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My day, today!

The adrenaline rushes inside of me as i write this, my hands quiver  as i type and my heart thumps louder than usual from the excitement of it.
It has been 2 long years since I have written something on this blog, given out my share of experiences or just simply let out my heart to speak out loud. It is weird, but such ecstasy fills my heart, there is no limit to it. I am raw, like a new born, yet i am an apprentice. I am that bird, who knew it had wings but wasn’t able to fly. I am that door, which was stuck and rusted and took a while opening up again.

There was always something that stopped me, you might call it just an excuse, but there was this force. The urge to write overflowed inside me and i could feel it, but there was this tension. Always. It made me feel so powerless, so vulnerable.

Do you ever feel that way? So strong, that you might just do it this next second, something so capturing that you would feel you have to share it, let it out, but, something stopped you. Something so solid but abstract.
I realize it now, that’s when you have to stand up, stand up for yourself, take hold of your identity; where you belong, think about the good things that brought you here, the things you are appreciated for. That’s when the realization hits you hard, and you are in power again.

I was like a dormant volcano, i erupted today.
Life is like that, I guess, just when  you think you have failed yourself, that you couldn’t give your fore-most priority the priority, it throws at you another chance to show it off!
They say “it came to you late, yet it couldn’t be any better.” I might have learnt it the hard way round that life is fair. It does mind-boggling things all the time, but  when it takes from you, it throws it to you back again, the opportunities, the chances, the big breaks and the fair shakes. And it lets you do the undone!
It is always up to you then, whether you grab it, take hold of it or let it wash out in the circle of time.
My time was today, when is yours?!

Yours truly,
Maria Sadri



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For A Better Tomorrow!

They say that patience bears the sweetest of fruits. We hope it does. Well, what else can one Pakistani say to another?  The feebly old, the energetic young, the technical businessmen and the multi-tasking housewives, everyone is repeating the same question, “will our lives be returned back to us or not?’’

The aura has dramatically flourished all over Pakistan! The souls have become too anxious; everybody is in a rush to know will they be saved of the cruelty?
Well folks as we all know,we’ll reap what we sow, and now all depends on your votes because that will only bring the change.

I see people around me who would have never bothered to visit the polling station and give in their vote but now they are the ones waiting for the date; the 11th! The day of decisions and judgments, the day that will eventually decide our future.
Well, as it is our community the Dawoodi bohras, most of them stay away from the politics and don’t indulge themselves much in the critical issues. But there are people out there like Fakhruddin jee Ibrahim who is at the moment the election commissioner and there might be other patriotic bodies too. But We try to keep far away from the so-not peaceful activities. We are the silent people but then we do want good for our country too. As it is well-known in the quran “حب الوطن من الايمان”-loving your country is indeed a part of Imaan. And this time the air is filled with enthusiasm of bringing a change. There are more people than ever who have promised to vote. Everyone looks positive and have sparkles of hope in their eyes and wishes for the well-being of the country.

“I will surely vote for Imran khan” says an elderly aunty I met in the masjid. “I think he will really bring the change in the system, you know the way he is delivering and assisting. He thankfully is educated and looks sensible to me.”

Whereas, one of my mother’s friend Tasneem aunty who is a jubilant worker of the society tells “ Imran is so handsome, my vote is for him only” and then swiftly looks around to see if her husband did not hear our conversation. 😛

When I interviewed my father, he replied” whatever my darling daughter wants.” Ha-ha so much like him!
But then he says “ I think Nawaaz sharif ,he is experienced and has a business mind. He will surely do good, just look at what he has transformed Punjab into. But then Imran khan is also a very strong opponent.” I think he’s still taking in the pros and cons before signing in the deal 😛

Zainab, a teenager in her 2nd year of A Levels and a good friend replied with enthusiasm “a country without a leader is useless. Imran khan is promoting education, has promised to bring equality. Come on! Whatelse would we want.”

When asked to a couple, they argued joyfully whether to vote Mr. Asif ali Zardari’s team or Imran khan’s. The wife jokingly said that I can’t deny him or we’ll have a war at home:P but anyhow secretly I’ll convince him to vote my choice.

