A Real Rainbow- A group of treasured Friends!

The friends we meet in the path of life make the trip worthwhile..
It happened so, that I shifted to Dares-salaam last year, but the feeling was different this time. Maybe because, I was leaving home for good and I had no idea about when I will return back. Although I was heading to a land where I had lived my early childhood, yet I stored fear underneath the smiles and exhilaration shown on my face. I wasn’t so sure if I would easily manage to settle down here. Because, all I was lacking with, was FRIENDS. Only if I would have been in contact with my school friends back here (in Dares-salaam), it would not have seemed so difficult to fit in. Eventually, I managed to do so.

As A-levels started a month later, I met two of my very old long lost friends. (Both named Zainab). Coincidentally, they had also applied and got in the same school and class as mine. That day was a delightful one. I was so pleased to see them after all these years. Imagine how you would feel when you see someone you know, after a long gap of 10 years- where you can actually see the transformation taken place, from how cuddly and cute they used to be in grade 1 to how lady-like and beautiful they have become now. As a year passed by, both the Zainabs and I turned out to become very close friends. Or let me put it this way, we became more like “overly attached sisters”.
Apart from these two, who knew I would meet other new people too. Someone who would turn out to be so important to me in a matter of few days. A series of events followed. What came about now was that both the Zainabs along with some of their friends were planning to go to Selous (a place in south Tanzania) during Eid. So they had also asked me if I was interested to join in for the trip and more to my surprise I decided to tag along with them. However, it weren’t just us girls, but a group of 4 boys too who already were friends with both the Zainabs. Abbas, Juzer, Qusai and Mustafa were initially strangers to me but with time turned out be excellent company and long-lasting friends. I was pretty much comfortable with the girls. But I wasn’t so sure about the boys. However, being considerate enough, they tried making me comfortable in every way they could. As they might have realized how awkward it was for me to come up from nowhere and suddenly end up in Selous with them.

Well, as it was, all 7 of us packed our bags with excitement and thrill to board on an adventurous trip which was of 2 nights and 3 day of camping, enjoying ourselves, making memories and most importantly taking selfies on the very day of Eid, the 17th of July                                                                                                                                                                             IMG-20150719-WA0002

Day 1: The journey started off slow and lazy and the roads seemed never-ending but the music conquering our moods and a slight hum from here and there made the journey worthwhile. It was dark enough when we reached and the jungle looked silent and spooky from all sides. But as we were tired from the long ride, everyone hurried off to get fresh and grab food. Dinner that night was sururu and hajam along with soft drinks of course. (Sururu is a barbecue dish where small pieces of meat are aligned on a barbecue stick and cooked on coal. Hajam is a traditional chapatti. It is served with chili and tomato sauce). Though not so luxurious, but the food made s all satisfied after which we were off to play a few games. Everything seemed nice and serene and I had forgotten for a while that I was away from home and was actually amidst a jungle with my friends beside me. Each moment felt so lively. We played, chitchatted, giggled and made the most out of it.

Day 2: the day started off beautifully as we witnessed the sunrise of Selous, who would want to miss that sight?!  Where the very first rays of the sun kisses the grasslands making it glow and the lakes to sparkle, when the sky turns golden and the clouds seem to shine. Oh what beauty it is to view the sunrise! Breakfast for the day included left overs from the previous night along with nutella sandwiches and tea.  After which we set off for the game reserve. The Selous game reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve and one of the favorite wildlife viewing areas.  The rivers and lakes of Selous are the heart of a park that hosts some interesting species of animals including elephants, wild dogs, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles and fantastic prides of lion together with over 440 known species of unique and beautiful birds.  The park is home to a very good population of Giraffes, hyenas, sables, baboons, wildebeests, zebras, impalas, and vervet monkeys.  It took us 6 hours just alone for safari but one worth our time and filled with nature of the beauty of Allah.  We came across exclusive species of animals along with their habitats.  It was as magnificent as one imagines it to be.  All 7 of us along with our guide had been enjoying the drive as thoroughly as one could do so.  We lived each moment there in Selous to its fullest and would never mind going back there again.  We were satisfied – with simply no regrets! Day 2 ended up being even more thrilling and adventurous, dinner for the night being barbecued chicken along with French fries, a rare combination it was. Later we stayed up all night playing games, star gazing, chatting and getting to know each other more.

Day 3: unfortunately this was our last day and packing up was in process, breakfast being served as Nutella sandwiches along with sausages this time.  After which we took off for Dar-es-Salaam.  This trip proved to be one good justification to why and how we have all got so close.  Although it was a short trip, these 3 days changed so much in our lives. I found true friends. We have gotten along so well, that they mean so much to me.  I am grateful to them that they have helped me fit in and enjoy being part of their small family – of closely attached friends.

So, this is how we molded a small group of ours.  Our bond is pure and treasured.  Life seems so meaningful and colorful when we have such friends.  Because, “FRIENDSHIP” is itself a rainbow between hearts sharing 7 colors: love, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secret, and respect.  All 7 of us stick together no matter what. We stand by for one another.  Our journey is endless. Our paths are one. We are together, all as ONE.

Abbas Gohar 20150722_222745

Alefiyah Rao.

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Enlightening Souls

There are very few people in this world who are still remembered because of their purity and positive traits. We read and recall, commemorate and commend the names of exceptional people whose tireless and selfless effort brought comfort and peace and illuminated the lives of the suffering humanity. They die but their death makes them immortal because they remain alive in our hearts. They die but their doings smell sweet and blossom in their dust.

Screenshot (97)

It was like life came to a halt after my nana’s death on 16th Rabi-ul-Awal. After I returned to Karachi, for months I have been avoiding anything that reminded me of him. Especially the dreadful fact of arriving at nani’s exactly 5-8 minutes late after his death. However, maybe because of the positive vibes of Maula’s dua mubarak that bestowed him after the araz, the date of death & the fortunate events that took place for him even after his demise & summing up this avoidance is the reason I plucked up courage to finally gather my thoughts and unzip the bag I had filled of his things which I carefully carried along while returning. It was like opening a beloved treasure of his shabby diaries, old dull filmed photographs, his personal stuff, one of his shirts & an Olive-Green sweater that hangs in the corner of my wardrobe now. Oh such a charming handsome gentleman he looked in it! Indeed, our family lost a pure gem.


He saved all the cards I bought/made for him.

