You must be thinking that I am going to write something on the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Well, you can say so… I am actually going to write something like that movie, but not exactly the same story where you see a child’s life changed. A story of a boy who was nil but had a will, wanted to win, SO WHAT WAS HIS SIN ?

There was a boy who struggled in all subjects and wasn’t able to easily pass his exams. He found all subjects difficult, and was belittled by his teachers and classmates. Slowly and gradually he was losing hope, his effort towards studies was decreasing day by day, month by month, or you may say teacher to teacher. His parents thought he was studying well but in school he wasn’t, his mind would stay in other things, always wanting to be out of the class, his homework would be incomplete on daily basis. Whenever his result came, he used to be shocked because for him it was the most he could study. From grade I-V, no class teacher understood him, in fact, just criticized him and made him lose his hope for achieving better grades.

He was always running away from books, and always unwilling to go to school, but he was good at something, which a teacher knew, who was there for him for 3 years since class 6; that boy’s situation totally changed when that teacher became his class teacher and English teacher in class 6. He didn’t know but he was changing his perspective towards studies. The teacher had an amazing teaching style and she was different than other teachers, that teacher quickly observed that, that boy was happy but wasn’t contributing to class activities or discussions.

Concerned and worried the teacher called upon the boy’s parents and older brother, and made them believe that this boy didn’t show any sign of low intelligence, because he was good at other things but not studies. The teacher made him study well, that boy was good at English (the subject which was taught by that teacher) but wasn’t good at other teacher’s subjects which made his result low graded, he did know the teacher was a blessing for his class and for him.

Later that boy came first in a couple of things, but as always not good at studies.

When he was in class 10, it was his last day of school; many teachers were there in the class to say a final good bye to that boy’s class and him. A teacher psychiatrically said to another teacher “sir, there are some students in class 9, who want to stay in class 9”, (he meant that there are students for whom they do not hope to pass the exam creating a way to degrade students). Another teacher replied “not only class 9, there are students in this class too”. Everyone was just laughing because it was a general talk, no one was pointed out, but there was another teacher who replied “sir, it is good for us, because it would be easy for us to take pictures in school”. That day, that boy had promised himself that he would bring a good result and show it to that teacher who believed in him and those who had taunted. And yes it did happen, that boy didn’t score something big, but it was something good for him than the results of previous classes. The moment when the teacher didn’t give a good impression taunting to a student who may have prayed for her, and yes he did pray, just for the students who were there after him in school, so that they don’t face these kind of difficulties.
That boy was the one who had won first prize in School Photography Competition and was the one who used to cover all the events of school.

Yes, you may have got a hint about who is this story about…
The teacher who changed the boy’s life wasn’t Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the teacher was Maryam Bhen Sadriwala. Who is missed by the students till now, and those who haven’t studied under her, wish they would have done so.


And, you may also be thinking that the boy who was changed by the teacher would be Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi, in this story that boy was ME, Myself.


“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”, what does it mean actually, does it mean that the student are in a form of star on land, On Earth ?
YES ! We are one of the bright stars which live on EARTH, who are not just floating in the sky. Just shining just for a reason, just to give The MOON a company. The Moon is a teacher, who gives blessings to the bright star, you may also believe the Moon gives light to them. The biggest achievement for a star is to become a shooting star, move from one place to somewhere higher. On Earth, shooting stars are made by teachers like :

Maryam Bhen Sadriwala, THANKS to you, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
Now I pray, which I prayed from my childhood, in the assembly of school. No prayer is prayed without this prayer.
In the end we should all pray that may Allah grant Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa, who is our ultimate teacher, who lights our ways and gives guidance to us, a long, healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Judgment. Ameen.


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28 thoughts on “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR

  1. Ammar

    Great work shining star!!! Wish you success always. I congratulate the teacher who made the change, it’s a lesson to learn for all teachers.

  2. Arwa. Mulla. Qusai

    Wow!! I am really shocked by your essay!! And yeah you are a shining star!! God bless you!! 🙂

  3. Huzefa – Huzzi you’ve left me speechless. I don’t know what to say. You’ve written this from your heart.
    Being your friend, I want your success to reach mountains! I wish all the best to you and hope for the best :).
    Your friend,

  4. Huzefa! What do I say! Thank you. For your kind and generous words.

    It is Maula TUS who gives us a skill and teaches us to use it; it is His TUS prayers and nazaraat which unearths our talents and makes us succeed. You are truly a talented student but more so you are an ideal graduate of MSB as from these walls you have been infused with Ikhlaas which is the most priceless gift.