On the other hand, when I asked to one of my favorite people she gracefully replied. “I would definitely vote for Imran khan, he is untried, let’s give him a chance. Truly the others have had their share.”  Then with a smile she said “I don’t give a damn who becomes the leader till I get a happy life for myself and my family. “

“I vote for a faithful leader!” says Taher a student of commerce. “Unlike other politicians he hasn’t had a bad history. Look at his achievements, the cancer hospital, and the school he has made. He looks promising!” and with a serious note he adds,” our country desperately needs an honest leader!

Listening to all these replies I prayed whoever the next leader is, he better be a good man. And obviously in the end, all we want is peace, happiness, and quality of life for ourselves and our families, don’t we?

Today it has become primary for us to vote, to fulfill our duty. Today we have to take up our responsibility so that we have a better tomorrow. Let’s all vote. Let the light of hope glow! So Yes, WE vote; for independence, for free-will, for anti-terrorism, for anti-corruption, for our safety. Indeed We vote for our lives and our future!Image

Maria Sadri



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Happy Birthday To you! :)

In each of our lives, there are days, dates when good things happen. They might not be one, but several. They might not have come, but about to come, to make the history for each individual.
But, there is one day for each one of us, destined to be ours forever; a day to feel special and to be on the top of the world, the day of our birth. On that particular day, we expect cakes and presents, attention and surprises, Lots of greetings and lots of love.
One such day has arrived for a unique one; obviously, we only remember the dates of our closed ones don’t we? So on the 13th of February an alluring being was born, a mother who had given birth to someone who was to come and do well to the earth. Do well to the students and change their lives in many ways. Yes, my previous science teacher Shahzadi Bhen opened her eyes on this day making it memorable for many.

Our school is our home (you might have well read in the previous posts). A home, where teachers and students both are friends and family. The bond which grows in here is indescribable, more so magical. When there’s a birthday, we serve the cake from the gatekeeper to the principal, everyone. There are no differentiations, each one is attached in one or other way, and no one is separate. It’s a one big family. The aura of affection and care and respect is too much to be inhaled by an outsider.

As it is, Shahzadi Bhen’s birthday, I thought there wasn’t a better occasion than this to write on. I recall her first birthday celebrated here in school. It was indeed a big bash, we all classmates had planned a surprise for her and she was just too exultant, although in the end we were scolded but it was all worth while.
And no, it’s not just her, but other teachers too. I remember our previous English teacher( Maryam bhen) she always had her birthday coming during our exams and so we couldn’t do much for her but we tried whatever we could do.
Well, it doesn’t end just here; the teachers also treat us, the students. The ex-students of year 2011 told us that our physics teacher cum coordinator treated them on his birthday.

So, the point is that be it teacher or student, birthdays are important for everyone. And here in Msb, you will always witness a grand bash celebrated amidst students and teachers.

And so I conclude by saying “Image” Dear Shahzadi Bhen.

We love you always no matter we are with you or not; and we wish you all the happiness of the world.

A proud MSBian,
Maria Sadri.

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Beautiful beings!

Girls!  As they say you can’t live with them and you cannot live without them.
Their tantrums and adolescent ways at times are exasperating but in the end they are the same baby dolls of their fathers and adoring sisters of their brothers and sweet Cinderella’s of their husbands.
Their likes and their dislikes, their ways and their styles are sometimes baffling but even then they are accepted. We are accepted! 🙂
At every age every step we are different, our attitude our dressing our maturity level, it’s all different. I, living 16 years as a girl want to share my experience.

 On the 14th of January 1997, my mother says “an angel was born in her and my fathers life”, someone they loved wholly and was the nearest to their hearts. That was me, carrying happiness to their little world.
From 2 to 5, I remember my mother dressing me up for birthday parties. I recall her choosing each and every thing complementing to my dress, from the hair clips to my socks I would be all in a theme. All my friends would be dressed likely; even then we competed for who looked the best.

From 6 to 12, I had become that rowdy tomboyish person, who would hate girl stuff and loved hanging out with cool friends. Like, everything near me should be effervescent, in fact what goes in my mouth should also be very cool or else “puke that out” was the rule! Those dark jeans and glitzy t-shirts with boyish shoes was the dress code, oh yes! And, a cap was a necessity with that bob hair-cut.
At every age, our parents would get to see shocking us; vibrant girls wishing for them to turn into elegant ladies soon.

