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Young Dreamy Love

I used to wonder why, wonder where the days had gone which we spent together, the songs sang , under the cloudy sky when we danced together. I was holding on forever to the love that seemed so far and hoped my dreams would come to life one day. Although, deep down inside I knew this was just meant to be, this was pure love and you were coming back to me where the field was green and the sky was blue. A place where I could see the moonlight above, feel the sensation of your touch, the sound of your whispers who’s echoes lasted a great deal longer and could smell the intoxicating scent of yours that I wanted to grasp within the confines of my heart forever.

It was perfect. It was passion and it was setting me free. My heart was skipping beats, the charming gestures of yours had totally taken my breath away. I just couldn’t get enough of how much do I needed you to fill me up because with every touch and every whisper you made me fall in love all over again! It was just like a movie scene, where we reunited in a sweetest dream.

It seems dreamy yet it’s awake. When that moment flies by, time stops and everything goes silent leaving the affect of the rejuvenating spells of your love. It’s amazing how the sun seems brighter the next day, flowers smell sweeter with the remains of your scent in my soul and the birds seem merrier while humming along the melodious notes of love with me. You make me realize that the moments we’ve spent in the spirit of love are the ones truly lived. You are the one who truly makes me spin with ecstasy, makes me cherish the moment, ignore the pain and let my heart be drunken with love which will always be filled because true is this connection. True is this love that surely you will see it in my smile when the heaven above showers it’s blessings in the form of

(The connection between the rain and me) ;P
Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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Broken English, HAHA.

Example by a short lame story:

Life is a amazing thing to be noticed. But to notice others life is the most amazing thing no matter if people think none of your business but to involve in someone’s business is a great business

I was in kindergarden and the most exciting day was when a new comer was born in our class. The most wonderful thing was they both were twins with same faces, same habbits and same nature. The most supportive thing between them was they were not only best friends but best couple of brothers too. To observe them was my favorite thing but the most annoying thing was the yelling voice of my teacher “Are you with me girl”.

Years grew but they never fighted. I mean how is that possible I never founded. Not even a single miscommunition or an uncoperative  attitude. Between, they were most calm and quite although yelling in joy all the time. One would do each others work even fall the wrapper in the dustbin.

On 16th June 1956, we shifted to secondary campus but still they both were best friends we newed. If we both go on a outing they will seat together always. It was in their genes if one would laugh the other would also laugh automatically.

After graduation both got a job in a same company. One day I saw them leaving for their work. It was amazing to see them in same suit with same hairstyle.

Nothing was different between them in all those years. On new year party us friends we decided to keep a farewell party. Everyone was so much changed it was pleasing to see a change. Specially to see too man in wonderful yellow t-shirts. That day electricity was fluctuating so much. One of the twin brother went in the washroom when he opened the light he caught current and fell on the yucky floor. And his brother also died from the shock of his brother’s death. The way they were born together they were buried besides each other nearby Churchyard short a while.

It’s a blessing for a person to find a person just like him/her and if they die together it’s the most wonderful example ever.


Anonymous. XD

Hahahahahaha what an English!

LAUGH OUT LOUD people—zzz!
Come’on folks, we need a lot of feed backs on this one. 😉

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Different Flowers in the Same Garden

“Sisterhood is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest.”  ~Margaret Mead

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was actually helping that person with whom I’ve been fighting most of the time. Yes, to that person at whom I’ve mostly yelled at. With whom I’ve never really shared ‘the angelic bond of sisters’ which usually sisters share.

We were actually having a great time! I was lovingly teaching her how to carry her elegant rida after her misaq, how to do her hair and how to tie the flap. We had a photo session after that and then, it all ended with a tight hug which warmed our hearts. Obviously, we always knew that deep down inside there’s a strong bond which nobody can shake. But that day we were sure.

Soon, I narrated all this to a really good friend of mine. And she surprisingly stated “Are you alright, Sarrah? Hearing all this senti stuff about ur sister from you is actually shocking, man!” I was like, “Don’t you know? An intellectual and an emotional soul lies beneath this funny, idiotic Sarrah Malir” She immediately replied, “O yea? I’m noticing these days that you are actually changing—getting sensible!”And I said, “No no. You’re just getting to know me better. 😛 Or yeah like seriously, you know what time and experience does… But I tell you one thing, I’m secretly surprised with this incident myself”

Obviously, anybody would be shocked to hear that ‘Sarrah Malir’ was doing the girly stuff to ‘Alifya Malir’. Me and Alif? We are different flowers in the same garden–creatures from different planets. We don’t even look alike physically nor do our personalities match! Her sensibility, simplicity, patience and maturity at a young age is what makes her unique and leaves me wondering, how is that possible with ‘my’ sister? A very few number of teenagers are like that. I was myself was so hyper, idiotic and a ‘bit’ insensible at her age.

Well, these traits make her admirable. Yes, this is what makes you special Alifya! I love you, my nerd-yyy . And I do care a lot for you. You should just be thankful to me for not revealing the crazy side of yours and your nickname, of course. 😛 But remember, I’ll always keep eating your junks and using your belongings without your permission and will keep on irritating you. After all I love doing that! HAHA. *evil smile*

That’s how (most) sisters are! That’s how we are! 😉

-Sarrah Mustafa Malir

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