    Best of luck and may you and all of us get to use our talent in the khidmat of our Maula TUS.

    Reading this makes me miss MSB and your special class!

    • huzefa.A.hazari

      I myself dint know what to say when i noticed someone talking about you about your blessing on me. All of this was just in my heart since a couple of year, but after a long time it came out loud, to the world, or you may say to all of MSB’s in the world.
      i hope students of MSB get a chance to get them selves motivated by YOU.
      and yes, i believe its all Maula’s (tus) Ehsaan, but i thank you because you becama a ‘ZARYA’ .

    • ibrahim shabbir

      Maryam.bhen u are truly a legend..what i was and whar i became under your teachings was like totally a different mee..

  5. Fatema Lilya

    Simply speechless. It seemed to be directly from your heart and it went directly to my heart 🙂
    Fatema Lilya

  6. AliAsgher Jamali

    Hazari !! You seriously left us Speechless….
    Love and gratitude – this is what I felt in your writting… A layer of tears came and deposit on my eyelashes, while i was reading.
    And my mind was scrolling all those moment you added in my timeline!
    Wish you all the Best! 🙂
    -One of The Musketeers! :-p

    • huzefa.A.hazari

      Thank you Bro. Maybe ud be knowing much. 😉

      • AliAsgher jamali

        Yeah 🙂
        I remember the words you said when the movie tare zameen par released! 😉

      • Hussain Muslim

        😉😆👍✌Anytime, Everytime, Everything for you Bro… Loved it…

  7. Hussain Muslim

    Broo… 😢😢Iam speechless…..You are surely a bright, shining star, a 100%…No matter what others thought about you but you my friend did what you liked and you did it best…. And the teacher ( Maryam Behen Sadriwala) who brought a diamond out of us from coal, from my, and on behalf of whole 8B, from Heart “Salute” to Her, may Allah grant her the strength to turn out many more stars to a Shining one……
    Thank you Huzzi for sharing one of the best of you…..Keep it up Boii.. 👍👌👏💞

  8. Huzefa… I don’t have words. Literally! It was indeed straight from the heart. Sharing your own stories in such a manner needs lots of confidence and courage. My friend, You have nailed this one for sure! 🙂 Surely our teachers are our mentors. Especially teachers like Maryam Ben, who are life-time role models. MSB was the institute which changed us completely. It is Msb which has made us what we are today. Very well expressed Huzefa. Your skills are worth appreciating. Keep it up! 😉 may we all be blessed with such courage to never lose hope and keep trying always. Bless you. Wonderfully expressed.

    • huzefa.A.hazari

      Thank you so much,
      sorry i dont know what to reply, you wrote more than enough.

  9. Huzefa, a really honest and hearty input here!:) It’s true, there are teachers who leave that kinda impact forever and are sure to be remembered. It is a gift truly, for which we all should be grateful! And for which she is sure to be mentioned in my prayers always!
    There are also some teachers who fail to understand the real meaning of a “teacher” and just taunt instead of looking at the brighter side. But lets take them positively (as we are taught) and prove them by sticking to our plagued ambitions and achieving as the life passes by. Lets prove them what we are capable of! And they should know that grades don’t define intellegence but lets prove that we can and have achieved them too!
    Cheers to determination and to the voice that is put forward!

    • huzefa.A.hazari

      Thank you sarrah.
      A photographer understands another photogeapher 😉
      grades don’t define intelligence, true so,very much

  10. Mustafa mandzz

    well written zef.. 🙂
    story that tells something about myself too..;’)
    may all of us do something of our intrest,for what we are made for,and do well.

    • Our hobby is almos the same…. U love art and i love photographic art, and yes everyone should do what they want to do.
      In todays world its is a gift from parents give us space to choose our field ourselves, some parents force their children to study a particular thing, maybe in which they cant cope in.
      That gift was given to me by my parents and family.

      • ibrahim shabbir

        Good huzi truee..it was from ur heart and ireally appreciate that..

  11. Huzefa… I never knew you were such a good writer. Every word in this post reflects the truth. 🙂
    I loved the fact that in every individual’s life there is a person who sheds light and gives us a hope to look forward to a better future.
    Its been portrayed wonderfully!!
    Keep it up! And bless you… 🙂

  12. Tayeb Giani

    Truly this is a fascinating post 🙂 at each and every event we feel the abscence of you and your photography. Beautifully written 😊 “thumbs up”👍

  13. awesome post !! and beautifully written

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