But from 13 to 14 I did not know what I wanted to be. The mood fluctuations were faster then the KESC fluctuations. Sometimes, it felt like we should put on pretty clothes and get ready for the occasions and sometimes it would just be get away with it in whatever clothes available.  I remember going into a party without accessories and dressing-up, and reaching there I realized I looked ugly for the occasion.
It happened all the time that either we would be over-dressed or would not dress at all. Nevertheless, we would be the center of attention and attraction at all times! J

Now at about 16, I feel I should be dressed and well-maintained all the time. It’s not much time when I myself would be getting wooed you see. Lol! No, but really, there’s this new something coming up in me, which makes me feel I should look good now and then. My hair should be tied up and my eyes shouldn’t look lethargic. My skin should be fresh as a flower and I should be updated with the latest fashion. Today, if I’m out for an occasion my slippers should be appropriate for it, my accessories should be proportional, not too much and not too less. From the nail paint to the hair-do, everything should be panache and classy.  The magic wand had swish-swashed and so our parents were getting a peep of the graceful ladies.

Over the years I and the other girls have skilled and learned. Accepted the mistakes and acknowledged the good stuff. And now, our lives are still going on, slowly and steadily. With certain bumps on the road or sometimes the frictionless smooth road. There is so much to witness and experience. And I am still waiting for the many doors to open in my life which would mold me into a better being and would groom me inside out.

Maria Sadri

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Apologies and Confessions…

 “I’m Sorry”

We all have been hearing it since forever that saying sorry won’t harm much. Neither will it make you look little nor will it make you bigger. But yes, it’ll surely let the other one witness your sincerity, maturity and generosity.
I, on the other hand have a very bad-tempered mind and a pro-active sense which makes me think that saying sorry will harm my ego and destroy my “big big attitude” in front of all. But, excuse-me? I am sure it’s not just my psychology, but in fact everyone of us’ mind is De-bugged. All the vulnerable teenagers like me think of themselves as very high and they too think that they can’t ever be wrong, and the opposite one is at fault ALWAYS.

But, as we grow up, as the days pass; we everyday feel that we perceived something new, something productive, something that was wrong and shouldn’t be done. In short, we are growing and breaking and then again molding then again shaping ourselves. This is the very process of our lives. And we have accepted it.
Sometimes, not even realizing we make certain mistakes that were forbidden for us forever. Nevertheless, we strike the hurdle. But to re-do it is the biggest sin of all. Also then we do it. Thankfully they forgive us and we forget them again.

I, very honestly say that there is no day when I’ve not made a mistake, not broken a heart, not hurt a being, not disregarded my friend. But every other day they forgive me, but till when? Some day or the other their patience will also melt, one day the limits will be crossed.

And that’s when I thought I should apologize. Sometimes in life some incidents happen which makes you ponder over for days, which makes you feel abandoned, which makes you sense you could have even lost the loved one, which scares you from inside.

I have always been a person of my own kind, never cared much, never thought much. Yes, I never think before speaking. People point that out more so often, and all the same I’m trying to change. Because they say “change is good” and “to dare is to err”.

So, here I go.
To every single being in my life who have been wounded by me intentionally or unintentionally; to those who have received unconditional pain because of me; to those who have suffered because of me.

Maria Sadri

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He sits on the throne and does it All

My heart’s been itching to write about it since several months. But it never was possible until tonight. The fate wanted it to be this night, when the auspicious month of my Maula’s birthday has arrived. A years’ awaited journey has yet again completed. And there again my Maula turns younger as he grows older!

It is about 4 to 5 years back when I think my heart missed a beat or two, when the tension had filled in. When the news struck my ears that maybe my brother; still in my mother’s womb would come out to have abnormal disabilities. The doctors said he had a lot of water in his head and so he might die or survive with the disorders. I was young, didn’t have much sense, I did not know how to react? Although young and juvenile, I had a younger sister and a brother to set example for.
Not able to do much, we just prayed. The times were dark for us but there was hope. And not long after the prayers were answered, the miracle had taken place, giving birth to a baby boy named Hussain; bringing with him all the lucky stars and good fortune.

Obviously the treatment was given to him and we had appointed a physiotherapist to make him walk on his own. By 3 he was good enough walking, when, one day he had an attack and he received fits. Fits is a disease which makes one stop still and turn his head and foam at the mouth and at times it makes ones mind forget the past life he has lived. At the time he had his first attack, he forgot how to walk. I with my teary eyes have seen the pain he has received.

At three a child without any doubt becomes heavier and more difficult to carry around, but my mother? She went through all the hardships praying that one day she will receive its fruit.

