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A Night Worth a Thousand Months

When deathly black night casts her inky shawl,
Then life is forced to creep with care and crawl.

For eyes grow weary; move with lifeless pace,
Exhaustion; sleep encompass every face.

Nocturnal beasts patrol the charcoal streets,
A broken drum, the weary life-heart beats.

The selfless plants that used to give, now take,
And owls and bats and foxes, wolves now wake

Though such is how each night will start, commence,
With light, departed, atmosphere, intense.

But every year, a dazzling brightness spreads,
And every layer made of darkness, shreds.

A winter breeze in summer starts to blow,
And colder winds in winter cease to flow.

The ‘Lailat’ of great ‘Qadr’ fills the air,
With faces budding, fresh and bright and fair.

A night unknown to all but very few,
A night when wishes rise like drying dew.

A night revered, distinguished, great and pure,
A night-for all dis-ease becomes the cure.

A night that only wretched souls would miss.
A night that equals centuries of bliss

This night, the night of greatness, was the night
When Moulana(TUS) was born in timeless light.

Who brought with him a thousand bounties bright,
And found a way to cleanse each mumin’s sight.

Whose purebred heart is forged of priceless jewels,
Who’s charismatic nature wins and rules.

Whose words bestow-like magic raindrops- life
Whose iron voice rips silence like a knife.

O Moula every breath of mine will pray
this night till breaking dawn turns night to day.

That: “By the power vested in this night,
And by the greatness you possess; the might.

May Allah(TA) with his strength, your life, prolong,
So we may sing in praise for you, our song.

By Mustafa Pishori

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For the Moment Has Come

The moment gushed into the race,


Seasons stretched, time unrepentant,


No ice melting, no revelation of spring,


Hibernating in a dormant cocoon,


Little we knew our time was now,


Tears of glee melting crystal frosts,


Bright rays contouring our cheeks,


Nights shining with full moon so bright,


Flight of Butterflies floating within,


Sweet blossoms blooming all around,


Each soul like a grit lighting bolt,


Hearts like a bed of starlit sea,


Children to feel your first presence,


Ready steady to be where you are,


On tiptoes with little hands bind,


For the moment we eagerly await.

Amate Syedna TUS,
Sarrah M. Malirwala
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Prayers Answered!

The heart desired, the eyes wept,
For thee to chant the golden words,
Decades had passed, but the memory still afresh,
the old and wise said what grandeur it was,
The youth had wondered what it would be,
dreams and imaginations had surpassed them in the cause,
Maula! O Maula each year we cried with tears,
Who knew our labbaik was this year,
1439 on the day of gadeer,
Bushra arrived; Maula chose karachi for nohawalaweel.
The cries of Allahoakbar was what all chanted,
The young and old had never been so excited,
Our homes are big our hearts bigger,
Come one come all, we raise our banner,
On this day of happiness, which is the haqqiqi Eid,
Sajadat-e-shukur is the least Amat could proceed.
Amate Syedna tus
Maria Sadriwala

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My day, today!

The adrenaline rushes inside of me as i write this, my hands quiver  as i type and my heart thumps louder than usual from the excitement of it.
It has been 2 long years since I have written something on this blog, given out my share of experiences or just simply let out my heart to speak out loud. It is weird, but such ecstasy fills my heart, there is no limit to it. I am raw, like a new born, yet i am an apprentice. I am that bird, who knew it had wings but wasn’t able to fly. I am that door, which was stuck and rusted and took a while opening up again.

There was always something that stopped me, you might call it just an excuse, but there was this force. The urge to write overflowed inside me and i could feel it, but there was this tension. Always. It made me feel so powerless, so vulnerable.

Do you ever feel that way? So strong, that you might just do it this next second, something so capturing that you would feel you have to share it, let it out, but, something stopped you. Something so solid but abstract.
I realize it now, that’s when you have to stand up, stand up for yourself, take hold of your identity; where you belong, think about the good things that brought you here, the things you are appreciated for. That’s when the realization hits you hard, and you are in power again.

I was like a dormant volcano, i erupted today.
Life is like that, I guess, just when  you think you have failed yourself, that you couldn’t give your fore-most priority the priority, it throws at you another chance to show it off!
They say “it came to you late, yet it couldn’t be any better.” I might have learnt it the hard way round that life is fair. It does mind-boggling things all the time, but  when it takes from you, it throws it to you back again, the opportunities, the chances, the big breaks and the fair shakes. And it lets you do the undone!
It is always up to you then, whether you grab it, take hold of it or let it wash out in the circle of time.
My time was today, when is yours?!

Yours truly,
Maria Sadri



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I and fantasy.

I’m not perfect I know that. But why does life make you believe in this reality with so much pain?

Every person has a dream he wants to achieve in life and so did I. The only problem with my dream was, it was fantasized.

What do you expect from a girl who is pampered all her life, has siblings who are like her parents? But never mind, who sees that, what people only see is who you should be rather than what you have achieved.