I knew about his diaries which he had told me about. But it holds much more meaning to it now, as he is no longer here.  It was like he had left his entire life for me to ruminate on. It is now I understand the quote, “when you keep a diary, the diary keeps you”. Flipping some sepia toned pages of one of his Maroon leathered diaries, I am so moved & inspired of his thirst for knowledge & his occasional habit of writing & jotting down meaningful stuff. He wrote great English but Urdu-the qaumi zabaan was his favorite! There is a heading with ‘Enlightening Souls’ on the front page and below is food for thought which I would love to share (some of it):


*Asal khushi dolat se nahi khareedi ja sakti. Kabhi ye mat socho keh dolat tum par muskurahaton kee baarish keregi. Khush rehne ke liye bare bare waqeyaat ka intezaar mat kero. Khushi choti choti baatein aur ittefaaq se janam leti hain.


-Thakay huway insaan ke liye aaram

-musibat zada logon ke liye roshni kee kiran

-be dil aur mayoos ke liye behtereen tohfa

“Mathematics with Words”

*naseehat + burhapa= buzurg

*degree + achi nokri= shadi kee umeed? LOL

*aadmi + akhlaaq=insaan

*ashraf-ul-makhlooqaat – aqal= animal.


Aek bachay ne apni ami se kaha, abu kitne boorhe hogaye hain bilkul dada kee tarha. Aur aap tou itni khoobsurat hain. Ami ne khush ho ker bache ko 10 ka note diya aur kaha, “jao ice-cream khaa lo.” Bache ne muhn banate huway kaha, “lekin abu ne tou 20 diye the! ;( “…..


“KIRAN KIRAN ROSHNI” (There are a load of them. Just sharing a few)

*Raat ke baad din zaroor tulu hota hai, aur jo raat sabar se guzari jai, uski subah bohaut haseen hoti hai.

*Itna uncha mat uro keh sooraj kee garam shuain tumhe pighla dein aur tum bejaan sheh kee tarha zameen par aa giro.

*Baarish Cheete kee jild ko bhigo deti hai magar uske dhabbay nahi dhoti”

*Dunya darya hai aur aakherat kinara. Kashti taqwa hai aur log musafir.

*Ye dekho ke galati kia huwi. Ye na dekho kis se huwi.

*Burhaape se pehle jawani aur jawani se pehle burhape kee ganimat jano.

*Bachon ke saath bache banjao aur unko zindagi guzarna sikhao.

*Sab se bari fateh apne nafs ko qabu kerna hai.

* Pahaar se girh ker utha ja sakta hai magar nazron se nahi.

*Kisi ka dil mat dukhao kyun ki, usmai khuda rehta hai.

*Agar kisi ke dil mai jaga banana chahte ho tou uski izzat kero.

*Bure logon ke saath bethne se behtar tanhai hai.

*Ilm aesa baadal hai jisse rehmat barasti hai.

*Agar bara banne ki khuahish rakhte ho tou pehle chota banne kee koshish kero.

*Jo tumhare saamne doosron ki burai kerta hai who doosron ke saamne tumhari burai kerega.

*Baarish kee tarha raho jo phoolon par hee nahi, kaaton par bhi barasti hai.

*Insaan ka Insaan banjana uski jeet hai.

*Pehli naakami se na ghabrao. Yahi tumhari urooj kee pehli seerhi hoti hai.

*Dunya mai woh shaksh kamyaab hote hai jo apni galtiyon ko na dohrai.


-daulat se ho tou maraz ban jati hai,

– Khuda se ho ton bandagi ban jati hai,

-ustaad se ho tou roshni ban jati hai,

-waaldein se ho tou ibadat ban jati hai,

– inke ilawa insaan se ho tou zindagi ban jati hai.


(I’m writting down some interesting riddles he has jotted down, lets see if you guys can come up with the answers)

* Bigray baal, aur kamar par patti hogi, kisi kone mai leti hogi.

*sab sakhyon(friends) ka dekha khel, kamar pakar ker diya dakhel.

*Chao se ussay galay lagaya, lekin usne tou gala dabaya.

*Ek abba ke so betay. Gol matol ek hee jesay. Chalay bhi sab ek hee sath, sab ke pait mai ek suraakh.

*Janaab-e-aali, sar par jali, enteries bari magar pait khali.

*Mun khula tou bigri huwi shakal banai, magar shukr kia woh jab bhi aayee.

This is it for now. Hence,

Never has a day passed when he hasn’t crossed my mind. But I’m pleased by the fact that I have a load of his photos of almost every moment & that I spent a satisfactory amount of time with him-but not satisfactory enough.

It is true, people leave a void– every space irreplaceable–but the motions of life continue. We can only repay them by learning from their traits & practicing them. Therefore, enlightening our soul as well as the souls around us.

Sarrah M.Mustafa Malirwala.

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The pressure cooker!

6740_pressure-cookerRemember the movie ‘3 idiots’; the part where Rancho (Aamir Khan) says to his Principal that; “the place where we study is a university, not a pressure cooker”? Well, to be honest, even if it’s not the institutes that put that pressure, the mind always does.

We humans are always fighting; fighting for money, fighting for power, fighting for a rank and fighting to make a place- to make a name in this world. So basically, life is a pressure cooker.

In every part of life, may it be our childhood- adolescence-old age, we encounter difficult situations. At that very moment, it seems like that is the most crucial time of our life, with or without that thing, makes our future.

In childhood, I guess we all have done a lot of troubles and hidden from our parents for doing it. My favorite action used to be emptying toothpastes. I used to relish doing it and I never wanted to get caught (like obviously). I used to act all innocent in front of my mom, and getting a bad lecture from my mom would be like life and death situation to me; taking saliva down my throat would be even so painful to me. Now that I think of it, I laugh over it.

Today, I fear examinations, I fear losing my dream, the dream that I see in all my loved ones’ eyes; I fear of breaking them. I think all the time, what if I don’t do good enough, what if this, what if that and these questions drive me crazy eventually. It’s said that, “ من ذن بك خيرا فصدق ذنه – man zanna bika khairan fa saddiq zannahu” (when someone has good expectations from you, you should make them come true). As I thought of this saying, I went back past to last year when I was about to give the second year of the O levels Examinations.

