrasah that sedated me in such times and the very picture of our Mushfiq Pidar Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Aqa R.A and his Mansus Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS who after Burhanuddin Maula R.A is our Sahara in our lives, consoled me. This showed the significance of the fact that it’s Maula’s yaari that has given me the strength each time in my life and will do so…


Today whoever I am, whatever I have achieved it is because of Syedna wa Maulana Mohammad Burhanuddin Aqa R.A and Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Maula TUS. Before coming to madrasah I was like any other child but today I am one of leaves of the tree that Maula R.A had planted and has taken care of. I was a different person back then but the knowledge I acquired from madrasah, is the one that has brought me here. Now, when I discuss something with people and if one likes my taswwur, they ask me, “Madrasah ma parho cho?” I smile back and I answer “Ji, Al Madrasah Tus Saifiyah Tul Burhaniyah ma parhu chu”.

Taken in March 2012

It is this institution of Maula Burhanuddin R.A and Mufaddal Maula TUS that has given me respect and has taken me beyond the limits of achievements that I for one couldn’t and can’t do on my own. It is the name itself that comes after madrasah that opens all the doors to me, and, I know for sure wherever I may go their Saya and yaari will always be there for me.

As I end this, I would like to Araz Shukr na Sajadaat to Burhanuddin Maula R.A and Mufaddal Maula TUS who have made me capable of doing things which seemed so difficult to me that are now made so sehel (easy) with their Dua Mubarak. And, also I’d like to thank all the people – the teachers, the juniors and seniors, other staff members who have taken me closer to Maula at each step I took. They have always supported me and given me confidence and have made me believe in myself.

Nevertheless, the time has to go on and soon we’re going to finish our schooling from madrasah. And as I said in the beginning it just won’t be school memories that I’d miss, it would also be the Saya of Maula R.A and Maula TUS that protected and took care of me.

May Allah grant our Maula Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Aqa R.A Aala Darajaat in Jannat-ul-Firdous and may Allah grant our Maula, our Saya, Syedna Mufaddal Safuddin Maula TUS a long healthy and prosperous life till the day of judgement. Ameen.

May we, the parts of the Shadaab darakht always do khidmat of Maula Saifuddin TUS so that may Burhanuddin Maula R.A be proud of us.


Amate Syedna Maulanal-Mannaan,
Ruqaiya Mulla Mustafa Lokhand wala.

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33 thoughts on “In the Abadi Saya of Maula Burhanuddin Aqa R.A…

  1. ruqaiyah!!! words cannot describe the feeling we have for this beautiful institution…or (The saya mubarak)…
    Isn’t It?..

    Mustafa Baroda 🙂

  2. Taha Dewaswala

    Nice Effort given,ruqaiyah ben.
    This is my last year at MSB too,i will cherish those memories of the days spent in school.Bewe Maula no shukr kariye toh bhi kam che.
    “Ye Maula Mohammed Jise Ek Harf Parha De,Ye Maula Mufaddal Jise Ek Harf Parha De
    Ho Jaye Wo Ustaad Mubarak ho Mubarak “

  3. Hussain Muslim Mithai

    True Ruqaiya… Finally the days of departure has arrived.. Though our journey had begun 14 years back but today when we see, its just like that we had just started our journey yesterday and now it has came to an end so soon.. :'(… Indeed the name of AMSB has been branded on our souls… Proud of being an MSBIAN. 🙂

  4. Yeah Hussain didn’t know it would soon come to an end… But as we all know, “ONCE AN MSBIAN ALWAYS AN MSBIAN!”

  5. Aptly said Ruqaiyah!
    A post written directly from the heart. beautiful beautiful!
    If we think about it, this blog this writing is also a ne’mat of which we realized about in MSB.


  6. Joseph

    A very well structured article iv ever read, it dont think you wrote this .. Its seems words just came out right away from your heart , describing the love you have for Aqa maula. Proud to be an msbian . Long
    Live Mufaddal maula ..
    Frankly speaking this article made me cry between the lines..
    Keep writing
    God bless you

  7. Bestttt piece of yours so far! Literally best! It’s so meticulously written and so glad you penned it down here; I’m sure I’ll be hooked to it everytime I think of MSB.
    Every single thing could be related! It is something we all feel exactly same and strong about!
    Lets vow to continue writing this blog even after school. This platform had always been a way to connect with all the MSBians!:)

    So much still remaining to say,
    Sarrah Malirwala.