When, last year in the mid of September my parents with Hussain went in Maula and his Mansoos Aali Qadr’s hazrat to Cairo, Misr. The very fortunate Hussain got his sehra done by Aali Qadr Maula and my mother with trembling hands and shivering lips did the araz of his disabilities. Aali qadr maula just said “Khuda shifa apse, dua-e-kamil parho”

And my mother with watery eyes brought him out of the crowd and to a nearby relatives’ home. She made Hussain stand by the table and carried on with her work when like a normal person Hussain came walking to her. She retold us this incident, saying that there was no limit to her happiness, her mirth.
Everyone here and there was filled with bliss and was dazzled by the miracle.

When my faiji (aunt) went to perform sajdaat of gratitude Maula just said that “Maro nahi, Imam Hussain no maujizo che”

I’m truly amazed. When I write these words, I mean them. My eyes can’t stop the salty water pouring out. Aren’t there countless other children like Hussain, who might have the same disease; but him? He has the curer too.

Aren’t there hundreds of our problems of which we complain about standing in front of that Roohani photo? I assure you that all of it is answered; when the right time comes he replies to all, Because He TUS loves us. And in return what he wants is,

“Inni wallahe ohiboka ya maulaya”

Amate Syedna Tus
Maria Sadri.

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Of the bees who tried..

As I reached the magnificent Jamea auditorium; people were gathered outside the gate! Yes, we weren’t allowed to enter until 10.
When at last with a pair of whining legs I entered in with my friends I was awed by the grandeur looks of the place. The auditorium was huge and good looking! Settling there I saw the 3 extraordinary judges and couldn’t help myself from smiling.

There were 75 of the contestants who took part in the spelling bee organized by TKM- their hard work and their enthusiasm should surely receive a big hand of applause. They had gathered all the age groups from 8 to 17 on one big platform and it was a sight to behold when every one of us showed vigor and a good competition.

It was my first time as a speller and I was freaking. In fact it was my first time as a participant of a bee. I had always admired my friends who used to go for such competitions and wondered when I would get a chance too. It was no time, when after such a long wait the TKM sent us all the text message of such a contest. I was thrilled and filled with mere happiness as I gave in my name for it.

I was nothing without my pair Ruqaiyah Lokhand. Who was after every difficult spelling just beside me, soothing both of us! It was an experience worth enjoying! The day had shown to be very difficult for me, as I had a terrible stomachache, but on the stage there was nothing but the confidence on our faces as we, turn after turn walked towards the mike with our fists closed tightly and our eyes with a sparkle! Obviously, I’ve never been so proud of myself and her before yesterday. I couldn’t believe my ears when after every spelling they would hear a polite “CORRECT”. We were left with a group of 4 whiz kids who were determined to win, whereas me and Ruqaiyah? We had just planned to come in, have fun, experience it, and take it seriously the next time.

But everything had changed as we step by step concluded to the semi finals round where we were asked the word “Masquerade” which we spelled “M-A-S-C-A-R-A-D-E”. But no, wait! We were the lucky ones. As we did a tie with the other pair of runner ups, we got another chance to give our best! Another 5 to 10 minutes went as none of us was ready to give up and the monster word came up “VOLUMINOUS” which I spelled “V-O-L-U-M-E-N-O-U-S” and there went the game- incorrect the whisper came!

As we stepped down the stage both of us had huge smiles on our faces, as if we had won and the crowd clapped for our sportsmanship!

In real, for us, we had won! Won over so many others and won over our own challenges.

I’m so glad that the TKM organization gave us such an opportunity to prove ourselves. I’m sure after yesterday, the MSB educational institute will be more proud of us- me and Ruqaiyah and the other winning teams!

Maria Sadri

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Better than Valentines..Or, was it just the Best!?

As I sit here on the jet black comfy chair of my computer set, I have more than a hundred thoughts running down. Firstly – how to compose this article. And second how to compose it in a way that you would know how I feel!

It was the 14th of February, the Valentines Day. When I woke up to see a chilly day ahead me; thrilled to get along, and merge in the environment as I reached the National Coaching Centre. There was an exotic sense to the day, as if God had really designed it for the MSBians so that their Annual Sports Day on the very Valentines Day would go just right!

I still remember the bright happy smile every one of us had that day, although everyone’s hearts thumped hard as the time came closer for the opening. It was a day of festivities and grand talks and talents to show up and winners to be awarded.
The contentment showed off over all the faces as all the hard work came to drain out so well. It all boiled down to the point when the effort was devotedly prized.

