Forever Friendship…

School life is the best part of life. There was a time, when I used to meet my friends everyday at school. We used to spend so much time together. We had promised each other that our friendship will always be cherished.

Today, although we are physically distant from one another; all of us busy with our own daily schedules, but we still take out time for each other. Just a short chat sometimes proves to be a delightful way of promising a good day ahead.

As I speak of myself, at the moment I am living in Dares salaam, Tanzania along with my family. I shifted here a few months ago. Leaving my friends behind in Karachi was as difficult as it could be. The only reason because of which I feel incomplete, is, THEM. Those friends of mine are more precious to me than diamonds and gold. In fact, it is their friendship which I promise to treasure throughout my life.

A few days ago, I was sitting idle at home, and so, scrolled down the photo gallery in my mobile phone, during which, I came across a few memorable pictures of me and my friends. I was so ecstatic as I gazed over those photographs which brought back screens of memories, laughs, cheers, joys, hugs, wishes, excitement and smiles. I could see each one’s eyes shimmering out of contentment and happiness. Those days were special. Those FRIENDS are SPECIAL. They are the ones who complete me; each one having something unique in their own way. I really miss them.

Sometimes in life, you come across special people; people who change your life just by being part of it, people who make you laugh until you can’t stop laughing, people who make you believe that there really is good in the world, people who convince you to look at the brighter side, people who boost up your courage. And, most importantly, they are the people who make you believe that they will always be there for you, no matter what. Your bond with such people is what FOREVER FRIENDSHIP is.

If you are fortunate enough, like me, to find such valuable friends in life, they will definitely make you feel happy and complete. So, believe that you have a FOREVER FRIEND. As, FOREVER has NO END.


Alefiyah Rao.

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12 thoughts on “Forever Friendship…

  1. Shamuil

    Welcome to Dar es Salaam Alifiya, KARIBU!!
    The people of Dar es Salaam are really friendly and I am sure you will make good friends here. However, we do miss our friends and families back home.

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Asaante saana janab. 🙂 Inshallah I will get settledwith the environment here very soon 🙂

  2. A really well written post. It was really touching sis! 🙂
    I too was looking at the photographs of those memorable school days, a few days back. And I would say those were the best and enjoyable days of my life till now. I miss my friends! 😀
    But this post also reminded me of a really special friend, whom I miss more than anyone. That’s you! I really wish we could be together right now. I miss you a lot sis!!! 🙂

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Me too Ben. 🙂 but this is one of the best mediums to connect with our “forever friends”. I’m glad you liked my post. I truly treasure all my friends and our bonds. I miss them all. And I miss you even more Ben.

  3. Sayyeda Ismail

    Heyy!! This is really really nice.. The words are so perfect.. I can actually feel every bit of ‘friends forever’.. Keep writing because I’ll look up to it 🙂

    Sayyeda xx

  4. Alifiyah Jesser

    Alif it is awsumm.. We all miss u..n miss those special moment spend with u.: *

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Thankyou so much sayyeda.
      Thankyou alefiyah. 🙂
      Keep blogging!

  5. Alefiya, I loved reading your post and I could picture your entire class when you talked about your friends. Such an energetic and interesting group you all were!

    You are so right, friends are so so important. They get you through such times, they make you laugh and listen to your complaints! You’ve described this relationship beautifully! May you all remain this close no matter how much distance separates you. And may you make many new and special friends in your new home.

    The best thing about friends is that even if you meet them after years, you pick up just where you left off! Its as if no time has passed and you feel young all over again!
    Keep writing! You write so well!

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Maryam bennn!!! I’m always looking forward to your comments. 🙂 thankyou so much for your wise words. Yes, our friendship was and is special. I miss home, but I’ve started a new journey here, and Alhamdolillah I’m making new friends everyday. 🙂 my “forever friends” are although those special ones. But friends are friends no matter how and where they are. I’m surely going to treasure this friendship throughout my life. 🙂
      Thankyou so much once again.

  6. Aliffffff! I don’t know where to begin from…
    The school times are just unexplainable.. and the times i took your uniform :P, the times i came at your place. whenever i pass from the oven fresh bakery a million things come to my mind.. There were never any hindrances in our friendship.. It was and is free like a bird, there are no promises but even then we trust each other like anything. I miss you a lot Alif, like anything. I hope that we keep on meeting each other in our life and yes insha allah we will always keep in touch with each other.
    This essay is so beautiful, I smiled reading each sentence.
    Love you, Alif. 🙂

    • Alefiyah Rao

      Ruqaii!! 😀
      Thankyou! I miss you too.. And yeah, even I remember “those” days. 😉 those memories! Each day was special. Every second was cherished! School life is no doubt the best part of life. And school friends.. Best part of friendship!! 😉 you guys are my “forever friends”! Miss you guys.
      Love, Alefiyah.

      • ibrahim shabbir

        Alifff wahh it is totally a article of feelings..i can understand your feelings

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