Before the exams had to begin, the school principal told us a small story of a deaf frog (I hope I remember it right). I don’t remember his exact words, but the plot of the story was that; there was a race held among frogs, at the end of the race they had to climb a hill. Many frogs took part in that race and among all the kinds of frogs, one was deaf. Well then, the race begun and all the frogs bing-boinged and jumped along the race-track. There were a lot of cheers and a lot shouting from the crowd while the participants were climbing the hill. Soon, the race came to an end. Do you know who the winner was, it was the deaf frog. The principal – Janab Ash-Shaikh Ammar Bhai – one of the persons who had a lot of expectations from us, gave each of us a lesson. He told us that in all our times when we want to achieve something big, there are going to be people criticizing us for what we do; never listen to them, listen to your heart, to your Allah who created you, He is your right guide. The only reason the deaf frog won the race was, he couldn’t listen to what people said, he didn’t hear the criticizing comments passed by them- the only reason he won was – he was ambitious. He was dedicated to his goal and he earned it. It was a lesson for me to learn and remember whenever I would be fighting with the pressure cooker.

So then, I learnt this that; no matter how much and how loud we whine, life is always going to be a pressure cooker, be the stubborn potato and never let it boil you!

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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After school got over, I always felt that you can’t let go of those people you knew for your entire life. Well, it’s true, you can never let go of those people, but you ought to meet new people in life and get along with them, that’s how life is.

Coming to Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, I came into an entirely different environment. At school, I met people from my own community but now I got to know people from other communities as well. At first I didn’t know how to respond, there was no hesitancy in means of shyness of anything, but I felt unsure about what I should say; not knowing what they would think about me. With time, I got close to them; and, they to me. I gradually learned that the thin line that I had made between me and them, had slowly vanished into the air, and in no time we had become a crazy bunch of people.

I would never compare my friends, from those who were in school and now in college, but, I know I’m very fortunate in finding good friends here too. So, I call this group of nine crazy people (which includes me) as Navratan.

‘Navratan’ was a term applied to a group of nine extraordinary people in an emperor’s court in India. Some well-known groups are in the Raaj Sabha (court) of King Janaka, Emperor Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II) and in Emperor Akbar’s “Darbar”.(Source: Wikipedia)

The literal meaning of Navratan is nine gems. All of them are gems to me. Coming from an O levels background there were a lot of tussles and wrestles with studies, because the way of learning was very distinctive in means of wrote-learning and ‘rattafying’ (learn something by heart by continuously repeating it). However, I dealt with this dilemma with a little spirit inside me and a lot of encouragement from them.

These are my gems;

First of all:



Aquamarine; this is the stone to help you be in touch with your spiritual being. This stone is used in deep meditations. It has been called ‘Water of the Sea’. My seat-mate Zahra is like an Aquamarine. She always leaves me with a sense of spirituality. Her sense of humor leaves me awestricken and for her all-time good words we call her our senior citizen. I believe her novel-reading habit has made her a detective, knowing what ever is in our hearts. 😀

download (1)

Blue Opal.


The Blue Opal; Opals contain water, which makes them very sensitive to heat. They are soft and can be cracked or chipped easily. Opals should be stored in moist absorbent cotton. And, so should my soft-hearted Atyaba. She’s a strong one on the outside, but emotional and sentimental on the inside. Whatever we say, she stays the same but we can read it from her expressions when something is wrong. A true hard-worker she is, never letting anything make her hopes down. 😉

Then, comes;



Spinel; the name “spinel” is derived from the Greek word for spark, in reference to the fiery red color of spinels often used for gems. Hareem is just like a Spinel, she gives hope when I’ve lost it all; gets me out of that emotional trauma by acting like she is facing the same situation! She’s the stylish one in us. 😀

Then is;



Alexandrite; Alexandrite is a very rare stone. It was named after Alexander II of Russia as it was found on his Coming of Age Day. My friend Famiya is very much like an Alexandrite; a very rare person. At first, we used to call her ‘Famiya Bacche (child)’, now that I see her true form I realize she has changed colors like an Alexandrite, at last coming out of her shy-shell.

This brings me to;



Diamond; it is the hardest gemstone and one of the most valued. The diamond in our treasure box is Rabail. She is our very own ‘WOODERA’ (land-lord). The fact that we call her by this name is, she is very rough and tough- totally a tomboy by behavior. 😀 But, let me tell you, her intentions are very innocent. No matter how hard hearted she might look to you, if you know her truly you’ll know you are in a great company.

And, then;



Ruby; the ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe. I find Aamna the most mature one in our group. She has a good control over herself, unlike all others (this is no means of insulting anyone else). To have her, brings contentment and peace. It’s always good to take out the tension of the pressure of studies and she has always been there for that.

Next up is;



Sapphire; Sapphire is a Stone of Wisdom, a royal stone of learning, mental acuity and psychic activation, a seeker after spiritual truth. Najia is very similar to a Sapphire. She has a God-gift, that she is truly a genius. She is a very diligent student and a wise one. Having her around, always gives me motivation to study more and more.




Topaz; Topaz is one of the twelve breastplate stones of the High Priest referred to in the Book of Exodus. Thinking of Topaz, made me think of Wajiha. She is a very good friend to me and her silly jokes literally make us laugh our hearts out. At times, she underestimates her own potential but knowing her for almost a year I believe that she will face all the problems and tackle them being a strong Topaz.




Pearl; the pearl is the oldest known gem, and for many centuries it was considered the most valuable. Unlike all gems, the pearl is organic matter derived from a living creature – oysters and mollusks. I am their Pearl; every day, as I go to college and move to the crowd standing near the main gate, I see them smiling at me. Just like they are special to me, their smiles bringing me utter happiness, telling me, I am too.

Together, we give hope to one another, strengthen one another’s hopes and share it among us all. We help each other and take out new tactics and schemes to deal with studies and all other things that jump out of nowhere at us from time to time.

So likely,

Friends are true gems.

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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Life goes on…


Sometimes, I sit down and think, of all that has happened in my life. At one place I was a shy person, who would be forced to talk, and, at another I was quite the opposite.

As time passed, I blend myself in the colors of life, acquiring something new each time for a different situation. Each day brought a new role for me in life. One day I was a mere student in my school and the next day the head girl of the entire school. I don’t think so that I played each role with perfection because I’m a very lazy person. Those who don’t know me personally often don’t believe that I could be a lazy person, maybe because at times I am able to save the day at the eleventh hour (lucky!).

Life went on as the sun went down each day, throwing random things at me all the time. I fought for catching on everything but I simply used to end frustrated and drop the simple catches being Umar Akmal.

I always used to think that life should be called a problem. It gives nothing to you. But, growing up gave me one thing, it made me understand that life is a chance given by Allah; you ought to remember His message.