I adore my fantasy, it makes me feel contented and happy, not because it’s filled up of things that are luxurious and sophisticated, but because I can have my own world, and where I can be my own hero.

I used to have these nightmares, I still have them, about the deepest fears of my heart, fighting against me. I always woke up scared that some day it might become a reality.

One day I made up my mind to fight back and not give up, the nightmares continued but with faith inside myself I imagined to have extraordinary tools and I won every battle.

To be honest, life is far more worse, as it takes time to develop those extraordinary tools inside you. But, one thing always drives you along this path, which is, faith.

When you believe in yourself, no person can take you down, no matter how strong he is, because no power can kill your faith.

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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A Real Rainbow- A group of treasured Friends!

The friends we meet in the path of life make the trip worthwhile..
It happened so, that I shifted to Dares-salaam last year, but the feeling was different this time. Maybe because, I was leaving home for good and I had no idea about when I will return back. Although I was heading to a land where I had lived my early childhood, yet I stored fear underneath the smiles and exhilaration shown on my face. I wasn’t so sure if I would easily manage to settle down here. Because, all I was lacking with, was FRIENDS. Only if I would have been in contact with my school friends back here (in Dares-salaam), it would not have seemed so difficult to fit in. Eventually, I managed to do so.

As A-levels started a month later, I met two of my very old long lost friends. (Both named Zainab). Coincidentally, they had also applied and got in the same school and class as mine. That day was a delightful one. I was so pleased to see them after all these years. Imagine how you would feel when you see someone you know, after a long gap of 10 years- where you can actually see the transformation taken place, from how cuddly and cute they used to be in grade 1 to how lady-like and beautiful they have become now. As a year passed by, both the Zainabs and I turned out to become very close friends. Or let me put it this way, we became more like “overly attached sisters”.
Apart from these two, who knew I would meet other new people too. Someone who would turn out to be so important to me in a matter of few days. A series of events followed. What came about now was that both the Zainabs along with some of their friends were planning to go to Selous (a place in south Tanzania) during Eid. So they had also asked me if I was interested to join in for the trip and more to my surprise I decided to tag along with them. However, it weren’t just us girls, but a group of 4 boys too who already were friends with both the Zainabs. Abbas, Juzer, Qusai and Mustafa were initially strangers to me but with time turned out be excellent company and long-lasting friends. I was pretty much comfortable with the girls. But I wasn’t so sure about the boys. However, being considerate enough, they tried making me comfortable in every way they could. As they might have realized how awkward it was for me to come up from nowhere and suddenly end up in Selous with them.

Well, as it was, all 7 of us packed our bags with excitement and thrill to board on an adventurous trip which was of 2 nights and 3 day of camping, enjoying ourselves, making memories and most importantly taking selfies on the very day of Eid, the 17th of July                                                                                                                                                                             IMG-20150719-WA0002

Day 1: The journey started off slow and lazy and the roads seemed never-ending but the music conquering our moods and a slight hum from here and there made the journey worthwhile. It was dark enough when we reached and the jungle looked silent and spooky from all sides. But as we were tired from the long ride, everyone hurried off to get fresh and grab food. Dinner that night was sururu and hajam along with soft drinks of course. (Sururu is a barbecue dish where small pieces of meat are aligned on a barbecue stick and cooked on coal. Hajam is a traditional chapatti. It is served with chili and tomato sauce). Though not so luxurious, but the food made s all satisfied after which we were off to play a few games. Everything seemed nice and serene and I had forgotten for a while that I was away from home and was actually amidst a jungle with my friends beside me. Each moment felt so lively. We played, chitchatted, giggled and made the most out of it.

Day 2: the day started off beautifully as we witnessed the sunrise of Selous, who would want to miss that sight?!  Where the very first rays of the sun kisses the grasslands making it glow and the lakes to sparkle, when the sky turns golden and the clouds seem to shine. Oh what beauty it is to view the sunrise! Breakfast for the day included left overs from the previous night along with nutella sandwiches and tea.  After which we set off for the game reserve. The Selous game reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of the favorite wildlife viewing areas.  The rivers and lakes of Selous are the heart of a park that hosts some interesting species of animals including elephants, wild dogs, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles and fantastic prides of lion together with over 440 known species of unique and beautiful birds.  The park is home to a very good population of Giraffes, hyenas, sables, baboons, wildebeests, zebras, impalas, and vervet monkeys.  It took us 6 hours just alone for safari but one worth our time and filled with nature of the beauty of Allah.  We came across exclusive species of animals along with their habitats.  It was as magnificent as one imagines it to be.  All 7 of us along with our guide had been enjoying the drive as thoroughly as one could do so.  We lived each moment there in Selous to its fullest and would never mind going back there again.  We were satisfied – with simply no regrets! Day 2 ended up being even more thrilling and adventurous, dinner for the night being barbecued chicken along with French fries, a rare combination it was. Later we stayed up all night playing games, star gazing, chatting and getting to know each other more.

