Karachi: For the Love of Food

One of the largest & most diverse cities of the world, Karachi is always in it’s whirlwind of activity due to it being a major sea port, financial capital & a center of ever-growing social and educational activities in Pakistan. It is home to a myriad of different cultures, religions, races, and ethnicities but to get to know Karachi you really have to step into the core of it and explore different areas to connect with its diversity.

I have been getting constant questions from people to name just a few food items it is known for. However, the metropolitan city is a melting pot of cultures and flavours from all over the country. It’s a monumental task to limit any food guide of the city to simply ten items. From juicy steak burgers to sizzling chapli kebabs. From the signature burns road kheer to freshly baked waffles. From Boba tea to aromatic paans Karachi has everything to suit every taste.

However, I have managed to encapsulate the two-decade love affair of mine with the city’s food, clouding back love for those countless memories and the ones that I have shared it with.

Hence, from all of it, I’m providing you with an extremely concise list of some of my personal favorites:

1) Xander’s Cafe
2) Mews Cafe
3) Koel Cafe
4) Pranzo for Fushion Cuisine
5) Cassa Villa for Fushion Cuisine
6) Fuchsia for Thai
7) Okra for Mediterranean
8) Cafe Flo for Mediterranean
9) Ambrosia for Mediterranian
10) Cafe Aylanto for Mediterranian
11) Kolachi for BBQ
12) Tao for Chinese
13) Dynasty for Chinese
14) Il Posto for Italian
15) Sobremesa
16) Rajdhani Delights for Indian
17) Butlers for desserts
18) Pie in the Sky / Red Riding Hood for Baked Goods
19) Cafe Liquiteria for fancy Shakes
20) Coldstone/ Movenpick/ for icecream
21) Delfrio for desserts
22) Bella Vita for desserts at Shahbaz
23) Paanwari for Paan related delicacies
24) Food Street at Portgrand

Now, along with the finest ones, you’ll also want to dig in with the authentic desi delicacies that are cheap but DELICIOUS:

1) Aunthentic BBQ from Cafe Lazeez / Meerath
2) Variety of Chais & Parathas from Chaiwala at Defence
3) Halwa Puri & Paratha breakfast at Dera Boat Basin
4) Fried Samosas / Cutlets from Burhani Snacks
5) Kachoris from the stand near Hanif Bunkebab
6) Nihari from Malicks / Zahid Nihari (more oil than Saudi Arabia, I promise)
7) Dahi Puris & Chaat delicacies from Mirchili at Zamzama
8) Shawarma from HatimTai / Kings & Queens
9) Rolls from Red Apple / Hot & Spicy
10) Bun Kebabs from Nursey street / Flamingo
11) Sweetmeats & Kulfi from Rehmat-e-Shireen
12) Ras Malai / Rabree from Dil Pasand
13) Matka Kheer at Sony Sweet / Burns Road near matka sculpture
14) Almond Milk at Sialkot
15) Gola Ganda from Dhoraji
16) Peshawri Ice cream at Saddar
17) Food street at Boat Basin

Since a few years I’ve discovered some healthy options for whoever that wishes to try:

1) Necos
2) Eat Fit (via Food Panda)
3) NutriLov
4) The Pantry
5) Sugar free Natural Ingredient Ice cream available at Bahadurabad

Extra Tips:

1) Eating Healthy Tips:
• Try Laal aata (Brown Flour) Chapati or Naan. It’s oil free & Brown.
• Dera & some other places do serve oil free Parathas. Ask them.
• Make sure to tell the Fresh Fruit juice walas to give you without sugar or syrups
2) Shopping Tips:
Lucky One Mall / Dolmen city Mall
•For Raw Cloth Shopping:
Ashiyana at Clifton / Rabi Center Tariq Road
3) Beaching Tip:
Go to French/ hawksbay / Sandpit beach.
Don’t go to Seaview near McDonald’s. Or if you have to, go near the Salt & Pepper side.

Further Info:

1) Karachi business Directory:
Also, providing you with my favorite directory of the finest businesses in Karachi at karachisnob.com. It’s a complete Karachi visitor’s guide in a nutshell; from restaurants, cafés, art galleries, beauty salons, designer shops, country clubs and more! Browse through phone numbers, location addresses, directions, timings & even menu cards.
2)  @khifoodguide on Instagram for specific food dish reviews & ratings
3) To get around Karachi, you’ll also probably be using Careem (personally preferred). And further better if you get a discount on your rides, right?
Use the code “ASHARA”
3) Also, email on sarrahmalirwala@gmail.com for more Careem Promo Codes or any other queries. I’d be happy to help.
Hoping that you get to see Karachi not in the way the media does but how we see it. 🙂
Happy Exploring!
Amate Syedna TUS,
Sarrah M. Malirwala
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One thought on “Karachi: For the Love of Food

  1. Mohammad

    Excellent! My go-to place to find all the must have restaurants in Karachi! Thanks Sarrah! 🙂

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