Maula Maula Ahlan Wasahla!

The winds of Karachi are tuned to this lehen ‘Maula Maula Ahlan Wasahla! Maula Maula Aik Nazar!’ Each mumin is in a rush, if one is running to get pass printed, the other one hears news that Maula TUS’s plane has landed and all the other run after that person towards Awami Markaz that is nearest to us, for doing deedar.

I went too, but I was too late as Maula TUS’s car had passed from Awami Markaz, but my mother’s words won my heart, she said that , ‘we came till here we got the sawaab for doing niyyat of deedar’.

The melodious madaeh are going on my mind, while doing anything I’m continuously humming them. I’m on auto-pilot mode while doing all the home chores, setting things for masjid and so on.

It’s like I have no words, I can state that I’m overly excited, as it was years ago when Burhanuddin Maula R.A had come to Karachi in Shehrulla-il-Moazzam ( I was quite young at that time) but I can’t express my feelings, everything is new to me, I am constantly smiling and I don’t know what is happening to me. Indeed, it is the love we mumineen have for Maula TUS that makes us simply speechless about it.

It is Mufaddal Maula TUS’s ehsaan that he is bestowing us with such naemat that we truly do not deserve. No one knows what will happen but they all are very sure it will be a lifetime experience.

It is, as if only after 10 days of Ibaadat we have EID. A day with Maula TUS’s deedar is EID only for us, what better explanation can one give to it? EID-e-haqiqi is here. May every mumin get utmost barakaat from this EID-e-haqiqi.

The daska of rehmat ends with the arrival of Mufaddal Maula in our sheher with slight drizzling. Tomorrow the daska of magfirat begins and surely all our sins will be washed away with one glimpse of Maula TUS. Ameen.

May Allah grant our Maula, our EID-e-haqiqi a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgment. Ameen. P.S: I’m sorry if I’m jumping through topics throughout the essay, you see I’m actually very excited!

Amate Syedna Maulanal-Mannan,

Ruqaiya Mulla Mustafa Lokhand Wala.

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4 thoughts on “Maula Maula Ahlan Wasahla!

  1. fatima raziuddin

    Wonderful feelings of Joy in month of Ramzan with Blessing of Maula ‘s arrival in our city. Thanks for writing and sharing.

  2. Mubarak mubarak!

  3. Abde Syedna(T.U.S) Taha

    Mabrook Mabrook, that is the best gift you can get in Shere Ramadan.You rightly said that it is Eid e Haqiqi, jem madeh na saheb farmawe che,”Maula ke Hoye Deed,Manaye Hum Ye Eid”

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