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February 2013: The Month of Celebration!

Out of all the 12 months. This month has always been special to me. It is not only my favorite because of the soothing moderate weather it possesses but is also awaited the most because of the special occasions it brings along. Yes! Of course, the Valentine’s day, then my birthday and both the Milaad this time was a cherry on top. So I would like to tag February 2013 as ‘the month of celebration’.

Commencing with the ‘Red Day’; the Valentine’s Day, I wonder about the magic of that day that swirls it’s wand on every individual’s heart and charms the surroundings as the ‘Reds’ and ‘hearts’ rule all over the places that get wonderfully decorated. The chocolatiers keep floating on the clouds and the streets get occupied by the red balloon hawkers and the rose sellers, who have sparkle in their eyes because of the total income they know they’ll get at the end of the day.

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From children to old people; may it be a heart shaped card, a rose, or a gift; people heartily try to please their loved ones. And this time I tried too! I tried to do everything I could to plan a surprise for my parents (even with a terrible flu). 😛 So to remind them that they are and will always be special and ‘can’ have a peaceful romantic dinner at home in despite of the presence of three mischievous kids:D, I planned a candle lit Chinese dinner, fancy chocolate coated strawberries as starters, some decor and music in the background. “Splendiferously memorable! Had never expected such lovely arrangements by you children. You made our day!”,  uttered my parents after filling their tummies and we just couldn’t wait for the gifts to be exchanged.

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Now coming to birthdays, on every birthday of mine I never miss a chance to jot down the number of people who wished me and the special things that happened. This might be strange to you, eh? But it makes me smile when I skim through it later on. So yesterday, I did the same. But morosely, this time the crisp page was unexpectedly half empty. I really had nothing at all to write except about the birthday wishes. Albeit, I was grateful about the lovely way people wished but it made me sad. Sad and cranky to it’s height! Know why? Because of the unexpected strike I could not even celebrate with my friends and make the most out of ‘my’ day! So I studied. I slept. I gussied up the blog. Did everything I could to forget that it was my birthday, which nevertheless made me more grouchy and I felt low as the time passed. In the evening there was suddenly a loud knock at my room’s door. And here the crack-heads were singing the birthday song at the top of their pitch the moment I was at sight jumping with excitement! I couldn’t stop grinning and eventually got to know that they spent the whole afternoon baking a cake and cooking pasta and stuff for me! We had a blast and after a while they left, leaving behind a warm glow on my face. 🙂

Personally all these occasions really matter to me. In fact, why shouldn’t they? We’re so engrossed in our diurnal routines that we forget to appreciate the ones that matter. We forget to express ourselves to them and take it all for granted. So whether it is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day or whatever, here’s a day when one can ‘make’ others feel special by a load of greetings, lots of attention and love. It gives us a perfect opportunity to splash out our emotions and creativity with a beautiful lasting memory in the end. Now you know, the importance of celebrating is immense so lets vent out all the way and make the most out of the relationships because if someone means to you then you should say it right then. Say it out loud. Say it a lot. As people forget or the moment just passes you by.

Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

P.S: Really hoping for a better birthday in 2014. 😛

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Happy Birthday To you! :)

In each of our lives, there are days, dates when good things happen. They might not be one, but several. They might not have come, but about to come, to make the history for each individual.
But, there is one day for each one of us, destined to be ours forever; a day to feel special and to be on the top of the world, the day of our birth. On that particular day, we expect cakes and presents, attention and surprises, Lots of greetings and lots of love.
One such day has arrived for a unique one; obviously, we only remember the dates of our closed ones don’t we? So on the 13th of February an alluring being was born, a mother who had given birth to someone who was to come and do well to the earth. Do well to the students and change their lives in many ways. Yes, my previous science teacher Shahzadi Bhen opened her eyes on this day making it memorable for many.

Our school is our home (you might have well read in the previous posts). A home, where teachers and students both are friends and family. The bond which grows in here is indescribable, more so magical. When there’s a birthday, we serve the cake from the gatekeeper to the principal, everyone. There are no differentiations, each one is attached in one or other way, and no one is separate. It’s a one big family. The aura of affection and care and respect is too much to be inhaled by an outsider.

As it is, Shahzadi Bhen’s birthday, I thought there wasn’t a better occasion than this to write on. I recall her first birthday celebrated here in school. It was indeed a big bash, we all classmates had planned a surprise for her and she was just too exultant, although in the end we were scolded but it was all worth while.
And no, it’s not just her, but other teachers too. I remember our previous English teacher( Maryam bhen) she always had her birthday coming during our exams and so we couldn’t do much for her but we tried whatever we could do.
Well, it doesn’t end just here; the teachers also treat us, the students. The ex-students of year 2011 told us that our physics teacher cum coordinator treated them on his birthday.

So, the point is that be it teacher or student, birthdays are important for everyone. And here in Msb, you will always witness a grand bash celebrated amidst students and teachers.

And so I conclude by saying “Image” Dear Shahzadi Bhen.

We love you always no matter we are with you or not; and we wish you all the happiness of the world.

A proud MSBian,
Maria Sadri.

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A Century & a One of Celebrations!

As the sun sets, the smiles grow wider and wider as the celebrations come near, as the grand processions lead and the fireworks fill the sky with mirth. Earth and heavens, both bow down as the King of all Kings proceeds to make the history for the world to witness-As He TUS reaches his 101st Milaad Mubarak.

Our hearts rejoice and dance with the tunes of the bands. It gladdens us to see the streets glow with vibrant lights all around and it rejuvenates our hearts and souls as the day completes.

All hail to Him TUS, to the king of our bodies and souls. For he is the one who deserves it. O, Maula! the big day has arrived, the sun and the moon come at your feet. The angels and humans sway and swing for your happiness. Every Mumin on this day, says to you with utmost gratitude, “Maula Mubarak! Maula Mubarak!”

As we,  the Apprentices reach our 52nd post with happiness glowing on our faces, we bow our heads with our palms joined together and give wadhaamni to you. Aey Maula! Aey the 52nd Fatemi Dai! Ye Salgirah ho tujhe Ya Shaha Mubarak!

Abeede Syedna TUS,
Writer’s Apprentices

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