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You must be thinking that I am going to write something on the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Well, you can say so… I am actually going to write something like that movie, but not exactly the same story where you see a child’s life changed. A story of a boy who was nil but had a will, wanted to win, SO WHAT WAS HIS SIN ?

There was a boy who struggled in all subjects and wasn’t able to easily pass his exams. He found all subjects difficult, and was belittled by his teachers and classmates. Slowly and gradually he was losing hope, his effort towards studies was decreasing day by day, month by month, or you may say teacher to teacher. His parents thought he was studying well but in school he wasn’t, his mind would stay in other things, always wanting to be out of the class, his homework would be incomplete on daily basis. Whenever his result came, he used to be shocked because for him it was the most he could study. From grade I-V, no class teacher understood him, in fact, just criticized him and made him lose his hope for achieving better grades.

He was always running away from books, and always unwilling to go to school, but he was good at something, which a teacher knew, who was there for him for 3 years since class 6; that boy’s situation totally changed when that teacher became his class teacher and English teacher in class 6. He didn’t know but he was changing his perspective towards studies. The teacher had an amazing teaching style and she was different than other teachers, that teacher quickly observed that, that boy was happy but wasn’t contributing to class activities or discussions.

Concerned and worried the teacher called upon the boy’s parents and older brother, and made them believe that this boy didn’t show any sign of low intelligence, because he was good at other things but not studies. The teacher made him study well, that boy was good at English (the subject which was taught by that teacher) but wasn’t good at other teacher’s subjects which made his result low graded, he did know the teacher was a blessing for his class and for him.

Later that boy came first in a couple of things, but as always not good at studies.

When he was in class 10, it was his last day of school; many teachers were there in the class to say a final good bye to that boy’s class and him. A teacher psychiatrically said to another teacher “sir, there are some students in class 9, who want to stay in class 9”, (he meant that there are students for whom they do not hope to pass the exam creating a way to degrade students). Another teacher replied “not only class 9, there are students in this class too”. Everyone was just laughing because it was a general talk, no one was pointed out, but there was another teacher who replied “sir, it is good for us, because it would be easy for us to take pictures in school”. That day, that boy had promised himself that he would bring a good result and show it to that teacher who believed in him and those who had taunted. And yes it did happen, that boy didn’t score something big, but it was something good for him than the results of previous classes. The moment when the teacher didn’t give a good impression taunting to a student who may have prayed for her, and yes he did pray, just for the students who were there after him in school, so that they don’t face these kind of difficulties.
That boy was the one who had won first prize in School Photography Competition and was the one who used to cover all the events of school.

Yes, you may have got a hint about who is this story about…
The teacher who changed the boy’s life wasn’t Ram Shankar Nikumbh, the teacher was Maryam Bhen Sadriwala. Who is missed by the students till now, and those who haven’t studied under her, wish they would have done so.


And, you may also be thinking that the boy who was changed by the teacher would be Ishaan Nandkishore Awasthi, in this story that boy was ME, Myself.


“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”, what does it mean actually, does it mean that the student are in a form of star on land, On Earth ?
YES ! We are one of the bright stars which live on EARTH, who are not just floating in the sky. Just shining just for a reason, just to give The MOON a company. The Moon is a teacher, who gives blessings to the bright star, you may also believe the Moon gives light to them. The biggest achievement for a star is to become a shooting star, move from one place to somewhere higher. On Earth, shooting stars are made by teachers like :

Maryam Bhen Sadriwala, THANKS to you, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.
Now I pray, which I prayed from my childhood, in the assembly of school. No prayer is prayed without this prayer.
In the end we should all pray that may Allah grant Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Aqa, who is our ultimate teacher, who lights our ways and gives guidance to us, a long, healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Judgment. Ameen.


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The Fun in Fishing..

“Huzefaa! Get up! We have to go!” My brother exclaimed. “Where to? At this hour, at 3 in the morning?” I yawned. “Yes! For fishing!” My brother replied. “ohh-ohh!” and I rushed over to get ready.

I just love fishing, if someone even wakes me up at three in the morning like that night and tells me that we are going fishing, I would say ‘let’s go!’ I am always ready for it. I enjoy the way we have to change spots for fishing, to wait for fishes to be hooked and the way the Prawns are to be put on the hooks that the hook is unseen.

With the fishing season on the way fishermen get excited about the upcoming season of their favorite sport. If you had to choose only one of the species to hunt this year it would be difficult for you. Because you would catch different types of fishes as you don’t know what is hooked in your fish wire underwater, until and unless you are an experienced fisherman. An experienced fisherman knows what is hooked in their fish wire by a pull, movement of a fish and the perfect bait that is needed for a particular fish. That’s what I have noticed being in place of an inexperienced, the first thing I should learn is what I should use as a bait to catch the prey. Then I’ll get experienced being in practice.

I have seen people doing fishing in four different styles; the one which is the cheapest and easiest which is mostly done is “Bottoming”. In which you have to use fish wire manually with hands. The rest of the styles, all are done by fishing rods which make fishing an expensive sport, they are called “CASTING, JIGGING, AND TROLLING”.

Last year, In January there was a fishing tournament organized by Clifton. I participated in it with my two cousins and the great fisherman my Brother. As we left the sea shore in the boat we call “Ora” in Urdu we started to do trolling (trolling means that your fishing rod is stuck in a hole and its wire is in the water and your boat is moving, the bait in it is the artificial fish called Lures). After an hour later we were bored that nothing was being hooked to make us enthusiastic for the fish to land in the boat, so we went to sleep putting the alarm on in the rod so that we come to know if the fish is hooked.