Being a child I thought of being a hero, saving people and doing what-not, but being a teenager my views changed completely. I don’t know who should be put to question for that, maybe I should be, because I had my every right to do anything. I’m proud of some things I did, and even saddened at my foolishness when I messed up everything.

Will I ever learn to be a mature person? (Haha that is an essay in itself) What I simply do, is wake up every morning, do something good, and put my head to rest; that is good enough, isn’t it? Well, to be true it’s not even near good.

Few months ago, I read a letter in my Easy Urdu class with my teacher. It was a letter from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to his students, which means this happened way before independence. Coming down to the point, every word of that letter touched my heart. His words taught me how we never realize the importance of time. We think it will always be the same way; the sun will go up every morning, the stars will be lit up every night, the clock will tick every second and we will enjoy ourselves every might. Everything might go on the same, but we miss out on the part, that we won’t. He said that, ‘my life should be a notice board to you all, “Beware! Don’t go this way.”’ He meant that he had not given the time to study and learn that he should have, but, we should. Of course a well-educated person like him couldn’t be like this, he being so humble, explained it all so well.

We don’t value the words of our own people, but most of the times, it is them who inspire and motivate us. If there’s one major thing his letter taught me, it was;

Life goes on…

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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The incident that silenced the nation.

I don’t think there might be anyone who must not have heard about what happened day before yesterday. When I heard the news, for a second, I felt feeling-less, do you know why, it’s because these constant bomb blasts and open-air firings have made my heart so hard, that, for a second I did not think of them. I didn’t think what must have happened.

When I write here, I never lie, I tell what I feel. I say exactly what my heart holds inside. The breaking news was clear, over 84 students had been shot and killed, and a few teachers too. The news seemed like an everyday routine thing. Just then, there came pictures, not a few, a flood of them came one after another. One showing, a parent taking his young son to school and the other showed that child, lying on the ground, with his eyes closed, and blood all over him. His father who had dropped him to school that morning was holding his son in his arms and crying because he didn’t know he had brought him that day for this reason.

The nation lost its flowers; the flowers that once bloomed in the garden, were plucked out and burnt to ashes. That moment, I heard a bell ringing, it rung so loud, that I went to my room, closed the door and sat on my bed in silence. I closed my eyes and I could see, I could see these cruel people going to each class and firing each child in the head, I could see them taking out children that were hiding underneath the desks and shot each one of them.

The hard-heartedness had vanished, tears rolled down as I thought of that incident. Those young children who survived this heinous massacre lost their childhood. They’ve lost their innocence; God knows what they must have seen and what situation they must be in. You know, I’m not a ruthless, cruel person, but, these incidents are unbearable for me, I see my people dying every day and there’s nothing I could do about it. So, I created a wall, but when I saw these young ones my heart couldn’t hold it anymore, it was just too much.

What must have been going on those parents whose children were taken away from them forever? They must have lost themselves when they would have known that their meaning of life was gone. For those who earn, so that their child gets good education and one day he’d shine like a star and have a better life then they did, their dreams went in vain, their dreams, were crushed by these people.

These people who came to each classroom and said, “Allah-o-Akbar”, do you call them Muslims? Do you call these people Muslims who took lives of guiltless children? Don’t they know that Prophet Mohammad PBUH loved children? Oh and besides that, Prophet Mohammad PBUH never fought unless it was needed, he would not even hurt those who hurt him the most. So, do we call these people Muslims? These people; do this in the name of Muslims so that they can make a bad name of true Muslims. They are nothing but beasts, yes beasts, I’m sure you remember what happened in Karbala, when Imam Husain A.S took his 6 months old son out, so that maybe one of the enemies might have mercy on the child and would give at least a drop of water, the enemy didn’t give water, in fact, the young soldier was martyred by an arrow.  The ones who did this hideous act, were like the enemies of Imam Husain A.S, they were so-called Muslims.

Every dark night is followed by a bright day, and this cycle goes on, I being a Pakistani openly condemn of this terrorist attack and solemnly feel that we all must bring a change. We must not let them fear us, we have each other, and together we can reach the sky. This incident has silenced the nation, but, we can overcome this. We can overcome all of that we lost and start from a fresh page. We must stand together so that people like them can’t harm us again. A small brick can be drifted along, but together, we will make a wall, we will build ourselves up so that whatever they do does not affect us.

Because, ‘united we stand and divided we fall’.

A patriotic Pakistani,

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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You must be thinking that I am going to write something on the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Well, you can say so… I am actually going to write something like that movie, but not exactly the same story where you see a child’s life changed. A story of a boy who was nil but had a will, wanted to win, SO WHAT WAS HIS SIN ?

There was a boy who struggled in all subjects and wasn’t able to easily pass his exams. He found all subjects difficult, and was belittled by his teachers and classmates. Slowly and gradually he was losing hope, his effort towards studies was decreasing day by day, month by month, or you may say teacher to teacher. His parents thought he was studying well but in school he wasn’t, his mind would stay in other things, always wanting to be out of the class, his homework would be incomplete on daily basis. Whenever his result came, he used to be shocked because for him it was the most he could study. From grade I-V, no class teacher understood him, in fact, just criticized him and made him lose his hope for achieving better grades.

He was always running away from books, and always unwilling to go to school, but he was good at something, which a teacher knew, who was there for him for 3 years since class 6; that boy’s situation totally changed when that teacher became his class teacher and English teacher in class 6. He didn’t know but he was changing his perspective towards studies. The teacher had an amazing teaching style and she was different than other teachers, that teacher quickly observed that, that boy was happy but wasn’t contributing to class activities or discussions.

Concerned and worried the teacher called upon the boy’s parents and older brother, and made them believe that this boy didn’t show any sign of low intelligence, because he was good at other things but not studies. The teacher made him study well, that boy was good at English (the subject which was taught by that teacher) but wasn’t good at other teacher’s subjects which made his result low graded, he did know the teacher was a blessing for his class and for him.

Later that boy came first in a couple of things, but as always not good at studies.

