Victory is not an ice-cream you can buy, it’s a goal you have to achieve.



The March that began in August has continued to September also. The literal meaning of March in August is that the long march held in August. While, on the contrary it also means to bring two great months’ histories together. On 23rd March 1940, Pakistan (Lahore) resolution was passed. In that resolution, the Muslims of the sub-continent demanded a separate homeland for themselves and then after 7 years from then on 14th August 1947, the Muslims got a nation for themselves, Pakistan.

Over the years, in 67 years after independence, Pakistan has gone through many crucial situations. But, even then it has had enough strength to go ahead; the strength that came from the people of Pakistan, the strength of patience and determination. Then, a time comes when one can’t hold it anymore he needs to get that insecurity out of his mind, he demands for peace and justice. In those times when one wants a true leader, they fortunately get one but, it’s not easy. It’s not easy to change that old corrupted system in just minutes or hours. It takes time to change.

Imran Khan is an ideal leader. He says that I’m not against any particular person for own purposes. I want that our people should get what they deserve. Let there be fair elections and then, if you win you can have that seat. But, if you don’t you can be a member of the Parliament. However, the mean politicians disagree for their own good. They think, that Pakistan is for them and if they rule they have the right to do whatsoever they want.

The participants of the long march should be appreciated. They’ve stayed there day and night protesting against the unlawful set of demands set by the government. They fight for justice and peace and that is every person’s right in the country.

Majority of the Pakistanis want a change. They want a change that makes them feel secure. They want the country to prosper. All we demand is re-election that would be done under strict examination. And then, we all know we will be satisfied with the result of that. As these political happenings have changed the whole situation of Pakistan, a thought came across my mind, ‘Victory is not an ice-cream you can buy, it is a goal you have to achieve.’ Victory comes from rage, determination and hard work. Bringing these elements together one can achieve his goal of ‘VICTORY’.

For all those who stand firm in their faith for having a bright future for Pakistan.

For all the dedicated Pakistanis!


Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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6 thoughts on “Victory is not an ice-cream you can buy, it’s a goal you have to achieve.

  1. Hussain Muslim

    👌✌آؤ مل کر سب کو دکھلا دے، ھم ھے زندہ قوم سب کو بَتلا دے ✌👌

  2. Hussain Muslim

    Loved it👌😊💙.. Keep on writing Ruqss… 👍

  3. ibrahim shabbir

    yeah we all are with our captain..


    @ruqaiya… as always… you are write on unique topics… GREAT JOB…

    Ab log neheen nadan
    Ab log naheen nadan gaye sab jan kahey Imran Khan
    Ab hogi jo nigran ye nasal jawan barheyga Pakistan

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