As the days come to an end…

My school days are nearly over and the final board exams of CIE (O levels) begin tomorrow. Spending the entire day solving papers and reading books has flustered me and I realized I wanted to get my mind off it for some time. The best way to do was, write!

There are countless moments from MSB that I wouldn’t ever forget. It seems MSB is everything for me that I would want. To begin with it, it would be the blessing of being educated in a wonderful place like MSB , ehsaan (blessing) of Burhanuddin Maula R.A and Mufaddal Maula TUS.

I can never forget any teacher from MSB, because they all played a part in my life where I learnt. Learned to forgive and forget, to be grateful, to be humble, to cooperate and then aim for a goal as a team. Since class II there have been a number of changes in me; each year I got to know something new about myself and the people around, that helped me a lot.

Classes shuffled a number of times in school, that’s how I made friends in both the grades. A part came when the girls and boys were in two different sections; each thing that happened, proved to be beneficial for us and our learning.

That phase also passed, until we landed in our last Class, that is XI O levels. Some of our classmates had left for Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah during the journey, and some had left the previous year. This year was the last one for us, for the 15 of us…

In this last year even we learnt and … it was time for OUR farewell. On 24th of April 2014 we (the 15 of us) bid farewell to school. As a token of gratitude we gave a small gift to madrasa which is nothing comparable to what WE got from madrasa. We cried as our lives were about to change a lot, and, for the last time enjoyed that ‘school day’.

As a farewell comment I would like to say something to each one of them..

First: Alefiyah, I call her Alif in short. Funny and sweet, she has helped me with a lot of things throughout this time and her consoling words bring peace to my heart. The fact that she trusts me brings me utter joy! As she leaves for Dares Salam right after examinations I’m pretty mad at her about it but I guess some things have to be that way, we still have time until then … Will miss you and never forget you Aliffff!! Just stay in touch!

Secondly: Hamza, I call him simply by his name because it’s short enough… 😛 Sarcastic and kind at heart, doesn’t show his problems in his behavior. Patient and calm, deals with dilemmas on his own and is always there for his friends. Eases the situations by being modest!

Then: Hasan, our sportsman. A great athlete and cricketer! At first he stayed away from people he didn’t want to talk but as time passed we knew he wasn’t such a bad friend. In fact, he was and is a great friend!He is a cricket fan most importantly Shahid Bhai’s fan! He is someone who is particular about his priorities and his goals are always set. He gets what he aims for because of his hard work! And, a math freak he is!

And then: Husain, jolly and loyal to everyone. Truthful about his opinions and extremely good at planning and managing things! His good words always make me smile because he says what he feels, and the best thing is, he never hurts with what he says to anyone! Recently, he got an article published in Student’s Digest and that took ME over the moon. I felt proud of having a friend like him.

After him: Hatim, for most of the year he was in UAE as he has shifted to Dubai but he came a few months back to give exams along with us. As he came back, he brought chocolates for each one of us! It wasn’t a small one, it was this big bar of chocolate, which thrilled me! Generous and a cool buddy! Quite sophisticated and is always dressed best! But, even then he never differentiates from other people. A very down to Earth person!

Followed by: Ibrahim, who is renowned in our class for bringing new funny phrases that each one uses all the time! He was made Head Boy for the academic year 2013-2014. All this time, he was particular about his duties and responsibly dealt with everything. A cheery and moody friends he is. I know that’s exactly opposite, but that’s exactly how he is. He takes things seriously and if you ask him to do something he never says no.

And then comes Juzer: Juzzzuuuu! A sweet natured gentleman . I know that sounds weird for a gentleman but he is. Kind hearted and a very good friend. Even if you tell him to go away he won’t because he knows you have a problem and only leaves until he is sure it has been solved. Concerned about friends and smart at understanding situations! Weighs matter and deals with them like they were no problem! Just too sweet for a gentleman though! :p

And then there’s our: Maria (Sadri), the sweet and pleasing Strawberry Shortcake! Extremely particular about being up-to-date! Modern, fashionable and a jolly good friend! She tries to bring everyone together in the class and pleads in to make things successful! She has a creative mind and is a spontaneous writer! You just bring a topic and she has dozens of wonderful ideas to it!

And another: Maria (Tayyeb), the loud and gorgeous. At times she is so lady-like you just won’t believe this is the same person who had just baffled my ears! Charming and up for all adventures! Her mind full of colors as she has a gifted talent of being a painter! She brings joy to one’s life and does hard work in order to work out over her problems! A good smiley friend she is!

And then: Mustafa the shy and innocent one. A bit reserved but always there for his friends. His ‘ YO YO’ in everything just makes me laugh! Whatever I’d say he’d say ‘ YO’. He trusts his friends a lot. His sketches are mind blowing; one can’t believe that it’s Mustafa who has made it. He might be quiet but on the inside he has this hidden talent of being extremely good at sketching, especially faces which is the most difficult thing!

Next up is: Mustansir, or just Mustan to cut it short 🙂 . He is like this perfectionist friend who just knows too well, what to do when. His ideas are always amazing and his advices are really applicable, those which could actually solve your problem. Moody at times, but after some time he would be the same. He forgives and forgets and gets on with everyone. A good genius brain he has and understands others problems and listens to them.

