Life goes on…


Sometimes, I sit down and think, of all that has happened in my life. At one place I was a shy person, who would be forced to talk, and, at another I was quite the opposite.

As time passed, I blend myself in the colors of life, acquiring something new each time for a different situation. Each day brought a new role for me in life. One day I was a mere student in my school and the next day the head girl of the entire school. I don’t think so that I played each role with perfection because I’m a very lazy person. Those who don’t know me personally often don’t believe that I could be a lazy person, maybe because at times I am able to save the day at the eleventh hour (lucky!).

Life went on as the sun went down each day, throwing random things at me all the time. I fought for catching on everything but I simply used to end frustrated and drop the simple catches being Umar Akmal.

I always used to think that life should be called a problem. It gives nothing to you. But, growing up gave me one thing, it made me understand that life is a chance given by Allah; you ought to remember His message.

Being a child I thought of being a hero, saving people and doing what-not, but being a teenager my views changed completely. I don’t know who should be put to question for that, maybe I should be, because I had my every right to do anything. I’m proud of some things I did, and even saddened at my foolishness when I messed up everything.

Will I ever learn to be a mature person? (Haha that is an essay in itself) What I simply do, is wake up every morning, do something good, and put my head to rest; that is good enough, isn’t it? Well, to be true it’s not even near good.

Few months ago, I read a letter in my Easy Urdu class with my teacher. It was a letter from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to his students, which means this happened way before independence. Coming down to the point, every word of that letter touched my heart. His words taught me how we never realize the importance of time. We think it will always be the same way; the sun will go up every morning, the stars will be lit up every night, the clock will tick every second and we will enjoy ourselves every might. Everything might go on the same, but we miss out on the part, that we won’t. He said that, ‘my life should be a notice board to you all, “Beware! Don’t go this way.”’ He meant that he had not given the time to study and learn that he should have, but, we should. Of course a well-educated person like him couldn’t be like this, he being so humble, explained it all so well.

We don’t value the words of our own people, but most of the times, it is them who inspire and motivate us. If there’s one major thing his letter taught me, it was;

Life goes on…

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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17 thoughts on “Life goes on…

  1. Arwa Qusai

    Yeah soo true… what ever life may take or give us but it goes on…

  2. Hussain Muslim Mithai Wala

    Oohhh God, Finally! Was longing for something to be posted from your side on this blog, and looks like you made it.😀☺. I agree to the fact that the cart of life surely has no reverse gear with it, it moves on. But my life has stopped in a sense, since that day when time made Bond 11 O to seperate.😥😒 I wish my life had a reverse gear so that I could steer my life back to that time when we all were together.. Long Live The Bond☺😊💗👍👌

    Ps: Yeh Asaan Urdu wali batien na kro…Aaj he paper de kr aya hun😝😜😄

    • Heyy, hahahaha, your comment brought a broaaaad smile on my face. First of all, I always long for your heartening comment :D, secondly yes it is true that we aren’t together like we were but we still meet and keep in touch, and the best part is we have some subjects in common, which pretty much keep us on one road.
      Last of all , kya karein yar ab bas yehi asan urdu se jo inspire huwi hu, likhna to wajib tha :P.
      And, yes we will always be the best of friends 🙂 Insha’Allah.

    • Speaking of posting, you should write more often too!

  3. I have been wondering lately how everything, literally ‘everything’ has been changing in my life. Inside-out! Or maybe myself even. Or maybe some of it, is just cause of this fluctuating life. And here you talk about change too! It seriously feels we are actually growing up and time’s as usual slipping by… Remember the time when we couldn’t err to change! But today it’s just like this quote, “yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world(makes me smile with wonder). Today I’m wise, so I’m changing myself”. Hence, can’t agree with you more, mate! Life goes on 🙂 Do share that letter with me.

    P.S Hussaaaaiiinnnn, our bond will never grow apart. Whatever time does!

    Highfive to life, the lessons and the evergreen friendship,
    Sarrah. 🙂
    (Miss this blog)

    • Sarraaaaaaaaahhhh, I don’t know what to say. First of all, I think we are all in the same phase, thinking about the last year, thinking about each together and all the foolish things we have done together :D. You know what, there’s an essay in my English Advance course that is Eton, I’ll show you that too, the author tells that he would repeat every part of the life he spent in Eton (Eton is a hostel in Cambridge), and I couldn’t agree more to it, on the part that every day I’ve fought with you guys but it’s worth while repeating it a thousand times again…
      I’ll definitely share the letter and yes life will go on, but we will hold on to each other :).


      • Definitely! All the fights, the pointless arguments, the foolish gestures and silly comments! I would love to repeat that phase again! But it’s also true that some of it always remains in the core. Some of it never changes. However it remains in the refined form. You know what I mean haha :))


    Atlast you wrote an article. Nice thoughts, the TEENAGER is growing up !!! The picture shows you went to north with your Mamoo group. Good and keep it up.

    • Thank you Fatima Bhen , no no I went with my family to Punjab, when Mufaddal Maula TUS had bestowed sharaf to Pindi. Thank you for always being there. 🙂
      Your student,

  5. You know Ruqqaiya there are so many inspirational biographies of great personalities. If you have time read ‘The Jinnah’ too if sub continent interests you.
    Great to see you growing mature and sensitive to the tick tock of time 🙂


  6. Taha Dewaswala

    I remember a verse of a poem,It goes like this
    “For men may come and men may go
    But I go on forever”
    Well written,Many new posts have come up,Keep writing.

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