Day 3: unfortunately this was our last day and packing up was in process, breakfast being served as Nutella sandwiches along with sausages this time.  After which we took off for Dar-es-Salaam.  This trip proved to be one good justification to why and how we have all got so close.  Although it was a short trip, these 3 days changed so much in our lives. I found true friends. We have gotten along so well, that they mean so much to me.  I am grateful to them that they have helped me fit in and enjoy being part of their small family – of closely attached friends.

So, this is how we molded a small group of ours.  Our bond is pure and treasured.  Life seems so meaningful and colorful when we have such friends.  Because, “FRIENDSHIP” is itself a rainbow between hearts sharing 7 colors: love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret, and respect.  All 7 of us stick together no matter what. We stand by for one another.  Our journey is endless. Our paths are one. We are together, all as ONE.

Abbas Gohar 20150722_222745

Alefiyah Rao.

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Enlightening Souls

There are very few people in this world who are still remembered because of their purity and positive traits. We read and recall, commemorate and commend the names of exceptional people whose tireless and selfless effort brought comfort and peace and illuminated the lives of the suffering humanity. They die but their death makes them immortal because they remain alive in our hearts. They die but their doings smell sweet and blossom in their dust.

Screenshot (97)

It was like life came to a halt after my nana’s death on 16th Rabi-ul-Awal. After I returned to Karachi, for months I have been avoiding anything that reminded me of him. Especially the dreadful fact of arriving at nani’s exactly 5-8 minutes late after his death. However, maybe because of the positive vibes of Maula’s dua mubarak that bestowed him after the araz, the date of death & the fortunate events that took place for him even after his demise & summing up this avoidance is the reason I plucked up courage to finally gather my thoughts and unzip the bag I had filled of his things which I carefully carried along while returning. It was like opening a beloved treasure of his shabby diaries, old dull filmed photographs, his personal stuff, one of his shirts & an Olive-Green sweater that hangs in the corner of my wardrobe now. Oh such a charming handsome gentleman he looked in it! Indeed, our family lost a pure gem.


He saved all the cards I bought/made for him.

I knew about his diaries which he had told me about. But it holds much more meaning to it now, as he is no longer here.  It was like he had left his entire life for me to ruminate on. It is now I understand the quote, “when you keep a diary, the diary keeps you”. Flipping some sepia toned pages of one of his Maroon leathered diaries, I am so moved & inspired of his thirst for knowledge & his occasional habit of writing & jotting down meaningful stuff. He wrote great English but Urdu-the qaumi zabaan was his favorite! There is a heading with ‘Enlightening Souls’ on the front page and below is food for thought which I would love to share (some of it):


*Asal khushi dolat se nahi khareedi ja sakti. Kabhi ye mat socho keh dolat tum par muskurahaton kee baarish keregi. Khush rehne ke liye bare bare waqeyaat ka intezaar mat kero. Khushi choti choti baatein aur ittefaaq se janam leti hain.


-Thakay huway insaan ke liye aaram

-musibat zada logon ke liye roshni kee kiran

-be dil aur mayoos ke liye behtereen tohfa

“Mathematics with Words”

*naseehat + burhapa= buzurg

*degree + achi nokri= shadi kee umeed? LOL

*aadmi + akhlaaq=insaan

*ashraf-ul-makhlooqaat – aqal= animal.


Aek bachay ne apni ami se kaha, abu kitne boorhe hogaye hain bilkul dada kee tarha. Aur aap tou itni khoobsurat hain. Ami ne khush ho ker bache ko 10 ka note diya aur kaha, “jao ice-cream khaa lo.” Bache ne muhn banate huway kaha, “lekin abu ne tou 20 diye the! ;( “…..


“KIRAN KIRAN ROSHNI” (There are a load of them. Just sharing a few)

*Raat ke baad din zaroor tulu hota hai, aur jo raat sabar se guzari jai, uski subah bohaut haseen hoti hai.

*Itna uncha mat uro keh sooraj kee garam shuain tumhe pighla dein aur tum bejaan sheh kee tarha zameen par aa giro.

*Baarish Cheete kee jild ko bhigo deti hai magar uske dhabbay nahi dhoti”

*Dunya darya hai aur aakherat kinara. Kashti taqwa hai aur log musafir.

*Ye dekho ke galati kia huwi. Ye na dekho kis se huwi.

*Burhaape se pehle jawani aur jawani se pehle burhape kee ganimat jano.

*Bachon ke saath bache banjao aur unko zindagi guzarna sikhao.

*Sab se bari fateh apne nafs ko qabu kerna hai.

* Pahaar se girh ker utha ja sakta hai magar nazron se nahi.

*Kisi ka dil mat dukhao kyun ki, usmai khuda rehta hai.

*Agar kisi ke dil mai jaga banana chahte ho tou uski izzat kero.

*Bure logon ke saath bethne se behtar tanhai hai.

