The pressure cooker!

6740_pressure-cookerRemember the movie ‘3 idiots’; the part where Rancho (Aamir Khan) says to his Principal that; “the place where we study is a university, not a pressure cooker”? Well, to be honest, even if it’s not the institutes that put that pressure, the mind always does.

We humans are always fighting; fighting for money, fighting for power, fighting for a rank and fighting to make a place- to make a name in this world. So basically, life is a pressure cooker.

In every part of life, may it be our childhood- adolescence-old age, we encounter difficult situations. At that very moment, it seems like that is the most crucial time of our life, with or without that thing, makes our future.

In childhood, I guess we all have done a lot of troubles and hidden from our parents for doing it. My favorite action used to be emptying toothpastes. I used to relish doing it and I never wanted to get caught (like obviously). I used to act all innocent in front of my mom, and getting a bad lecture from my mom would be like life and death situation to me; taking saliva down my throat would be even so painful to me. Now that I think of it, I laugh over it.

Today, I fear examinations, I fear losing my dream, the dream that I see in all my loved ones’ eyes; I fear of breaking them. I think all the time, what if I don’t do good enough, what if this, what if that and these questions drive me crazy eventually. It’s said that, “ من ذن بك خيرا فصدق ذنه – man zanna bika khairan fa saddiq zannahu” (when someone has good expectations from you, you should make them come true). As I thought of this saying, I went back past to last year when I was about to give the second year of the O levels Examinations.

Before the exams had to begin, the school principal told us a small story of a deaf frog (I hope I remember it right). I don’t remember his exact words, but the plot of the story was that; there was a race held among frogs, at the end of the race they had to climb a hill. Many frogs took part in that race and among all the kinds of frogs, one was deaf. Well then, the race begun and all the frogs bing-boinged and jumped along the race-track. There were a lot of cheers and a lot shouting from the crowd while the participants were climbing the hill. Soon, the race came to an end. Do you know who the winner was, it was the deaf frog. The principal – Janab Ash-Shaikh Ammar Bhai – one of the persons who had a lot of expectations from us, gave each of us a lesson. He told us that in all our times when we want to achieve something big, there are going to be people criticizing us for what we do; never listen to them, listen to your heart, to your Allah who created you, He is your right guide. The only reason the deaf frog won the race was, he couldn’t listen to what people said, he didn’t hear the criticizing comments passed by them- the only reason he won was – he was ambitious. He was dedicated to his goal and he earned it. It was a lesson for me to learn and remember whenever I would be fighting with the pressure cooker.

So then, I learnt this that; no matter how much and how loud we whine, life is always going to be a pressure cooker, be the stubborn potato and never let it boil you!

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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19 thoughts on “The pressure cooker!

  1. Fatima Raziuddin

    Ruqaiya !!! Wonderful thoughts for provoking others to think positively as exams are in full swing in Karachi. Keep up this good deed of writing.

    • Thank you dearest Fatema Bhen. 🙂 With your prayers I’ll surely keep writing .
      Sometimes, the best of people want someone to tell them it’ll be fine, it’s just a way to say that.

  2. ammar

    Ha ha ! liked the last part best of the stubborn potato. key to success

  3. Hussain Muslim Mithai Wala

    Yeahhh.. finally Ruqaiyah goes for a Hatrick
    … gud gud gud gud gud gud gud …. 😊

  4. Ruqiaya I read your post first thing this morning and simply loved it! This is what a true writer does–she/he inspires, provokes thinking, makes readers relate! Loved it! Absolutely loved it.

    For you to be so young and have such clarity of thought –im very impressed and v proud of you! What is this but a bounty of the nurturing you have received at MSB!
    DO keep writing!

    • You’re absolutely correct Maryam Bhen. I’m so grateful to you , to Rashida Bhen Haji, to Qurratul Ain Bhen and to every teacher who has taught and inspired me. Although I can’t repay for what all the teachers have done, but at least I can use the tools they’ve given me and make them proud.
      Thank you bhen . 🙂

  5. Hey Ruqaiyya! Spot on beta!
    Loved the post! Keep writing and learning the lessons of life :)))

  6. Hahahha! great post mate! Atleast someone’s keeping this blog alive. 😉
    Some people come along the way & teach us certain things that get engraved in our minds forever. It is their ehsaan which is unforgettable.

    Good luck for your exams. Ace it! (can’t believe only 1 year left for uni) :O

  7. Haha me too. I’m actually happy to get done with college 😛 Yeah, good luck to you too mate ;). Thanks 😀

  8. lokhandddd, you my motivating speech teller, love you for this post.:)
    Thanks for making me realize i need to go STUDY and i so badly need to write, so much to write.
    Thanks, love youu;)

  9. Alifyah Nek

    Really nicely written. I loved the stubborn potato part.And i need to take absolute heed to this advice.

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