The excitement of the little divers couldn’t have been left unnoticed and the thrill of the gymnasts as they passed through the fire ring left the audience awed.
How can I forget when the big boy ran his way all around 400m ground and at last won the big medal on the podium, giving it to his hours of limitless exercise and giving it to his school the pride. The grounds were filled with hoots and shouts as the skippers went skipping over. 

The grounds were filled with hoots and shouts as the little Rabbits hopped in and out of the colorful rings. And the commentators went on encouraging them!
It was a sight to behold when the oath was taken  and the band went on with the glory and grandness.

And as it all finished up my house- the yellow house was given the trophy for their sportsmanship and winning talents!

"The Big Day"

All in all it was valentine’s worth spent, and the hard work worth glorified!

P.S  There’s a dozen more to say, but for now that’s what you get!

(Click on the photographs to view ’em in a large size)

Maria Sadri

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The disease runs in our blood! We can’t help it, can we?

 The euphoria of being in a place where you spiritually and physically belong is just breath-taking. A place where our happiness lies and a place where money does count! Yes its the contagious shopping aura which makes every woman jump with joy!  There is this concept that, use what you need but while shopping the “wants” also becomes the need. And when its with the 50% off sign, our hearts are filled with mere gratification, aren’t they? The mind starts pursuing oneself to purchase the unwanted too. To me, its like a drug. Like a magical wand which swirls round and the hocus pocus starts, that is why I pity my poor darling mother!

  May it be the mighty Sunday bazaar where the demands are willingly answered, where every “Pathan and Khan baba” is our bargaining friend. The mirth of being in that place is invigorating and energizing! Looking around there’s nowhere where I can not see a mother sorting out for her baby daughter or a friend purchasing for a dear pal’s birth day or a girl trying out the funkiest t-shirt! After a week long await of a Sunday the bazaar is displayed on, it rouses my senses of bewilderment and it revives my soul when I enter that bee hive and start going through shops. There’s this sale where the sellers shout and hail us, where all the buyer’s hearts are filled with contentment. My favorite is the madness the place involves. The populated ground is an absolute sight to be witnessed. It’s like you’ve entered the war zone! I have had a top-notch closet with all the Sunday bazaar clothes. In fact I have my own little library of Sunday bazaar books for just 40 to 50Rs in very worthy conditions. That’s not bad, is it?

 It’s like the coal mine, the more you dig the more you find! Living in Karachi, it’s every one’s duty to visit Sunday bazaar. And for me, in my life it has always been there when my cupboard’s situations went poor!


 Or may it be the posh Hyper-star (Dolmen Mall 3) where most of us can only dream to shop. where the aroma is warm and welcoming, where there’s the show of classy branded stuff and where I’ve always dreamed to walk in with a loaded credit card and pour my heart out by buying whatever I like. It’s just the last weekend when I went there. By god! It’s a heavenly place, for such a shopoholic like me, theres no word which can describe the feeling of nirvana when I entered that exotic mall. Just describing about it makes me want to go there again; the first time when I entered “EGO” and gazed at the exclusive collection of clothes, it brings a sparkle to my eyes when I rethink of that place. My dreamy eyes couldn’t stop gawking at the slender posed shimmering slippers.


 For all women whether we are Christians, Muslims, Pakistanis or Americans. Whatever! Shopping is the thing which unites us. It’s just not about wasting the money as some men think, it’s about owning the trend. It’s about getting to know more things. I shop excessive and that is why I know it is not as easy and simple as we see, it is about getting the right thing with the right amount of money. It’s about the choices we make! What we shop is what we wear, and what we wear tells a lot about our choices and class!

As it is superbly quoted by Marcelene “the quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her.”


Maria Sadri

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A Tragedy! A loss and A tear!

The chamber had gone faint when a friend of mine stepped in. I think she spoke something which made the chatters low down; I think I saw tragedy strike on the faces of the girls as they said Shehzada Huzefa Bhaisaheb expired in Ahmadabad. My heart started to thump right away, the first thought which came was how is my Maula TUS?  Hysteria and perplexity had exhausted our faces. A teacher came and told us about it officially and told that the paper was postponed for the time-being. We lined up and went into a hall, where everyone was settled already. I could hear silent murmurs from everywhere, but didn’t have the strength to look around.