*Ilm aesa baadal hai jisse rehmat barasti hai.

*Agar bara banne ki khuahish rakhte ho tou pehle chota banne kee koshish kero.

*Jo tumhare saamne doosron ki burai kerta hai who doosron ke saamne tumhari burai kerega.

*Baarish kee tarha raho jo phoolon par hee nahi, kaaton par bhi barasti hai.

*Insaan ka Insaan banjana uski jeet hai.

*Pehli naakami se na ghabrao. Yahi tumhari urooj kee pehli seerhi hoti hai.

*Dunya mai woh shaksh kamyaab hote hai jo apni galtiyon ko na dohrai.


-daulat se ho tou maraz ban jati hai,

– Khuda se ho ton bandagi ban jati hai,

-ustaad se ho tou roshni ban jati hai,

-waaldein se ho tou ibadat ban jati hai,

– inke ilawa insaan se ho tou zindagi ban jati hai.


(I’m writting down some interesting riddles he has jotted down, lets see if you guys can come up with the answers)

* Bigray baal, aur kamar par patti hogi, kisi kone mai leti hogi.

*sab sakhyon(friends) ka dekha khel, kamar pakar ker diya dakhel.

*Chao se ussay galay lagaya, lekin usne tou gala dabaya.

*Ek abba ke so betay. Gol matol ek hee jesay. Chalay bhi sab ek hee sath, sab ke pait mai ek suraakh.

*Janaab-e-aali, sar par jali, enteries bari magar pait khali.

*Mun khula tou bigri huwi shakal banai, magar shukr kia woh jab bhi aayee.

This is it for now. Hence,

Never has a day passed when he hasn’t crossed my mind. But I’m pleased by the fact that I have a load of his photos of almost every moment & that I spent a satisfactory amount of time with him-but not satisfactory enough.

It is true, people leave a void– every space irreplaceable–but the motions of life continue. We can only repay them by learning from their traits & practicing them. Therefore, enlightening our soul as well as the souls around us.

Sarrah M.Mustafa Malirwala.

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You must be thinking that I am going to write something on the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Well, you can say so… I am actually going to write something like that movie, but not exactly the same story where you see a child’s life changed. A story of a boy who was nil but had a will, wanted to win, SO WHAT WAS HIS SIN ?

There was a boy who struggled in all subjects and wasn’t able to easily pass his exams. He found all subjects difficult, and was belittled by his teachers and classmates. Slowly and gradually he was losing hope, his effort towards studies was decreasing day by day, month by month, or you may say teacher to teacher. His parents thought he was studying well but in school he wasn’t, his mind would stay in other things, always wanting to be out of the class, his homework would be incomplete on daily basis. Whenever his result came, he used to be shocked because for him it was the most he could study. From grade I-V, no class teacher understood him, in fact, just criticized him and made him lose his hope for achieving better grades.

He was always running away from books, and always unwilling to go to school, but he was good at something, which a teacher knew, who was there for him for 3 years since class 6; that boy’s situation totally changed when that teacher became his class teacher and English teacher in class 6. He didn’t know but he was changing his perspective towards studies. The teacher had an amazing teaching style and she was different than other teachers, that teacher quickly observed that, that boy was happy but wasn’t contributing to class activities or discussions.

Concerned and worried the teacher called upon the boy’s parents and older brother, and made them believe that this boy didn’t show any sign of low intelligence, because he was good at other things but not studies. The teacher made him study well, that boy was good at English (the subject which was taught by that teacher) but wasn’t good at other teacher’s subjects which made his result low graded, he did know the teacher was a blessing for his class and for him.

Later that boy came first in a couple of things, but as always not good at studies.

When he was in class 10, it was his last day of school; many teachers were there in the class to say a final good bye to that boy’s class and him. A teacher psychiatrically said to another teacher “sir, there are some students in class 9, who want to stay in class 9”, (he meant that there are students for whom they do not hope to pass the exam creating a way to degrade students). Another teacher replied “not only class 9, there are students in this class too”. Everyone was just laughing because it was a general talk, no one was pointed out, but there was another teacher who replied “sir, it is good for us, because it would be easy for us to take pictures in school”. That day, that boy had promised himself that he would bring a good result and show it to that teacher who believed in him and those who had taunted. And yes it did happen, that boy didn’t score something big, but it was something good for him than the results of previous classes. The moment when the teacher didn’t give a good impression taunting to a student who may have prayed for her, and yes he did pray, just for the students who were there after him in school, so that they don’t face these kind of difficulties.
That boy was the one who had won first prize in School Photography Competition and was the one who used to cover all the events of school.

Yes, you may have got a hint about who is this story about…
The teacher who changed the boy’s life wasn’t Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the teacher was Maryam Bhen Sadriwala. Who is missed by the students till now, and those who haven’t studied under her, wish they would have done so.


And, you may also be thinking that the boy who was changed by the teacher would be Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi, in this story that boy was ME, Myself.


