Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che.

Each Dai-Zamaan is like the radiant Sun that lights the ways for everyone. HE is therefore way above the level of perfection that one cannot understand; that angel who is always there for you whenever you need him. Mufaddal Maula always states, ‘Burhanuddin Maula tu Burhanuddin Maula Che’, keeping that tasawwur, we all say that, ‘Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che’.

The mumineen of Karachi are drenched in blessings. Our day begins with Maula TUS’s Deedar Mubarak and ends with the same Roohani Manzar that we all once saw while doing Burhanuddin Maula’s Deedar Mubarak. Burhanuddin Maula’s Dua and Nazaraat are conveyed through Mufaddal Maula. We look at Maula TUS and we feel ‘sukun’ (peace of mind), because we believe ‘MAN LAHUL MAULA FALAHUL KUL’. There may be thousands of problems going around us and nagging us but as we have Maula TUS we know there’s nothing to worry about. What does one need when he has Maula TUS? He is the richest person with this gift of ‘HUB’ (love for Maula). We all hear the zikr of ‘Zyaad inil Aswad’ and it is stated in one of the Madehs:


Each day we do Deedar, we pray Namaz, recite Dua after Maula, it feels like heaven. Whenever I hear Maula TUS reciting Dua, my mind thinks, ‘no, this can’t be true, the voice that I’m hearing is audio relay from Mumbai’, but, the presence of Maula TUS in Masjid gives a different feeling that I’m unable to express in words. I feel joy and contentment each time I think of Maula TUS praying for us in the Masjid.

It is Mufaddal Maula TUS’s ehsaan that Maula TUS has arrived to our land and fills the land with thousands and thousands of barakaat. Maula TUS has a particular schedule here right now in Shehrullah. For Fajr prayers, Maula TUS arrives at Adam Masjid (it has been the same venue up till now), granting mumineen with Deedar Sharaf and infinite Dua. After the prayers, Maula TUS proceeds towards Burhani Mahal, where every day farzando (children) from different madaris come for Maula TUS’s Deedar. There is a different program set for everyday. The first day there was wajibaat bethak in Yusufi Masjid, the second day there was Qadambosi Bethak for muminaat, the third day another wajibaat bethak in Husami Masjid and today there was Waaz Mubarak in Taheri Masjid. Magrib and Isha prayers are offered by mumineen after Maula TUS’s imaamat in different masajid. Mumineen go after Maula TUS where ever he bestows his presence. At that time they forget that they are fasting, they forget that the weather is quite hot, all they think of is, Maula TUS’s ‘AIK NAZAR’.

Besides these programs there are daily zyaafat by mumineen, some at Burhani Mahal and some at mumineen’s homes. In each act Maula TUS always wishes, that may, we always flourish. Maula TUS Bezaat-e-Shareef has a tough routine, but Maula TUS never speaks of it. There is always that ‘tabassum’ on Maula TUS’s ‘Chehra-e-Anwar’. That is why we say, ‘Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che’.

These days are a gift from Allah to us; it is Eid for us that we have Maula TUS in our Sheher. There is a paragraph of a madeh that fits perfectly for these days.


May Allah Ta’ala grant us Taufeeq to take as many Naemat and Barakat we can in these days while Maula TUS stays here. Ameen

May Allah Ta’ala grant Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Maula R.A Aala Darajaat in Jannat-ul-Firdous and grant Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgement. Ameen.

May we always stay in Maula TUS’s ‘Thanda Saya Mubarak’. Ameen

Amate Syedna Maulanal-Mannan TUS,

Ruqaiya Mulla Mustafa Lokhand Wala.

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6 thoughts on “Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che.

  1. Ruqaiyah,

    This was honestly refreshing to read. I’m glad to be updated with the exact schedule of Aqa Maula TUS rather than the rumors I hear.

    In all honesty, Pakistani mumineen deserve this– and Maula TUS, gaeb na jaannaar is proving that to you all.

    Mubarak for the second tashreef within a couple of months of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS!

  2. Thank you for a well expressed update! Mubarak Karachi Mubarak!

  3. Abde Syedna(T.U.S) Taha


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