I don’t recognize this Shehzada of Maula TUS well. I just have those vague descriptions of him in my mind which kept on revolving. I was filled with grievous loss when my Janab told us about his attributes. He’s the fourth son and the 7th child of Aqa Maula tus. And he’s done limitless things for us, the MSBians. And he was the one who initiated the concept of tabudaat which we every year do without any excuse for the long life of His Holiness. Doing khidmat all his life, he got the fruit today; when he closed his eyes in the serenity of Aqa Maula’s TUS shadow.

A tear rolled down as Janab said this with a mournful lamentable voice “aap ek chamakta tara tha dawat haadiya na.”

   I felt like crying my heart out, for my Maula, for His TUS loss.  But as I sat there diving into my thoughts, my friend beside me chanted one of the very best marasiya’s which took me back to Karbala and I gained sabr.

  To have 2 of your children pass away in the same year, it’s heartbreaking. The deep weight of loss that covers you is indescribable. May my Maula TUS receive sabr.

May the Shehzada rest in the gratifying shade of Syedna Jalal Shamsuddin RA!


Maria Sadri

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For Mothers!

Yesterday at 7.15 am, as per usual timings for my school I woke up, but today there was a colorful light to my eyes, an altered hope and a fresh day.

Gratified with serenity we drove off to school with ecstatic aura the whole time, reached home still intoxicated. I never knew I would be this exuberant but yes I was-on the 5th of January at 3.30 pm the PIA flight hit the grounds of Karachi and with it landed my dearest ones.

It had been a month since my mother, sister and brother went for an odyssey to India.  Unskilled experiences covered me; I was asserted with two cousin sisters and an extremely engrossed father and a rowdy Abde-ali. Those two days without any guidance from anyone-we attended to the maids in the house, to the people who came to take and give bills, the servants. Cooking and heating whatever we could. It was indeed a very excruciating job. I didn’t even know how to light a stove until then-God! I had been living in a house full of 22 people before then. What else do you expect me to know?!

Obviously my aunt came after that, but even though with a house of 7 beings remaining I felt alone. Abandoned!  My father was there, but what a mother and a sister mean to a girl of 15 is ineffable. The nooks of periods where something worthy or unworthy would happen and I would turn to share it with my Ammi and then aye! She wasn’t there. My heart was over-flowing with feelings. She is the only being in this world who listens to me imperturbably. She just sits and listens to me telling her tales, I’m sure sometimes she wouldn’t even get a word but she used to be with me. We had what people call the “Mother-daughter talk.” I’m sure every daughter has it. This bonding, this love, this affection, it is till eternity.

There are no words which can express the feeling I had for her when I saw her striding through the well polished airport aisle, even though with Hussain in one hand, she looked elegantly beautiful. Just beautiful! Carrying her red rida and gleaming as she saw me, the crystal drops couldn’t stop swirling down my dry cheeks.

I loved my mother the most. I respected and cared for her then the most. I knew her importance then and I knew why she held the heaven under her feet. Today while standing in the crowd I’m distinguished as Alifiya’s daughter.

I’m more than thankful to Allah to grant me such a mother, who made me recognize and love my Maula TUS! My true eternal mother and father!

I’m thankful to my darling Ammi for being there always, come hail or storm!

So today I say as I always tell her, “I love you Amma jee”

Maria Sadri

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Oooh! It’s Coming to Bite You!

   I know I know, some of us have already been bitten but then there are some unlucky fellows such as us who are left to be bitten by the “examoflies”. Yes you get me right; its the examinations which are arriving our direction are yielding us to do multi-tasking like eating, reading, studying and as well listening to the songs on ear phones, all at the same time! So there it goes- being a student is not as easy as some of the elder ones think.

    My school has been encountering examinations since the last few weeks as the primary section were having their papers. The aroma is breath-taking these days. I can feel the enigma these students are going through with the heavy colored books in their little palms and their thick spectacled eyes glued to the reference books. I was much contented days ago just taking in what they felt but now today as my exams rounds up the corner I can feel my heart thumping loudly whenever I see the tension rolling up on those little foreheads making it crinkle at such an age and the spontaneous reactions these kids come up with. The shivers come instantly when I see a student crying for not performing well in his paper. At break time the school campus is a raucous filled place. Somewhere someone gives a treat to his friends for completing the paper well so somewhere some little girl is been consoled by all! It’s a sight to be witnessed!