“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”, what does it mean actually, does it mean that the student are in a form of star on land, On Earth ?
YES ! We are one of the bright stars which live on EARTH, who are not just floating in the sky. Just shining just for a reason, just to give The MOON a company. The Moon is a teacher, who gives blessings to the bright star, you may also believe the Moon gives light to them. The biggest achievement for a star is to become a shooting star, move from one place to somewhere higher. On Earth, shooting stars are made by teachers like :

Maryam Bhen Sadriwala, THANKS to you, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
Now I pray, which I prayed from my childhood, in the assembly of school. No prayer is prayed without this prayer.
In the end we should all pray that may Allah grant Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa, who is our ultimate teacher, who lights our ways and gives guidance to us, a long, healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Judgment. Ameen.


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Many students think that being a good student means just showing up for classes, taking a few notes, reading the textbooks and studying right before the exams. But, that’s not all…

I had my midterm examinations a week ago. Today, was the day script-checking was to be done in class. Overall, the exam didn’t turn out so well. My chemistry teacher knew how frustrated we were during the exams. He could see the amount of disappointment on our faces. So, as per his habit, he decided to motivate us through a slide show. The slide show consisted of messages which were to reach each student to his/her core. He started with “WAY TO ACADEMIC SUCCESS”.

He explained to us how the geography students would rather ask, what is the ROAD-MAP to success? The mathematics students would ask, what is the FORMULA to success? The chemistry students would ask, what are the REACTANTS and PRODUCTS of success? The nutritionists would ask, what are the INGREDIENTS for success? These questions are just questions. Have you ever thought over the answers to these questions?

Well, the answer is simple. Keep on trying again and again. If you don’t succeed this time, that doesn’t mean you will never ever succeed in life. It’s just that you were not perfect in the way you did it last time. Scoring less marks in an exam doesn’t mean you are wasting your time studying for no reason, it means now you have a reason to start again fresh. Failing to succeed in one exam doesn’t mean you give up and let go. It actually means that it will take a little longer for you to get there. Believe, there is always a way. Due to disappointment, sometimes you think God has abandoned you. But, it means God has a better idea in waiting. You need to have an optimistic mind in this situation at all times.

Sometimes you think all sorts of study curses have come over you. You cannot succeed further. You seem to be loser in your own eyes. Thinking of yourself being an academic dwarf. But this is actually the time to seek and stand on the shoulders of academic giants. You need to figure out what the wrong things were, which robbed you on your way to academic success. Take your time and ponder really hard. Think of what you have done. Meditate! Decide what you want to do.

Academic success depends on your attitude! You need to contrast yourself with the focused high achievers. Your motivation meter should always be HIGH. Class participation counts. Seek help from peers and teachers. You should understand the importance of TEAMWORK. Because academic success is a ladder, where you climb step by step. Each step taking you higher and higher. It is said, “You can’t climb stairs and chew gum at the same time”. It is wise to climb stairs first, as it requires more hard work. Once you reach the top, sit and chew gum, looking back towards all your achievements. Similarly, leave all distractions aside to help maintain a clear focus. Once you reach your goal, sit, relax and enjoy to your heart’s content. Learning strategy also counts! Sometimes you can’t attain success with the same old, failed strategies. So, change your way of learning. That might prove helpful. If you are waiting for the right time, it is NOW.

Success is the aim behind each time you try. Always believe, the largest room in the world is the room of improvement. So, work hard! Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep taking the next step towards competing it. The most important thing is being passionate about what you are doing and always give it your best shot! Because, you never know how close you are to your goal. Believe, if you can dream it, you can do it. JUST GO FOR IT!


Alefiyah Rao.

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Forever Friendship…

School life is the best part of life. There was a time, when I used to meet my friends everyday at school. We used to spend so much time together. We had promised each other that our friendship will always be cherished.

Today, although we are physically distant from one another; all of us busy with our own daily schedules, but we still take out time for each other. Just a short chat sometimes proves to be a delightful way of promising a good day ahead.

As I speak of myself, at the moment I am living in Dares salaam, Tanzania along with my family. I shifted here a few months ago. Leaving my friends behind in Karachi was as difficult as it could be. The only reason because of which I feel incomplete, is, THEM. Those friends of mine are more precious to me than diamonds and gold. In fact, it is their friendship which I promise to treasure throughout my life.

A few days ago, I was sitting idle at home, and so, scrolled down the photo gallery in my mobile phone, during which, I came across a few memorable pictures of me and my friends. I was so ecstatic as I gazed over those photographs which brought back screens of memories, laughs, cheers, joys, hugs, wishes, excitement and smiles. I could see each one’s eyes shimmering out of contentment and happiness. Those days were special. Those FRIENDS are SPECIAL. They are the ones who complete me; each one having something unique in their own way. I really miss them.