When he was in class 10, it was his last day of school; many teachers were there in the class to say a final good bye to that boy’s class and him. A teacher psychiatrically said to another teacher “sir, there are some students in class 9, who want to stay in class 9”, (he meant that there are students for whom they do not hope to pass the exam creating a way to degrade students). Another teacher replied “not only class 9, there are students in this class too”. Everyone was just laughing because it was a general talk, no one was pointed out, but there was another teacher who replied “sir, it is good for us, because it would be easy for us to take pictures in school”. That day, that boy had promised himself that he would bring a good result and show it to that teacher who believed in him and those who had taunted. And yes it did happen, that boy didn’t score something big, but it was something good for him than the results of previous classes. The moment when the teacher didn’t give a good impression taunting to a student who may have prayed for her, and yes he did pray, just for the students who were there after him in school, so that they don’t face these kind of difficulties.
That boy was the one who had won first prize in School Photography Competition and was the one who used to cover all the events of school.

Yes, you may have got a hint about who is this story about…
The teacher who changed the boy’s life wasn’t Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the teacher was Maryam Bhen Sadriwala. Who is missed by the students till now, and those who haven’t studied under her, wish they would have done so.


And, you may also be thinking that the boy who was changed by the teacher would be Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi, in this story that boy was ME, Myself.


“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”, what does it mean actually, does it mean that the student are in a form of star on land, On Earth ?
YES ! We are one of the bright stars which live on EARTH, who are not just floating in the sky. Just shining just for a reason, just to give The MOON a company. The Moon is a teacher, who gives blessings to the bright star, you may also believe the Moon gives light to them. The biggest achievement for a star is to become a shooting star, move from one place to somewhere higher. On Earth, shooting stars are made by teachers like :

Maryam Bhen Sadriwala, THANKS to you, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
Now I pray, which I prayed from my childhood, in the assembly of school. No prayer is prayed without this prayer.
In the end we should all pray that may Allah grant Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa, who is our ultimate teacher, who lights our ways and gives guidance to us, a long, healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Judgment. Ameen.


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Many students think that being a good student means just showing up for classes, taking a few notes, reading the textbooks and studying right before the exams. But, that’s not all…

I had my midterm examinations a week ago. Today, was the day script-checking was to be done in class. Overall, the exam didn’t turn out so well. My chemistry teacher knew how frustrated we were during the exams. He could see the amount of disappointment on our faces. So, as per his habit, he decided to motivate us through a slide show. The slide show consisted of messages which were to reach each student to his/her core. He started with “WAY TO ACADEMIC SUCCESS”.

He explained to us how the geography students would rather ask, what is the ROAD-MAP to success? The mathematics students would ask, what is the FORMULA to success? The chemistry students would ask, what are the REACTANTS and PRODUCTS of success? The nutritionists would ask, what are the INGREDIENTS for success? These questions are just questions. Have you ever thought over the answers to these questions?

Well, the answer is simple. Keep on trying again and again. If you don’t succeed this time, that doesn’t mean you will never ever succeed in life. It’s just that you were not perfect in the way you did it last time. Scoring less marks in an exam doesn’t mean you are wasting your time studying for no reason, it means now you have a reason to start again fresh. Failing to succeed in one exam doesn’t mean you give up and let go. It actually means that it will take a little longer for you to get there. Believe, there is always a way. Due to disappointment, sometimes you think God has abandoned you. But, it means God has a better idea in waiting. You need to have an optimistic mind in this situation at all times.

Sometimes you think all sorts of study curses have come over you. You cannot succeed further. You seem to be loser in your own eyes. Thinking of yourself being an academic dwarf. But this is actually the time to seek and stand on the shoulders of academic giants. You need to figure out what the wrong things were, which robbed you on your way to academic success. Take your time and ponder really hard. Think of what you have done. Meditate! Decide what you want to do.

Academic success depends on your attitude! You need to contrast yourself with the focused high achievers. Your motivation meter should always be HIGH. Class participation counts. Seek help from peers and teachers. You should understand the importance of TEAMWORK. Because academic success is a ladder, where you climb step by step. Each step taking you higher and higher. It is said, “You can’t climb stairs and chew gum at the same time”. It is wise to climb stairs first, as it requires more hard work. Once you reach the top, sit and chew gum, looking back towards all your achievements. Similarly, leave all distractions aside to help maintain a clear focus. Once you reach your goal, sit, relax and enjoy to your heart’s content. Learning strategy also counts! Sometimes you can’t attain success with the same old, failed strategies. So, change your way of learning. That might prove helpful. If you are waiting for the right time, it is NOW.

Success is the aim behind each time you try. Always believe, the largest room in the world is the room of improvement. So, work hard! Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep taking the next step towards competing it. The most important thing is being passionate about what you are doing and always give it your best shot! Because, you never know how close you are to your goal. Believe, if you can dream it, you can do it. JUST GO FOR IT!


Alefiyah Rao.

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Forever Friendship…

School life is the best part of life. There was a time, when I used to meet my friends everyday at school. We used to spend so much time together. We had promised each other that our friendship will always be cherished.

Today, although we are physically distant from one another; all of us busy with our own daily schedules, but we still take out time for each other. Just a short chat sometimes proves to be a delightful way of promising a good day ahead.

As I speak of myself, at the moment I am living in Dares salaam, Tanzania along with my family. I shifted here a few months ago. Leaving my friends behind in Karachi was as difficult as it could be. The only reason because of which I feel incomplete, is, THEM. Those friends of mine are more precious to me than diamonds and gold. In fact, it is their friendship which I promise to treasure throughout my life.

A few days ago, I was sitting idle at home, and so, scrolled down the photo gallery in my mobile phone, during which, I came across a few memorable pictures of me and my friends. I was so ecstatic as I gazed over those photographs which brought back screens of memories, laughs, cheers, joys, hugs, wishes, excitement and smiles. I could see each one’s eyes shimmering out of contentment and happiness. Those days were special. Those FRIENDS are SPECIAL. They are the ones who complete me; each one having something unique in their own way. I really miss them.

Sometimes in life, you come across special people; people who change your life just by being part of it, people who make you laugh until you can’t stop laughing, people who make you believe that there really is good in the world, people who convince you to look at the brighter side, people who boost up your courage. And, most importantly, they are the people who make you believe that they will always be there for you, no matter what. Your bond with such people is what FOREVER FRIENDSHIP is.

If you are fortunate enough, like me, to find such valuable friends in life, they will definitely make you feel happy and complete. So, believe that you have a FOREVER FRIEND. As, FOREVER has NO END.


Alefiyah Rao.

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Victory is not an ice-cream you can buy, it’s a goal you have to achieve.



The March that began in August has continued to September also. The literal meaning of March in August is that the long march held in August. While, on the contrary it also means to bring two great months’ histories together. On 23rd March 1940, Pakistan (Lahore) resolution was passed. In that resolution, the Muslims of the sub-continent demanded a separate homeland for themselves and then after 7 years from then on 14th August 1947, the Muslims got a nation for themselves, Pakistan.

