The Unforgettable Beings -The Unforgettable Life!

School days, not only the days when we were just the students of any ordinary school, but we were the students of AL- MADRASA TUS SAFIYAH TUL BURHANIYAH; the school which was our home indeed, and the teachers, the soul of our madrasa, were like our parents. We gave each other 14 years of our lives (Nursery to 11 O’levels).

Although we didn’t give them anything, but the teachers, who were our tutors, friends, guides, well-wishers, helpers, educated us with Deeni & Dunyawi knowledge on every step we took. They not only educated us but they also forgave us for our each and every mistake/mischief/disrespectful act. And, they were the first one to help make us distinguish between good and bad, and the right and the wrong.

Our Madrasa where we lived together, laughed together, wept together, is missed, because, not a single day passed when we didn’t meet our friends. Today when we stand in the path of our life where we have although left MADRASA for two years now, but we still breathe the fragrance in our soul, and beat in our hearts, the memories which we have gathered during that journey.

I would like to thank each and every teacher of ours who helped us to walk through the path of our life for 14 years and their teachings and blessing will surely help me and all of us to walk furthermore as we go ahead. I am deeply sorry for all the troubles I have done and mistakes that I have committed and beg pardon if I have ever hurt you. I stand here today and tell you, thank-you, I owe you all my life and I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for what you all have done for me and for us.


Here in this Picture and Every Time we want to stand below them.Not so that we can be viewed in the photograph easily,no not at all! Only because of this reason so that their shade falls on us throughout our lives.


Motivated to write this by; Janab Shk Huzefa Bhai.

Thanking you,

Your student,

Hussain Muslim.

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7 thoughts on “The Unforgettable Beings -The Unforgettable Life!

  1. Hussain Muslim Mithai Wala

    Thank-you Ruqaiyah for posting it here:)

    • Hussain Muslim Mithai wala

      Janab☺… U all, the teachers and your constant support,help,motivation is all we need in each and every phase of our life..and this means alott.. Thank-you:)

  2. Huzefa Dohadwala

    Salam, Hussain we all should be thankfull to our beloved Moula TUS who provided us this opportunity. Also thank your parent who let you study in madrasa.

  3. Husain!!!!Husain Muslim! This is beautifully written. I was expecting Sarah or Maria or Ruqaiyas name but your name at the end filled me with so much pride. So proud of your writing skills bur more of your noble thoughts which are the reflections of the teachings of MSB.

    • Hussain Muslim Mithai Wala

      Goooodd Moooorrrnnniiinnnnngggg Teeeaaacchheeerrrr :D… Hahaha.. Thank-You Maryam Bhen☺.. Your Appreaciation means alott to me as well as to our whole class… Truely inspired to write this from you and the ladies which you memtioned above( Ruqaiyah,Maria,Sarrah)..
      You are truely an inspiration and your comment is the overdose of motivation…. Tthhhaaannnkkk Yyuooouuu Teeeaaachherrr… Missing school life and your literature class… Hope to see everyone soon:)

      • Husain your reply made me realise how much I miss you all. What a class you were. You gave me cheer, laughter and nightmares. You all are unforgettable and your generous words fill me with joy.
        May Allah bless you.

  4. Woah Husain! What a turnaround!
    Impressed definitely!
    Keep up the good work dear!

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