  8. Ammar

    “Mohammed Mohammed che wirde zaban,
    Aa kano ma ghunje che sheh nu bayan,
    ne aankho ma Moula ni surat ayan,
    Che Moula ni zikr si dil ne aman,
    eh Moula Mohammed hamara sahara
    kaha hame muki ne Aqa sidhara
    Alaika s salaat alaikas salaam”
    Ruqaiya, your write up reflects this mubarak verse indeed. And as you are proud to be an MSBian, at this juncture the tree of MSB is proud to have fruits like you, jazakillah. Let the zikr of Moula Burhanuddin AQ and His Mansoos Moulana Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS be at your lips through your heart always. You exhibited your potential many a times but this article was at it’s pinnacle. Proud of you and your colleagues too, will miss you all…………………

  9. Taha Dewaswala

    Other Schools : Only Education.
    Msb Educational Institute: Education With Upbringing under the shade of burhanuddin maula(r.a) and mufaddal maula(t.u.s)
    That’s the difference.
    Proud Msbian

  10. Sarah Munawar

    We never forget our school times… But MSBians can never forget their time spent in heaven!
    Ruqaiya, this post brought tears in my eyes, hence written from the heart, touched the heart! After two years, I can tell you that I literally miss the cool shade of Maula R.A… But the way He R.A brought us up in the Madrasa, no arrow can even direct towards us!
    Beautifully summed up the mutual feeling! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Sarah :).
      Well, how can one forget all the ehsanaat that Maula r.a has granted and showered upon us in our day to day lives through madrasah? Since the days are coming to an end I now notice all the children playing in the ground and discussing things… No one can forget this kind of treasure !
      Like yamani saheb states ” qeemat kari na sakse koi jauhari hamari..”

  11. fatema quresh

    this is awesome ruqaiyaaahh:) i miss school so much and feel the same as you do seriouslyy madrassah has given us so much and i will never forget the blessings of this madrasssah:)

  12. IbrahIm shabbIr

    also,when i heard about moula i also so depressed and ther was only one thing in my heart that ‘mare salam ni umeed rahe gaye moulaa,su gunaah thaya hase mara si….’

    reallyy ruqaiya well writtenn,,;)
    and yess school life is finished it’s like that this life is always a special part of everyone’s life but we already are studying in such a institute which makes our school life more important..:)

  13. Tayeb Giani

    it is a “heart touching” post , it is so true we are so blessed
    always keep writing ruqaiya apa.

  14. Thank you for sharing your experiences in the religious institute you attend. I always heard about MSB but never truly knew how it functioned. Quite privileged you are.

    • Yes, indeed I am. I really didn’t know in class 2 what difference it might make if I change my school. But, now I know, I wouldn’t be here. I might have been a lost person… I’m glad you read the post 🙂 . Thank you.

  15. husaina burhani

    whatever you wrote, is all from the heart, is all about how you feel, and how much you love al madrsa tus saifiyah tul burhaniyah, and so have i ended madrasa and entered al jamea tus saifiyah, and here everyone is asking each other from which school do u belong to, i proudly tell them ‘al madrasa tus saifiyah tul burhaniyah’, i love repeating the name from the school i am from :).

    • It’s the inexplicable love we share with our beautiful school that makes us feel so proud. Presently I’m studying in a college where our community has a lot of respect and my uniform is also a rida so I’m recognized as a member of dawoodi bohra community. And because of the nurturing from school in whatever field we go, we take its essence and teachings with us. 🙂
      Thank you for your heartwarming response. 🙂

  16. Nooriyah Mannan Dungarpurwala

    ya……indeed…i belong from MSB kuwait. i know what nemat has allah ta’ala has granted us…i cant express it in word…good job ruqaiayh ben…

    nice expressed…

    • Hello Nooriyah,
      I’m so honoured that MSBians around the world are reading this essay, I think our school unites us where geographical boundaries divide us. The teachings and the morals of our school bring us together on one platform and therefore we can always relate to one another. Thank you so much for reading and commenting here. It means a lot to me 🙂

      • Nooriyah Mannan Dungarpurwala

        We belong to same community… we have same dress code …. we ‘ fortunately ‘ are in the same school which is blessed by Sayedna Mohammed Burhauddin and his Be Loved SON Sayedna Mufaddal saifuddin….your essay is read my all my friends and releatives…My mother litrary cried ….your essay was HEART-TOUCHING….

        MY Class mates are really proud to show your essay to our teachers…..
        good job ben….

      • I agree to your every word Nooriyah, I’ll share one thing with you. Its been 2 years almost since I have passed out from madrasa, and I keep visiting madrasa like my old home, I’m welcomed with the same feeling actually with more love from my teachers and juniors. At the moment, I’m applying for universities, and still I go to my janab and share this piece of information with him because somehow we are always connected by phone and WhatsApp these days. So I’m always in touch with madrasa and the memories tied with madrasa.
        Since you’re still studying in madrasa , I would like to tell you that stay close to madrasa even after you’ve passed out. Because, the peace and satisfaction you get there , no educational institute (except Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah) could give you.
        I’m so happy that you’ve all read this small khidmat towards Maula tus. I wish to serve Maula tus with my abilities because its because of Maula tus I have it today.

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