Over the years, in 67 years after independence, Pakistan has gone through many crucial situations. But, even then it has had enough strength to go ahead; the strength that came from the people of Pakistan, the strength of patience and determination. Then, a time comes when one can’t hold it anymore he needs to get that insecurity out of his mind, he demands for peace and justice. In those times when one wants a true leader, they fortunately get one but, it’s not easy. It’s not easy to change that old corrupted system in just minutes or hours. It takes time to change.

Imran Khan is an ideal leader. He says that I’m not against any particular person for own purposes. I want that our people should get what they deserve. Let there be fair elections and then, if you win you can have that seat. But, if you don’t you can be a member of the Parliament. However, the mean politicians disagree for their own good. They think, that Pakistan is for them and if they rule they have the right to do whatsoever they want.

The participants of the long march should be appreciated. They’ve stayed there day and night protesting against the unlawful set of demands set by the government. They fight for justice and peace and that is every person’s right in the country.

Majority of the Pakistanis want a change. They want a change that makes them feel secure. They want the country to prosper. All we demand is re-election that would be done under strict examination. And then, we all know we will be satisfied with the result of that. As these political happenings have changed the whole situation of Pakistan, a thought came across my mind, ‘Victory is not an ice-cream you can buy, it is a goal you have to achieve.’ Victory comes from rage, determination and hard work. Bringing these elements together one can achieve his goal of ‘VICTORY’.

For all those who stand firm in their faith for having a bright future for Pakistan.

For all the dedicated Pakistanis!


Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Has it ever happened to you that you forget to wish your best friend on his/her birthday? No, it wouldn’t have, I believe. Such a mean friend I am that I can’t even wish my best friend happy birthday on time and I realize this is the second time I have done the same thing.

I know I am the meanest friend and I don’t even deserve to be forgiven after doing the same thing again but I still would apologize to you. You would give a change to at least apologize, right?

Friends are people who play a major role in our lives. They tease you, play with you, they are there for you in your pleasurable moments and even those times when you don’t have the courage to go to your elders and tell them that I’m stuck in a problem. For me, you are that friend; a friend who is always there for me, a friend who inspires me and motivates me, a friend that tells me ‘I can do it’, and, a friend who I can count on at any time.

I know it seems absurd that you forget that friend’s birthday who means a lot to you, but, I want you (my friend) to know that I have never forgotten you and never will. I’m really sorry and you surely deserve a better friend who can at least remember your birthday. Again, I apologize because I don’t want to lose a wonderful friend like you for a foolish act I did.

Do you know I’m jealous of you? Yes, I am, because, for me you’re perfect. You never make mistakes. You have the easiest and quickest solution for my complicated problems. You’re not lazy like me. You have always got everything organized. You’re the first one to wish me on my birthday and the imperfect, immature me is the last one to wish you.

It’s not that you don’t mean anything to me and I didn’t wish you, it’s my mere foolishness and I am so embarrassed that I couldn’t even do this much.

Happy Birthday! May you always stay happy and stay blessed under the Saya Mubarak of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Maula TUS.

Your very foolish but grateful friend,

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

Dated: 3rd September 2014.

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Al Wada! Al Wada! Ae Pyare Mehman Al Wada!

Al Wada! Al Wada! Ae Pyare Mehman, Alwada!

Hamare Aqa, Hamare Maula,

Hamare Haq Mai Duae Karna,

Waha Pe Ja Kar Na Bhool Jana,

Al Wada! Al Wada! Ae Pyare Mehman Al Wada!

Last Monday night, ecstasy had filled the air with the news of Aali Qadar Maula TUS’s arrival. This Monday night, each being was saddened with the words that Maula TUS will be bidding farewell and leaving for Mumbai.

In just one week, Mufaddal Maula TUS granted us mumineen with plenty of barakaat. Mumineen of Karachi, and from different cities in Pakistan were blessed with Deedar Sharaf, almost all the mumineen got Qadambosi Sharaf too, some even twice and thrice. Many people got the chance to give zyafat to Huzur-e-Aala TUS and have Qadam in their homes. Mumineen were designated with title of ‘mafsuhiyat’ and ‘hadiyat’. We got what we hadn’t imagined to get in our lives. It was truly a miracle!

As the week came to an end, in the last Magrib Isha namaz, mumineen gathered at Yusufi Masjid. After namaz, Maula TUS addressed us. Maula TUS reminded us of where we belong and what we must do; how one should live among every one and treat them. Maula TUS emphasized on forgiving and forgetting the times someone might have hurt us. As Maulana Ali A.S states:

Maulana Ali A.S Kalaam.

Maulana Ali A.S Kalaam.

And, also to ask for forgiveness to people who we may have hurt. This is because we are humans, and, deliberately or accidentally we hurt others. So, this is my apology to all those people I have hurt with my words or acts. I hope you would forgive me.

Maula TUS told us to stay together and take care of each other. And then He TUS asked us; ‘tame karso na mumineen?’ There were loud cries of ‘Maula Maula’ all around me. Thousands of mumineen were there, in the Masjid, in Sehen, in the parking lot and in the Jamaat Khana.

In the end Maula TUS quoted Burhanuddin Maula R.A’s words when he would bid farewell to mumineen. I felt as if it was Burhanuddin Maula R.A who was speaking at that moment, because, after Maula R.A’s wafaat, when we heard the Wada Bayan of Burhanuddin Maula R.A, the last time Maula R.A had Qadam in Karachi, it was in the same way. Only the difference was when Mufaddal Maula TUS stated ‘Yaha si Mumbai jaes, Roudat Tahera ma Syedna Taher Saifuddin ni zyarat ane Bawaji Saheb ni zyarat karis , tamara sagla ni taraf si bhi zyarat karis’. At each aspect in our life we remember Burhanuddin Maula R.A, we never forgot and will never forget our Maula R.A who took care of us, listened to our problems and was always there for us.

At last, after Maula TUS bestowed with words of wisdom, and recited the Salaam of Wada. Proceeding outside towards Sehen (I was sitting there), I saw sadness in Maula TUS’s eyes, that ‘Aik Nazar’ told everything. Looking at each mumin, Maula TUS cleansed each soul with just a glimpse. That moment cannot be put to words.