After him is: Naqiyah (Naqurii at times), jokey and cheerful. The one who lights up the exam pressure by purposely being lame! She is also the one who patches up the girl fights we have among us. Never minds anything and tries to make others understand too. She has this power of making us think about what we did wrong and ultimately we do as per her advices!

All right, then is: Sarrah, the cheeky and bubbly one filled with lots of guts! She’s smart and witty at doing new things and finds quick solutions to problems she is facing. Blends with everyone and finds the good things in each person. She sees what we don’t and that’s why she is a good photographer. Thinks well and gets along with her life in good moods!

And: Taha: the one who could easily pull your leg and you have no words to say. It’s fun to have the cricket talks with him and he is very easy to converse with (not like before). He has a passion for cricket and table tennis! A great friend he surely is, whom one would never want to lose, as he never betrays you and you can trust him even when you’re blind-folded.

Last but not the least is: ME (Ruqaiya), Ruqs, Ruqqai and, Lokhand for some. I don’t want to dote over myself so I’m just going to say it outright. I can be bad AND good. I’m very moody and I get irritated easily, and my anger is bad news when it comes to controlling it. On the other hand I could be the zany and crazy one who gets along with everyone. THIS is the reason why I adore each one of my friend, because no matter who they are, they are still my friends!

So, enough talking, and best of luck to all of you for your examinations and well for future that awaits us. I think I’m not flustered anymore because this just made me light and I think I could get back to studies now..

With so much in my heart yet left to say, I now end it.

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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29 thoughts on “As the days come to an end…

  1. Abde Syedna(t.u.s) Taha Dewaswala

    Indeend,a very heart touching article. This was my last year too. Will surely miss the days at MSB,teachers,that fun,inter house activities and tilawat ud dua.

  2. Abde Syedna(t.u.s) Taha Dewaswala

    keep writing, all the best to the apprentices.

  3. Fatema . Quresh

    Liked it rukaiyah and best of luck 🙂

  4. Hussain Muslim Mithai

    Ruqs.. Its rocking+shocking+mindblowing+breathe taking +mind blazing.. Dont have words to express.. Sincerely it made me cry… :'(… But wont leave all 15 of you till of my lives.. Will be the most “kambal” friend of all of you.. Wont leave you rest of your lives my 15 actors.. Love u all.. 😉 🙂

    • Hussssaaaaaainnnn! We will miss each other but will meet time to time and then things would be same for us.. Haha KAMBAL friend 😛 Will never leave you guys too, ever.

  5. Lokkkkhhhaaannddd i lovveee youuuu yaaaaaarrrrrrrr!:D
    Im doing biology atp’s and i see ur msg and abruptly open up and aaaahh what joy im feeling after reading this ultimate piece of writeup which is nothing but from the purest of your heart! Im contented, mannn you made my dayyyy:D
    Thankyouuu sooo muchh, mine was the bestt really:p
    Love love lovee,

    • Maarrriiiiaaaaaa! You’re most welcome and thank you for the emotional reply 😉 . Thank you for the tareef :p .
      I just wanted to do this and yesterday fitted well to be the best day to show how I feel about all of you.. 🙂


    MIND BLOWING!!!!!!


  8. ibrahim shabbir

    It was awesome,it was like ruqaiya to ‘chahye gaye’ and it was really touching my heart was filled by this post and ruqaiya as always u had the perfect timing to post it..
    Will miss all my team of 15 talented players we will meetvinshaallah..:-):-)

  9. Ammar

    The secrets of your classmates revealed!!!! I can imagine the height of pride each one must have reached.
    Ruquiya, how about writing something for all the teachers who made a difference in your life? They will have the same feeling.

    • Thank you Janab.. Well, I will surely do that too! But, I don’t know if I can do justice them. These were my friends … I will try my best to do so! 🙂

  10. This made me know more about frnds…
    When i had to Leave scul, i dint cry… Tht moment u i felt thank god the scul life is over… Now i feel, IT WAS AND IS PARADISE.
    What happened in class 8… Happened for the first time in scul history, and i hope it was the last.
    We did a big mistake and let the scul down n ourselves, that moment we were taught without any punishments, that that wasnt the right thing we do… That guilty feeling is there…
    Ruqaiya… Simply, no comments. Speechless. Amazingly written as alwayss… Cant describe it more. 🙂

    • Thank you Huzefa for you your lovely comment. When one learn his lesson that’s all that’s required :)… We will all miss school. But, its school that will keep us together .. 🙂
      Thank you once again.

  11. Lovely Ruqaiya!! 😀
    Reminds me of my last year in MSB, which was probably the best year of school life. I miss those days..!
    Best of luck for your future… to all of you finishing your last year in MSB. 🙂
    And best of luck for your CIE’s..!

    • Thank you Ummehani Ben! 🙂 We can never forget MSB where ever we go, because there’s nothing like MSB! Thank you very much for your wishes! 🙂

  12. alifiyah

    this is amazing!! i’m going to do my o-level year exam this year as well…and it seems like you read my mind . each one of your classmates seem to be exactly like mine…we’re 13 in our class so it’s pretty much the same…
    best of luck for your exams!

  13. Alifiyah Jesser

    Hey ruqs its just awsumm..:)
    Remind me of my last few day in msb..
    Best of luck for ur CIE’s

  14. Ruqaiyah, may I please have your email address? Or can you email me? For some reason my replies are not going through.

  15. hassan abbas

    nice essay thanks for describing and sharing my good things.

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