Sometimes in life, you come across special people; people who change your life just by being part of it, people who make you laugh until you can’t stop laughing, people who make you believe that there really is good in the world, people who convince you to look at the brighter side, people who boost up your courage. And, most importantly, they are the people who make you believe that they will always be there for you, no matter what. Your bond with such people is what FOREVER FRIENDSHIP is.

If you are fortunate enough, like me, to find such valuable friends in life, they will definitely make you feel happy and complete. So, believe that you have a FOREVER FRIEND. As, FOREVER has NO END.


Alefiyah Rao.

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Aey Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin! (R.A)

Bayan kesay kerun mai ab usko,
Jo dil ko bhi yaqeen na aae, aey Maula!
Hai ye kagaz aansuon se bheega hua,
Aur aankhein hain num, aey Maula!

Kal kia kertay the aapki lambi umr kee dua,
Aaj rotay hain aapki yaad par.
Kal tak uthatay the aapki paalki,
Aaj aae hain aapke janaaze par.

Palak jhapakte hee, kahan chale gae maula,
Ek baar aapko dil bharh ke dekh bhi na sakay.
Hum tou 103mi milaad kee kerte the tayari,
Ab tou din puray aahozaari me katay.

Hai ye dukh sab keh dilo par gehra,
Puri dunya kerti hai zikr tumhara.
Mumkin nahi ke bhuljaen aapko maula,
Sar bas yaad me aapki jhuka rehta hai humara.

Kia khoob woh sultan-e-salami thi,
Jaan bhi haazir thi un nirali adaon pe.
Dilon-jaan mai dekh lete the aap,
Jeet jaatay the aapki us ek nazar se.

Jeena sikhaya tha humko aap ne,
Us zindagi ka maqsad bhi aap hee the,
Sajde dye the jitnay bhi is zindagi mai,
Un duaon kee ibteda bhi aap hee tou the!

Pehle kerte the didaar magar,
tarastay the aapki qadambosi ke liye,
Ab choomengay aapki qabr magar,
tarsengay apke didaar ke liye.

Ab tou didaar kerenge aapka qayamat ke din hee,
Jab jannat mai le jaenge aap haath pakar ke.
Jald hee aapki qabr par bulaleejye maula,
Maanglu duaein ab aapki qabr pakar ke.

Jab dekha Aaliqadar ko aapki qabr ke ander,
Woh manzar, wo jaga, firdos kee kiyari lagi.
Sajda-e-shukr bajate hain aapke gulam ae maula,
Aapke jaisay hee Maula Mufaddal ki nazar piyari lagi.

Bachaya tha mojon se Taher (R.A) ne humko,
Unke safeene mai Nooh Nabi kee tarha.
Ek kia tha Mohammad (R.A) ne humko sahi raah par,
Masajidon mai Ibrahim Nabi kee tarha,
Ab Mojezon se Mufaddal (T.U.S) dikhaenge apna jalwa,
Dushmano ko fanaa ker ke, Moosa Nabi kee tarha.

Jab bhi dekhte hain AaliQadr ka chehra,
Dikhta hai aapka hee chehra rupala.
Bus apne dil say poochte hain yahee,
Keh “hai koi in dono ke siwaa?”
(na Maula na!)

Hai gum tou bohaut aapke janay ka magar,
Tasalli hai seerat kee pehchaan abhi baaki hai.
Naam Saifuddin ka lete hain duaon mai magar,
Hubahu aapka dilo- jaan ussi mai baaki hai.

Bus aey khuda tu humko sabr ata’a kerna,
Ab Saifuddin par fida hone kee taufeeq ata’a kerna.
Yeh aapki kee nishani rahe taa roze qayamat,
Qadmo se inke humko hargiz judaa na kerna!

Amate Syedna TUS,
Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala.

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On The Run…


On the run… Sounds like a race, in which all the athletes are racing to the finish line to win the title of Olympics. But, in real life all the humans are athletes, who are racing against ‘time’, to fulfill their needs, to survive in this huge world. Though, it seems that everything is going well with everyone, but, on the inside, each person is racing in life with each other, for wealth, for superiority, for getting famous, for getting a better living, and sometimes, this race becomes so nasty, that it takes the face of greed, and then, these athletes try to hurt one another, and at one point it reaches to an extent that one is also disqualified from this race (death).

Let us discuss, ‘why one gets on the run?’ Some people join this race for wealth, so that they can have comfortable lives with their families, but then, while on the chase they forget their families and friends in the search of accumulating wealth. They don’t have time to enjoy their lives and don’t give a care about their own life either.

The race among the superstars is quite common these days, as we are all familiar that they all try to act in different ways to earn awards.

On the other end, the race even ends in a disastrous way, where people become greedy and only consider themselves, without caring about the people around them. They try to push the other person out of the race to earn the title, which makes them a winner but even makes them a murderer. This is totally absurd, when we know that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and each person gets his victory, and it isn’t necessary that he’ll get it immediately, so, why not try our best in the right manner and then, win the race of life?

So, off you go! On the run…

P.S: This article has been published in Student’s Digest of April 2014.

