About the Apprentices

When MSBians are stimulated by teachers and motivators, more so word players like Maryam ben Sadriwala, then amateur writers like us can also dream to be experts!

In this blog, we aim to express what we see and feel in the best and simplest way and make our TEACHER proud of us.

Mustansir Burhani,Maria Sadriwala, Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala and Ruqaiya Lokhandwala: Writer’s Apprentices.


34 thoughts on “About the Apprentices

  1. Maryam Sadriwala

    I could say a lot at this point…but it all boils down to one thing: I’m proud of you all! Very proud! You all are exceptional writers–not just because you can write well, but because you are fearless as far as expressing your opinions is concerned! Also, all of you have individual writing styles–Mustansir is a perfectionist, Maria is spontaneous, Sarrah is passionate and Ruqaiya is disciplined! Put together, the readers will be able to enjoy a variety of content and styles.
    The very best of luck!
    I’m looking forward to you all having an extremely productive summer!
    Happy Writing!


  2. The feelings are equal bhen!This,this motivation of your’s is the only thing which brought us here.
    We look forward to your encouraging comments!:)

  3. You have left us with your jewel!
    Thank you so much ben for your guidance and stimulation!
    your feedback always leaves me with a warm glow.keep commenting! 🙂

  4. Sk Mustafa Jack

    A very good start, keep up the efforts MSBians. My congrats to Maryamben, staff and all participants.

    Sk Mustafa Jack
    Amilsab Mohammedi Mohalla

  5. tasneem K.D

    I ve read your articles EXCELLENT!. Well let me tell you this, I ve never been this proud ever before that I had u as my students once, who would one day turn up to be such marvellous writers.It has been a real pleasure reading all your articles.Keep up the good work.

    Tasneem K Dawoodji
    Primary Section in Charge

    • Tasneem ben, it’s truly a pleasure to receive feedback from your side. I’m glad we made you proud. I’m truly glad.
      Please keep reading and motivating us.

  6. Alice22Smith

    Wonderful article, sweetie! I’ll be happy to read more! BTW, why don’t you make your site a bit more social.

    Alice 22Smith

  7. aliasgher mehtaji

    I am an x student of MSB and currently studying in Al-Jamea tus-Saifiyah. I have always wanted to write. I kind of like to express my thoughts in writing.
    I would be glad if you gave me access to this blog.
    (i really liked this blog specially your reason in the about us)

  8. Aliasgher, it is a pleasure to see an x-student excited to write. Looks like writing travels in the veins and blood of every MBSian.
    The sad part is we can’t give you the password, but if you mail your articles to us, we would surely post it.
    This is my email id, if you’d want to mail. sweetfr3ndz_786@hotmail.com


  9. Murtaza Bhujwala

    You have a long way to go,
    You’ll succeed.
    You’ll make it.
    You’ll fly.
    All you have to do
    is stay focused
    and remain on track.
    Keep your hopes high,
    come what may,
    and smile, because you
    have so much to look forward to.
    And remember that I’ll
    be cheering you along
    the way 🙂

  10. could you increase the amount of your posts, i would like to read them more often. thanks.

  11. Mufaddal

    Hi Everyone! and my very gud frnd Ruqaiya! Hope you are all doing well….well! nonetheless I would say excellent script and article writing…very professional indeed! this truly will go a long way into building something amazing and I am sure somethign extraordinary will come out of this!…. god bless you all…and keep up the gud work that you are bringing to this blog…and wish you the very very best of luck for the future….cheers!

    • Hey! Thanks a lott. I expect you to atleast read every article from now on :P. And, thank you for your compliments! 🙂

      • Mufaddal

        You are most welcome hun 🙂 and yes will try my very best! Take care.

      • Mufaddal

        Oh yes! and Sarah Malir has some excellent clickz! Way to go! I am impressed…..

    • Mufaddal, thank you so much for the detailed enlivening response. It’s great to know that people still enjoy and follow our blog with eagerness even with the lazy blogging. 😛
      And thanks especially for appreciating my shots. (:

      • Mufaddal

        Well to tell you the truth! This is my first time and thankx to Ruqs for introducing me to your blog! 🙂 So, the credit goes to Ruqs for being the nosy person and to remind me to check it out! I will surely try to keep up with your blogging nonetheless….take very good care of yourselves and keep blogging away….

  12. This design is incredible! You most certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.

    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well,
    almost…HaHa!) Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool!

  13. hey it seems that you guyz have a lot of creativity when it comes to designing a blog. I too have a blog but it seems to be kind of dull right now. The traffic is too low, please visit it http://www.writerscraze.blogspot.com and send me any suggestions or advice you can give on improving my blog. Contact me on ali.mehtaji@gmail.com

  14. Inspiring in so many ways… I look forward to more posts. 🙂

  15. Taha Dewaswala

    Looking forward to some creative articles.
    Can I join Your blog or Can i post my articles here ? I would be highly obliged if you could tell me.
    Truly Msbian,

    • Hey, from which MSB are you? I’d advise you start your very own blog. So you can do things according to what you want. If there’s any help you want, just ask!

      • Taha Dewaswala

        Thank you for your advice, well i am from MSB Kolkata

  16. Huzefa Kapadia

    what should i do if i wanna post the book i wrote….its an autobiography of tenth std. of MSB Chennai, that is my class, boys section…i will be really glad to put it up here!

    • Why don’t you start your very own blog? It would be really great. You can show your own potential in writing. And, this way there will be traffic on both the blogs. Once you make it send the link here, I will forward to as many as I can. MSBians can show their worth this way! Start it soon and then you can send the link here.
      This way you will write more once you have your own blog and when people read it, it feels so great!

  17. alifyah

    I really enjoyed reading all the blogs..very impressive..:)..looking forward for more posts!

  18. terry bradley

    i would like to become an apprentice writer, i have written one book and working on my second but i find the lack of hope when sending in work to publisher and agents of putting and i wish there was more i could do to get my work into the public eye

    • Hi terry, we are all learning and improving each day as we observe and write. If you have gene in you , you’ll surely express it and let it come out of you. Start up a blog that’s how you get your writings public.

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