    Although I have attended in that room full of baffled kids ready to pounce on their answer sheets more so often. I feel the same rush of adrenaline and nervousness when I first see the crisp white newly printed ream of question paper put very gently on my desk by the invigilator.

   Still till today my stomach turns up and I start mumbling the answers vividly when my class’s name is called and we have to stand straight up to receive the paper. Still I have not mastered the ways of giving an exam and still I can’t time myself properly! But then this is the way a student’s life should be, right? I think what I learn at the eleventh hour is the best I learn!

   In fact I think what we discover and understand in the classroom is the most productive, because our minds are fresh and there’s a will to learn. The day I sleep in the classroom is the day I lose one hour of precious preparation for my paper. Learning before 2 weeks doesn’t help much; I believe it’s just the wastage of time because I can promise you that on the day before your paper you’ll be learning all that once again. Instead just understand what you’re learning and give your paper. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be tensed and don’t make yourself prepared but do everything at a limit. I’m sure no one appreciates a geek in the class unless he’s there to pass on his notes to you!

    The most I hate is when students do rote learning. I mean, will it really help you? Are you sure you won’t forget it as soon as the time gets over? Can you give me the guarantee to explain it to your little sister when she comes in that class and is studying the same chapter? I’m sure you cant, then why? Why to waste such time. I learn by understanding stuff, even the math formulas. And I assure you that it doesn’t take much of your time, just a bit of your concentration!

   Plus, just one thing! Examinations come and go, there’s no doubt in it. Be it the school ones or the real life judgments. Always keep faith in Allah and always give your best. After you have decided what to do leave it to Allah because he is a better judge and he knows what’s the best for us!

 As always the MESMERIZING verses we recite in our assembly

  بنوا المصطفى والمرتضى ودعاتهم                    *                   وســــائـــــلنا احـــــــسانهـــــــم وافــــــر دثر

لهم حمـــــــدنا من بـــــــعد حمد الْظظنا                *                   تعالى مدى الازمان والشكر والذكر

Maria Sadri

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Free Inspiration anytime, anyplace!

 Life! I don’t get it, do you? At about just the adequate amount of typical things take place and you are left twigging those occasions for hours and days. It just baffles me that just a little random assemblage could make me out-spoken and force me to vent my feelings here to share with you people. 

You all people have earnestly become members of my life. Your encouragements and your galvanizing comments are the only reason we try to write more. You guys are the ones to whom I secretly try to impress by my words. So thank you all! You all take out time to read our blog and then share your opinions about it, sometimes it gives us an altered prospect to think on, and we appreciate it all!:) So as I was saying. The other day in our morning assembly at school the deputies and the heads of prefects came up with a very novel and reveling concept.

 They awarded few of the prefects who had been loyal and flawless to their duties. They told us that every month they will honor the few ideals. When this thought hit the prefect’s ears, the mumbles spontaneously incepted. Everybody dreamed to be the next to be appreciated. A new light shone in our young eyes!

The following morning there was a casual all-prefect meeting to discuss more about the new initiative. Some of the teachers attended it and everybody started discussing their share of ideas and the problems they faced. After our over-views, one of the teachers whom I personally respect very much stood up to give us a speech. No, actually I think it was a heart to heart talk really.

She told us how our appearance and performance should be accurate so that it could become an example for our juniors and the non-prefects. These duties we do, we do it to perform mere khidmat of Aqa Maula TUS and so we should be flawless at it and that it was a very big responsibility to us and we should do it loyally and modestly.

These particular words of hers hit me instantly to the nook of my heart. “You are the ones your juniors look up to after us. You guys have to be the most perfect to be the PREFECTS!” I was rapidly left with thoughts of what I do and how I behave and what a show-off I become at times. I was moved by her words, she had inspired me to become a better person a better prefect abruptly.

I admire her for that! But at the same time I was filled with distress, now that I knew my real duty my young shoulders were burdened with immense authorities. I was actually abashed and solemnly hoped to get the strength to be able to make my beloved teachers happy and proud in the last years of my schooling life.

Yellow house Prefect, MSB

Maria Sadri

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Gifted by the God!

Heyyy everyone! Long timee, no see!?:)

Well today you’ll see another me- one who really thinks prudent and deems wisely!

