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Young Dreamy Love

I used to wonder why, wonder where the days had gone which we spent together, the songs sang , under the cloudy sky when we danced together. I was holding on forever to the love that seemed so far and hoped my dreams would come to life one day. Although, deep down inside I knew this was just meant to be, this was pure love and you were coming back to me where the field was green and the sky was blue. A place where I could see the moonlight above, feel the sensation of your touch, the sound of your whispers who’s echoes lasted a great deal longer and could smell the intoxicating scent of yours that I wanted to grasp within the confines of my heart forever.

It was perfect. It was passion and it was setting me free. My heart was skipping beats, the charming gestures of yours had totally taken my breath away. I just couldn’t get enough of how much do I needed you to fill me up because with every touch and every whisper you made me fall in love all over again! It was just like a movie scene, where we reunited in a sweetest dream.

It seems dreamy yet it’s awake. When that moment flies by, time stops and everything goes silent leaving the affect of the rejuvenating spells of your love. It’s amazing how the sun seems brighter the next day, flowers smell sweeter with the remains of your scent in my soul and the birds seem merrier while humming along the melodious notes of love with me. You make me realize that the moments we’ve spent in the spirit of love are the ones truly lived. You are the one who truly makes me spin with ecstasy, makes me cherish the moment, ignore the pain and let my heart be drunken with love which will always be filled because true is this connection. True is this love that surely you will see it in my smile when the heaven above showers it’s blessings in the form of

(The connection between the rain and me) ;P
Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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It covered my brother in its dressing,
Now it fills me up and it’s quite depressing.
Easily he fought the illness and then set it free,
Undoubtfully, he has proved to be an inspiration for me.

How will I be satisfied without posing in the mirror,
What will I do without the spice in my fillers.
But without school I’ll be able to study willingly for the CIEs,
Still what will I just do with the books, the tv and the numb me.

Like a couch potato I’ll lounge and chat with my mates,
Like a believer, I’ll have faith, I’ll tolerate and just wait.
For the remaining days, with the surrounding I’ll try to cope,
And make the most out of the ticking clock, I hope.
Tick Tick Tick!

PS: Folks this is the very first poem I’ve ever written. So don’t really judge the writing. 😛

Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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