During this whole time I prayed that, may He TUS bestow this land with barakaat again and again, and may we always stay under his Saya Mubarak of protection and care. Ameen.

May Allah, grant us Taufeeq to work and act according to Maula TUS’s expectations at all times, in all aspects of life. May Allah take us to Roudat-Tahera soon so that we do zyarat of Syedna Taher Saifuddin R.A and Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin R.A. Ameen.
May Allah, grant our Maula our Saya, a long, healthy and prosperous life till the end of time. Ameen.

Amate Syedna Maulanal Mannan TUS,

Ruqaiya M Mustafa Lokhand Wala.

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Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che.

Each Dai-Zamaan is like the radiant Sun that lights the ways for everyone. HE is therefore way above the level of perfection that one cannot understand; that angel who is always there for you whenever you need him. Mufaddal Maula always states, ‘Burhanuddin Maula tu Burhanuddin Maula Che’, keeping that tasawwur, we all say that, ‘Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che’.

The mumineen of Karachi are drenched in blessings. Our day begins with Maula TUS’s Deedar Mubarak and ends with the same Roohani Manzar that we all once saw while doing Burhanuddin Maula’s Deedar Mubarak. Burhanuddin Maula’s Dua and Nazaraat are conveyed through Mufaddal Maula. We look at Maula TUS and we feel ‘sukun’ (peace of mind), because we believe ‘MAN LAHUL MAULA FALAHUL KUL’. There may be thousands of problems going around us and nagging us but as we have Maula TUS we know there’s nothing to worry about. What does one need when he has Maula TUS? He is the richest person with this gift of ‘HUB’ (love for Maula). We all hear the zikr of ‘Zyaad inil Aswad’ and it is stated in one of the Madehs:


Each day we do Deedar, we pray Namaz, recite Dua after Maula, it feels like heaven. Whenever I hear Maula TUS reciting Dua, my mind thinks, ‘no, this can’t be true, the voice that I’m hearing is audio relay from Mumbai’, but, the presence of Maula TUS in Masjid gives a different feeling that I’m unable to express in words. I feel joy and contentment each time I think of Maula TUS praying for us in the Masjid.

It is Mufaddal Maula TUS’s ehsaan that Maula TUS has arrived to our land and fills the land with thousands and thousands of barakaat. Maula TUS has a particular schedule here right now in Shehrullah. For Fajr prayers, Maula TUS arrives at Adam Masjid (it has been the same venue up till now), granting mumineen with Deedar Sharaf and infinite Dua. After the prayers, Maula TUS proceeds towards Burhani Mahal, where every day farzando (children) from different madaris come for Maula TUS’s Deedar. There is a different program set for everyday. The first day there was wajibaat bethak in Yusufi Masjid, the second day there was Qadambosi Bethak for muminaat, the third day another wajibaat bethak in Husami Masjid and today there was Waaz Mubarak in Taheri Masjid. Magrib and Isha prayers are offered by mumineen after Maula TUS’s imaamat in different masajid. Mumineen go after Maula TUS where ever he bestows his presence. At that time they forget that they are fasting, they forget that the weather is quite hot, all they think of is, Maula TUS’s ‘AIK NAZAR’.

Besides these programs there are daily zyaafat by mumineen, some at Burhani Mahal and some at mumineen’s homes. In each act Maula TUS always wishes, that may, we always flourish. Maula TUS Bezaat-e-Shareef has a tough routine, but Maula TUS never speaks of it. There is always that ‘tabassum’ on Maula TUS’s ‘Chehra-e-Anwar’. That is why we say, ‘Mufaddal Maula Tu Mufaddal Maula Che’.

These days are a gift from Allah to us; it is Eid for us that we have Maula TUS in our Sheher. There is a paragraph of a madeh that fits perfectly for these days.


May Allah Ta’ala grant us Taufeeq to take as many Naemat and Barakat we can in these days while Maula TUS stays here. Ameen

May Allah Ta’ala grant Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin Maula R.A Aala Darajaat in Jannat-ul-Firdous and grant Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgement. Ameen.

May we always stay in Maula TUS’s ‘Thanda Saya Mubarak’. Ameen

Amate Syedna Maulanal-Mannan TUS,

Ruqaiya Mulla Mustafa Lokhand Wala.

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Maula Maula Ahlan Wasahla!

The winds of Karachi are tuned to this lehen ‘Maula Maula Ahlan Wasahla! Maula Maula Aik Nazar!’ Each mumin is in a rush, if one is running to get pass printed, the other one hears news that Maula TUS’s plane has landed and all the other run after that person towards Awami Markaz that is nearest to us, for doing deedar.

I went too, but I was too late as Maula TUS’s car had passed from Awami Markaz, but my mother’s words won my heart, she said that , ‘we came till here we got the sawaab for doing niyyat of deedar’.

The melodious madaeh are going on my mind, while doing anything I’m continuously humming them. I’m on auto-pilot mode while doing all the home chores, setting things for masjid and so on.

It’s like I have no words, I can state that I’m overly excited, as it was years ago when Burhanuddin Maula R.A had come to Karachi in Shehrulla-il-Moazzam ( I was quite young at that time) but I can’t express my feelings, everything is new to me, I am constantly smiling and I don’t know what is happening to me. Indeed, it is the love we mumineen have for Maula TUS that makes us simply speechless about it.

It is Mufaddal Maula TUS’s ehsaan that he is bestowing us with such naemat that we truly do not deserve. No one knows what will happen but they all are very sure it will be a lifetime experience.

It is, as if only after 10 days of Ibaadat we have EID. A day with Maula TUS’s deedar is EID only for us, what better explanation can one give to it? EID-e-haqiqi is here. May every mumin get utmost barakaat from this EID-e-haqiqi.

The daska of rehmat ends with the arrival of Mufaddal Maula in our sheher with slight drizzling. Tomorrow the daska of magfirat begins and surely all our sins will be washed away with one glimpse of Maula TUS. Ameen.

May Allah grant our Maula, our EID-e-haqiqi a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Judgment. Ameen. P.S: I’m sorry if I’m jumping through topics throughout the essay, you see I’m actually very excited!

Amate Syedna Maulanal-Mannan,

Ruqaiya Mulla Mustafa Lokhand Wala.

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As the days come to an end…

My school days are nearly over and the final board exams of CIE (O levels) begin tomorrow. Spending the entire day solving papers and reading books has flustered me and I realized I wanted to get my mind off it for some time. The best way to do was, write!

