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The Unforgettable Beings -The Unforgettable Life!

School days, not only the days when we were just the students of any ordinary school, but we were the students of AL- MADRASA TUS SAFIYAH TUL BURHANIYAH; the school which was our home indeed, and the teachers, the soul of our madrasa, were like our parents. We gave each other 14 years of our lives (Nursery to 11 O’levels).

Although we didn’t give them anything, but the teachers, who were our tutors, friends, guides, well-wishers, helpers, educated us with Deeni & Dunyawi knowledge on every step we took. They not only educated us but they also forgave us for our each and every mistake/mischief/disrespectful act. And, they were the first one to help make us distinguish between good and bad, and the right and the wrong.

Our Madrasa where we lived together, laughed together, wept together, is missed, because, not a single day passed when we didn’t meet our friends. Today when we stand in the path of our life where we have although left MADRASA for two years now, but we still breathe the fragrance in our soul, and beat in our hearts, the memories which we have gathered during that journey.

I would like to thank each and every teacher of ours who helped us to walk through the path of our life for 14 years and their teachings and blessing will surely help me and all of us to walk furthermore as we go ahead. I am deeply sorry for all the troubles I have done and mistakes that I have committed and beg pardon if I have ever hurt you. I stand here today and tell you, thank-you, I owe you all my life and I wouldn’t be able to thank you enough for what you all have done for me and for us.


Here in this Picture and Every Time we want to stand below them.Not so that we can be viewed in the photograph easily,no not at all! Only because of this reason so that their shade falls on us throughout our lives.


Motivated to write this by; Janab Shk Huzefa Bhai.

Thanking you,

Your student,

Hussain Muslim.

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On The Run…


On the run… Sounds like a race, in which all the athletes are racing to the finish line to win the title of Olympics. But, in real life all the humans are athletes, who are racing against ‘time’, to fulfill their needs, to survive in this huge world. Though, it seems that everything is going well with everyone, but, on the inside, each person is racing in life with each other, for wealth, for superiority, for getting famous, for getting a better living, and sometimes, this race becomes so nasty, that it takes the face of greed, and then, these athletes try to hurt one another, and at one point it reaches to an extent that one is also disqualified from this race (death).

Let us discuss, ‘why one gets on the run?’ Some people join this race for wealth, so that they can have comfortable lives with their families, but then, while on the chase they forget their families and friends in the search of accumulating wealth. They don’t have time to enjoy their lives and don’t give a care about their own life either.

The race among the superstars is quite common these days, as we are all familiar that they all try to act in different ways to earn awards.

On the other end, the race even ends in a disastrous way, where people become greedy and only consider themselves, without caring about the people around them. They try to push the other person out of the race to earn the title, which makes them a winner but even makes them a murderer. This is totally absurd, when we know that ‘slow and steady wins the race’ and each person gets his victory, and it isn’t necessary that he’ll get it immediately, so, why not try our best in the right manner and then, win the race of life?

So, off you go! On the run…

P.S: This article has been published in Student’s Digest of April 2014.

Hussain Muslim.

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