Hussain Muslim.

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FOOD-A Global Concern Addressed by ‘FMB’

Today, in this humongous world each and every existing creature struggles for a living. Whether, men working with all their physical and mental strength in the sweltering heat of the sun or even bees flying over the colorful fields to make honey for themselves, all of them work hard to earn for those essential basic commodities. Out of these basic need approach, ‘food’ is one of the basic requirements for a healthy survival. As the number of mouths that need to be fed increases, it naturally raises the growing demand of food-which is the main reason why every man is competing in this never-ending race of life. Pakistan Poverty If we dig in deeper, apart from the constant endeavor some are still lacking behind. The poverty line is escalating because of the insufficient amount of income earned to satisfy those needs. Can you believe it? Still millions of people around the world are going to bed with their stomach growling because of hunger and food shortages getting worst at its peak. Still thousands are dying every day because of the unbearable stress of not full-filling the requirements of their family. Politicians rant and rave and make promises to provide these basic needs but sadly, all in vain. Finally! One fine day as the sun rays brightened the grounds on earth, it brought breezes of contentment and joy along. The shower of blessings had at last begun to pour on the people of the ‘Dawoodi Bohra Community’. The community which is renowned for their business ethics, plethora of welfare programs, penchant for peace, unique cuisine and dress code. They follow the footsteps of their spiritual leader, His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, who is acclaimed internationally as an Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill. Image As per Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s deep concern that not even a single         community individual should go to bed hungry, His illustrious son and heir, Syedi     wa Maulaya Muffadal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin initiated the exceptionally remarkable       concept of ‘Faiz-ul-Mawaid-ul-Burhaniyah’(FMB) and yet again, the community   stood unique in their customs. FMB is basically the scheme of feeding the community at large and aiming at a   healthy living. Each and every area of the world where Dawoodi Bohras reside has been blessed with hygienic community kitchens which have meticulous professional chefs who cook healthy traditional Bohra food along with all other   cuisines. The nutritious food is then served in thousands of tiffins ‘thaali mubarak’     by the community volunteers and is then delivered to thousands of doorsteps.


In the era of economic recession, this system has been made possible collectively. The community kitchens are run by members donating a reasonable fixed amount a month with the privileged members sponsoring for their poor brethren. The multi-tiered benefits of this system include the framing of our thoughts by creating a sense of social equality and stability. When every day, we consume from the common kitchen with the magic ingredient- the love of our Leader- it bridges the gaps between members belonging to different castes by nurturing humility and oneness. It brings the society closer to each other and promotes a feeling of socio-economic goodwill and gains Allah’s happiness which is a true purpose of a believer’s life. Practically, the goal of this system was to aid believers in alleviating their stresses related to the basic procurement of food. This has been accomplished incredibly as we can now focus on climbing the ladder of our dreams. It has given Dawoodi Bohras the courage to discover what great they can do by making the most out of the precious gift of time which in the past, used to be consumed by the thoughts of putting food on the table. Today, our men focus on booming their businesses to full-fill other luxuries of life and our women being pampered by this blessing which has liberated them from the diurnal shackles of the kitchen and have given them a chance to concentrate on shaping the lives of their family & has given them an opportunity to seek new horizons of activities or start small businesses; which contributes to the family’s income and society at large. Even in the era of strife and complications, we receive every morsel of food so lovingly from our leader; it is hygienic and the diet is balanced because of which many diseases are prevented. It is absolutely halal which is a golden benefit for foreigners. It is affordable and families can enjoy different varieties everyday together. We never needed to worry about the price of grocery out there in the market but have still accomplished the saving and savoring of much needed food. “When the whole city was demolished and businesses were shut because of the hurricane currently, even then we received tiffin that day” says a US citizen with gratitude reflected in his eyes. Today, it has nearly been two years of we being raised together in the blessed shade of our Spiritual leader. Today, it is shown to the world that actions speak louder than words as the stories about our initiative have flooded in the media dramatically and communities heartily appreciating our move. It’s somewhere printed that, “It is rare to find a ‘common kitchen of two brothers of a family but Dawoodi Bohras are having a ‘common kitchen’ for the whole community!”.


Not just the media, but the dignitaries of the world have also been appreciating the glory of our leader. Out of many, once President of U.S.A Ronald Reagan remarked, “As you (Holiness) look back on the fullness of your life, you can reflect with pride on the solemn purpose to which you have dedicated your work and the many achievements that have been yours.” Honestly, buckets of tears of gratitude would fall short compared to what we have been blessed with and taught by. May Allah grant such a Leader, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin–who is an inspiration behind our every positive and worthy thought, who is our Savior and Guide in this world, a Long, Healthy and Prosperous Life till the Day of Judgment. May His son and heir, Syedi Wa Maulaya Muffadal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin, who is a consummate example of how to follow our illustrious leader, be blessed with a Long Life in His Holiness’ heavenly shade. Ameen!