After another half an hour, suddenly the rod alarmed ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz… producing a rattling sound, I heard that and woke up, I started to say loudly “Machi, machi”(“there’s a fish! There’s a fish!”). Everyone woke up in a hurry that as if there’s a tsunami coming our way.  My brother grabbed the rod and started to tackle the fish. And finally after 5 to 10 minutes, it ended up to be a 6kgs barracuda which was in the boat taking its last breath.

In the evening we went back to the sea shore, people were shocked to see that we caught a barracuda in such a bad weather. Lately we went to the place where the fishes were being waited on a big hook in the center. We saw that no one had a fish bigger or heavier than ours. We were excited very much, finally Mustansir Bhaisaheb arrived, who actually planned this, he came and saw our fish and told us standing together that “Kon? Hazari? Hazari ye pakri, Mashallah” and then we were called upon on the stage as the winners of the tournament!

By the fisherman,
Huzefa Hazari.


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The Story of a ‘Young Photographer’

Tring tring tring! The bell rang and at last! our final exams came to an end. Everybody rushed out of the exam hall and actively participated in the pranks around. Each individual was overjoyed. Greetings were conveyed to teachers and wishes to fellow friends who were busy making holiday scenes for the long vacation ahead, which had announced its arrival already.

Same was with me! I went home and yelled to my brother “My holidays have begun and now it’s my turn to tease you” I was enjoying my holidays but after some days I realized, my holidays were going through a dull time.

One day, I was fed up of the boredom and decided to go in the fresh invigorating air in the garden. I went in the garden along with my camera & captured the precious valuable moments in the daylight. I clicked the splattering of water on the big leaves, the waterlogged garden and the beveled flowers with interest. The whole session was pretty fun.

After the session, I went home, and felt great after seeing my visuals. Was quite impressed by the photography skills I possessed-which was completely unknown to me before. Eventually, the profession photography gained my interest. Whenever I used to see something interesting, I would rush to grab my camera and make sure not to miss that precious moment.

I got some advises  and practiced to improve my skills. Recently, my brother and I bought a DSLR. He taught me techniques and many more stuff. After all, he was and is, always an inspiration for me. Now I know when, where, what and how to capture by a DSLR and can also be called an amateur photographer.

The profession photography has gained a great scope during this era. The technology of the internet services has made websites literally hungry for photographs. In fact, websites with pictures appeal to the visitors a lot. Nowadays, everybody is competing for the best and brightest pictures for their own advantage.

And about the scope? Well, even if we click just for passing our time, there is a chance of making huge money by your photographs. Maybe one day you get an offer of a highly paid job and decide to become a full time photographer, who knows?

Every profession we indulge in requires desire and passion for that particular thing! That’s the one secret of every man’s career.Not always education. No one is good at everything, but everybody is good at something. And one is certainly fortunate to have reveal his\her talent at a young age.

-Huzefa Hazari.

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Pastures On fire!

28th December, 2009. My uncle returns from Mumbai after attending the auspicious event of Ashara Mubaraka. Every one of us is anxiously waiting for his arrival, we too wanted to know about the blessings he had received and wanted to congratulate him. It was a time of sheer celebration for all of us.

Suddenly, someone puts on the TV, and there we see eye-opening stunning news live on the news channel. The headlines relayed “Bomb blast on MA Jinnah Road, 45 killed and many injured”. We grieved for the ones who had lost their families but we hear and see so many bomb blasts today in this atomic era that it didn’t matter much. 

Two hours later we saw on the news channels that the terrorists have started to burn the shops around (the same street where our shop is located). They used waxy chemical named Phosphorus, when this chemical mixes with air, it burn and produces fire. This chemical was stored in a 250ml glass bottle (which we use in soft drinks). The terrorists threw these bottles on the shop doors. The speed of burning shops had been very fast.

The shops were being ignited very furiously. My uncles decided to go to the shop and take out as much goods as possible. 

Me, my cousins and my aunts, all of us were at home, reciting prayers continuously and also updating our uncles about the conditions via phone.

In 15 minutes or so, THE PHONE RUNG… “trungtrungtrung”….. I heard on the phone

“The whole shop has been blasted; there are also no fire brigades around to help!”

One of my uncles was on the office’s first floor and the ground had already been destroyed. He had to jump on the cemented shelter of the opposite building which wasn’t burnt yet. 

Disturbed and scared all the family members had tears in their eyes. We had no power other than to pray for the safety of our uncles and the shop. An arzi was also sent in Hazrat Imamiyah about the current conditions.
Thankfully my uncles returned home safely from the outer ciaos. Because of the sudden shock one of them had also lost temporary consciousness. All of them were covered with sweat and eyes full of water. Their body was covered with the burning smell and their clothes were black.  Every one just chanted “Maula Maula” although our shop was destroyed and we may not have the strength but our faith didn’t alter for even a second. As we all know that whatever if truly believed is been granted. Maybe late but it is surely given!

We had the words of Maula TUS revolving in our minds which kept us working, that “AAG MA BAAG THASE”

My dear parents who were still in Mumbai did ziyarat and prayed for the family! Rozat-tahera was our only hope and we knew that some miracle would happen. AND..
20th November 2011, last year with the Dua Mubarak of our two Maula’s TUS, Syedna Muhammad Buhanuddin Aqa TUS and SyediWaMaulaya Mufaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin

HAZARI – IMPEX reopened at the same place and better than before.

Huzefa Hazari

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