There are countless moments from MSB that I wouldn’t ever forget. It seems MSB is everything for me that I would want. To begin with it, it would be the blessing of being educated in a wonderful place like MSB , ehsaan (blessing) of Burhanuddin Maula R.A and Mufaddal Maula TUS.

I can never forget any teacher from MSB, because they all played a part in my life where I learnt. Learned to forgive and forget, to be grateful, to be humble, to cooperate and then aim for a goal as a team. Since class II there have been a number of changes in me; each year I got to know something new about myself and the people around, that helped me a lot.

Classes shuffled a number of times in school, that’s how I made friends in both the grades. A part came when the girls and boys were in two different sections; each thing that happened, proved to be beneficial for us and our learning.

That phase also passed, until we landed in our last Class, that is XI O levels. Some of our classmates had left for Al-Jamea-tus-Saifiyah during the journey, and some had left the previous year. This year was the last one for us, for the 15 of us…

In this last year even we learnt and … it was time for OUR farewell. On 24th of April 2014 we (the 15 of us) bid farewell to school. As a token of gratitude we gave a small gift to madrasa which is nothing comparable to what WE got from madrasa. We cried as our lives were about to change a lot, and, for the last time enjoyed that ‘school day’.

As a farewell comment I would like to say something to each one of them..

First: Alefiyah, I call her Alif in short. Funny and sweet, she has helped me with a lot of things throughout this time and her consoling words bring peace to my heart. The fact that she trusts me brings me utter joy! As she leaves for Dares Salam right after examinations I’m pretty mad at her about it but I guess some things have to be that way, we still have time until then … Will miss you and never forget you Aliffff!! Just stay in touch!

Secondly: Hamza, I call him simply by his name because it’s short enough… 😛 Sarcastic and kind at heart, doesn’t show his problems in his behavior. Patient and calm, deals with dilemmas on his own and is always there for his friends. Eases the situations by being modest!

Then: Hasan, our sportsman. A great athlete and cricketer! At first he stayed away from people he didn’t want to talk but as time passed we knew he wasn’t such a bad friend. In fact, he was and is a great friend!He is a cricket fan most importantly Shahid Bhai’s fan! He is someone who is particular about his priorities and his goals are always set. He gets what he aims for because of his hard work! And, a math freak he is!

And then: Husain, jolly and loyal to everyone. Truthful about his opinions and extremely good at planning and managing things! His good words always make me smile because he says what he feels, and the best thing is, he never hurts with what he says to anyone! Recently, he got an article published in Student’s Digest and that took ME over the moon. I felt proud of having a friend like him.

After him: Hatim, for most of the year he was in UAE as he has shifted to Dubai but he came a few months back to give exams along with us. As he came back, he brought chocolates for each one of us! It wasn’t a small one, it was this big bar of chocolate, which thrilled me! Generous and a cool buddy! Quite sophisticated and is always dressed best! But, even then he never differentiates from other people. A very down to Earth person!

Followed by: Ibrahim, who is renowned in our class for bringing new funny phrases that each one uses all the time! He was made Head Boy for the academic year 2013-2014. All this time, he was particular about his duties and responsibly dealt with everything. A cheery and moody friends he is. I know that’s exactly opposite, but that’s exactly how he is. He takes things seriously and if you ask him to do something he never says no.

And then comes Juzer: Juzzzuuuu! A sweet natured gentleman . I know that sounds weird for a gentleman but he is. Kind hearted and a very good friend. Even if you tell him to go away he won’t because he knows you have a problem and only leaves until he is sure it has been solved. Concerned about friends and smart at understanding situations! Weighs matter and deals with them like they were no problem! Just too sweet for a gentleman though! :p

And then there’s our: Maria (Sadri), the sweet and pleasing Strawberry Shortcake! Extremely particular about being up-to-date! Modern, fashionable and a jolly good friend! She tries to bring everyone together in the class and pleads in to make things successful! She has a creative mind and is a spontaneous writer! You just bring a topic and she has dozens of wonderful ideas to it!

And another: Maria (Tayyeb), the loud and gorgeous. At times she is so lady-like you just won’t believe this is the same person who had just baffled my ears! Charming and up for all adventures! Her mind full of colors as she has a gifted talent of being a painter! She brings joy to one’s life and does hard work in order to work out over her problems! A good smiley friend she is!

And then: Mustafa the shy and innocent one. A bit reserved but always there for his friends. His ‘ YO YO’ in everything just makes me laugh! Whatever I’d say he’d say ‘ YO’. He trusts his friends a lot. His sketches are mind blowing; one can’t believe that it’s Mustafa who has made it. He might be quiet but on the inside he has this hidden talent of being extremely good at sketching, especially faces which is the most difficult thing!

Next up is: Mustansir, or just Mustan to cut it short 🙂 . He is like this perfectionist friend who just knows too well, what to do when. His ideas are always amazing and his advices are really applicable, those which could actually solve your problem. Moody at times, but after some time he would be the same. He forgives and forgets and gets on with everyone. A good genius brain he has and understands others problems and listens to them.

After him is: Naqiyah (Naqurii at times), jokey and cheerful. The one who lights up the exam pressure by purposely being lame! She is also the one who patches up the girl fights we have among us. Never minds anything and tries to make others understand too. She has this power of making us think about what we did wrong and ultimately we do as per her advices!

All right, then is: Sarrah, the cheeky and bubbly one filled with lots of guts! She’s smart and witty at doing new things and finds quick solutions to problems she is facing. Blends with everyone and finds the good things in each person. She sees what we don’t and that’s why she is a good photographer. Thinks well and gets along with her life in good moods!

And: Taha: the one who could easily pull your leg and you have no words to say. It’s fun to have the cricket talks with him and he is very easy to converse with (not like before). He has a passion for cricket and table tennis! A great friend he surely is, whom one would never want to lose, as he never betrays you and you can trust him even when you’re blind-folded.

Last but not the least is: ME (Ruqaiya), Ruqs, Ruqqai and, Lokhand for some. I don’t want to dote over myself so I’m just going to say it outright. I can be bad AND good. I’m very moody and I get irritated easily, and my anger is bad news when it comes to controlling it. On the other hand I could be the zany and crazy one who gets along with everyone. THIS is the reason why I adore each one of my friend, because no matter who they are, they are still my friends!

So, enough talking, and best of luck to all of you for your examinations and well for future that awaits us. I think I’m not flustered anymore because this just made me light and I think I could get back to studies now..

With so much in my heart yet left to say, I now end it.

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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