Amat-e-Syedna TUS,
Sarrah M. Mustafa Malirwala.

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For A Better Tomorrow!

They say that patience bears the sweetest of fruits. We hope it does. Well, what else can one Pakistani say to another?  The feebly old, the energetic young, the technical businessmen and the multi-tasking housewives, everyone is repeating the same question, “will our lives be returned back to us or not?’’

The aura has dramatically flourished all over Pakistan! The souls have become too anxious; everybody is in a rush to know will they be saved of the cruelty?
Well folks as we all know,we’ll reap what we sow, and now all depends on your votes because that will only bring the change.

I see people around me who would have never bothered to visit the polling station and give in their vote but now they are the ones waiting for the date; the 11th! The day of decisions and judgments, the day that will eventually decide our future.
Well, as it is our community the Dawoodi bohras, most of them stay away from the politics and don’t indulge themselves much in the critical issues. But there are people out there like Fakhruddin jee Ibrahim who is at the moment the election commissioner and there might be other patriotic bodies too. But We try to keep far away from the so-not peaceful activities. We are the silent people but then we do want good for our country too. As it is well-known in the quran “حب الوطن من الايمان”-loving your country is indeed a part of Imaan. And this time the air is filled with enthusiasm of bringing a change. There are more people than ever who have promised to vote. Everyone looks positive and have sparkles of hope in their eyes and wishes for the well-being of the country.

“I will surely vote for Imran khan” says an elderly aunty I met in the masjid. “I think he will really bring the change in the system, you know the way he is delivering and assisting. He thankfully is educated and looks sensible to me.”

Whereas, one of my mother’s friend Tasneem aunty who is a jubilant worker of the society tells “ Imran is so handsome, my vote is for him only” and then swiftly looks around to see if her husband did not hear our conversation. 😛

When I interviewed my father, he replied” whatever my darling daughter wants.” Ha-ha so much like him!
But then he says “ I think Nawaaz sharif ,he is experienced and has a business mind. He will surely do good, just look at what he has transformed Punjab into. But then Imran khan is also a very strong opponent.” I think he’s still taking in the pros and cons before signing in the deal 😛

Zainab, a teenager in her 2nd year of A Levels and a good friend replied with enthusiasm “a country without a leader is useless. Imran khan is promoting education, has promised to bring equality. Come on! Whatelse would we want.”

When asked to a couple, they argued joyfully whether to vote Mr. Asif ali Zardari’s team or Imran khan’s. The wife jokingly said that I can’t deny him or we’ll have a war at home:P but anyhow secretly I’ll convince him to vote my choice.

On the other hand, when I asked to one of my favorite people she gracefully replied. “I would definitely vote for Imran khan, he is untried, let’s give him a chance. Truly the others have had their share.”  Then with a smile she said “I don’t give a damn who becomes the leader till I get a happy life for myself and my family. “

“I vote for a faithful leader!” says Taher a student of commerce. “Unlike other politicians he hasn’t had a bad history. Look at his achievements, the cancer hospital, and the school he has made. He looks promising!” and with a serious note he adds,” our country desperately needs an honest leader!

Listening to all these replies I prayed whoever the next leader is, he better be a good man. And obviously in the end, all we want is peace, happiness, and quality of life for ourselves and our families, don’t we?

Today it has become primary for us to vote, to fulfill our duty. Today we have to take up our responsibility so that we have a better tomorrow. Let’s all vote. Let the light of hope glow! So Yes, WE vote; for independence, for free-will, for anti-terrorism, for anti-corruption, for our safety. Indeed We vote for our lives and our future!Image

Maria Sadri



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A beam of light abolishes darkness forever!


 In the darkness of life, even one speck of light can bring brightness. But, to brighten one’s life, one must always take the incentive to choose the right path. During our journey of life, our elders and teachers teach us many things; because, knowledge is like that one speck of light that can show us the way. But, the decision is ours, whether we choose to take knowledge in an optimistic way or a pessimistic way.

People, who teach us, always aim to clear the point of good and bad inside us. All they intend for, is to prepare and make us eligible enough to choose what is best. There are virtuous and immoral aspects, rights and wrongs, positives and negatives of every little act we come across. But we should be confident enough to choose whether life is good if it’s dark or if something can be done to make space for light to brighten life.

The decision of choosing the best, always comes from within. Therefore, we should try to abstain from taking the wrong path in life and taking things in a negative manner. Instead, try choosing the right path. Choosing the right path will always lead you to a better and enlightening future. Even one stroke of light can overcome dark. Darkness is going to abolish forever, if you just choose to take the right way in an optimistic manner. The two opposites of good and bad exist in all spheres; it is actually up to you how you tackle each situation with an incentive to choose the best.

It is said, that a beam of light abolishes darkness forever! So, to ensure your prosperity till eternity, all you must be able to do is to choose whether light abolishes darkness or darkness destroys light in our lives. Therefore, think twice, choose wise!

Alefiyah Rao.

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