So well, I just wanted to ask that, have you ever picked up on this line ‘a horse safeguarded itself from a lion’. Maybe no or might be yes. I know I know, it seems to be sappy but then isn’t it said that “nothings impossible”. So this was a story I told my little brother, that a horse got off the claws of the Lion king! I truly believe that horses are brisk and smart animals and with their shrewdness they can easily rescue themselves from the dominant lion. (Now here comes my smarter side)->
Likewise, even though men look weak and timid in front of the humongous mountains but with their immeasurable creativity and  the tiny Grey matter they can indeed, over-take the mountains. Actually not just mountains but also can equate the skies.

Good God has created the universe and its creatures to live on it but humans are the only exceptional ones. To whom he has gifted with beauty and intelligence, and I hope that he trusts us and expects us to reach out to the Moon uncle and the twinkling stars. But excuse me?  Haven’t we reached yet! After challenging the mountains, bringing out of it whatever we could, didn’t we move on to planets and moons and whatsoever!?

A huge mountain is nothing! NIL actually! And cant do anything when a human is there, although its vast and the loftiest of the physical features but when a human climbs it, the human becomes the highest. Above all!


It’s always, always about the human mind and will power. If you have the will you have the power! In this running era, people actually have time for thinking. Because they know that if we think, we’ll be the king!(WOW! it rhymes too :P)

All the world’s a stage and every man and woman merely players. If you play well you win and if you don’t play well, well at least you can climb the mountain! Lol!

But the noble talk is that our brain is the only part, when combined with the beating heart, brings out wonders to the world! So whether it is the trees or the skies, men can conquer all if he tries!

Maria Sadri

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Read It To Know It :P

My school is my pride and I’m more than thankful to Allah to let me into this school where I’m always under the shadows of my two Maula’s TUS. It is the location which grants me with all the blissful memories which are engraved into my mind. This is the place where a student and a teacher loves each other unconditionally and are willing to do anything for each other. These are the grounds where a student calls her/his teacher “Bhen and Janab”, to give them wholehearted respect. The bond of love and respect which ties them becomes stronger and vigorous. Also that it is a common thing that every student has a much softer corner for a certain teacher. Like wise I’m also a student and have what we call a “favorite teacher”.

Writing about this individual does not make her bigger or smaller than others but it genuinely shows how much I love and respect her, and keeping faith in my writing I’ll start my article.
A being with a lot of religious beliefs she under go’s tremendous difficulties to do what her and my Maula TUS would expect from her. Striving to perform any khidmat she gets at hand. For that I admire her.

Till the day I remember I know that she as a teacher figure never, never under-estimated her students believing that they’ll shine one day. She was and is a role-model for all of us. She stimulated and encouraged us all the time, giving us a positive side to see at even in the darkest of our teenage times. A lover of the English language she always encouraged us to speak and write it. The ‘writer’s apprentices’ is the only proof of her 3 years hard work. She is a teacher of a kind-she kept her attitude as a teacher but in heart she was just our older sister.

I recall when at those rare occasions when she would scold me and I would be completely shaken. Tears would uncontrollably roll down my eyes making me realize what big blunders I’ve done and then that would be the end. I would directly go to her and ask for genuine forgiveness and would stand there until she would smile at me and say “it’s okay beta.” That would be the time of actual relief.

She has been the sunshine of us all the students. Going through the periods of teenage life herself she could completely understand our dilemmas and I don’t know how but she would come up with the best solutions! She was the best thing ever happened to our class.

Knowing her so deeply I know how she must have felt when her mother died, when she had to see her sister leaving her and marrying into another country and when she herself had to leave her family and join another one! Obviously being a human herself she might be going across all those problems and difficulties we go through but, BUT never a day has come when she’s not smiled and made our day or she’s acted strange or her mind has been diverted else where than the subject!

I know that I’m just praising her but I don’t know if there has been any time when she wasn’t a perfect modest human-being. I recall this article where she has written on her friend circle and then when it came to her, she just wrote”…and then it’s me.” I mean there can be pages written on that “me” and she just says it’s me?! Hahaha I was awe-stricken then!

I feel very proud to know such a teacher and I genuinely think that it were just my lucky stars which made her come into my life! I sooo much wish that every student should at least once in their life time be presented with a Maryam Bhen like mine so that they would really get what teachers are really like and till what extent they go for us!

Cheers to the beautiful profession teaching and to the fabulous teachers!:)

Maria Sadri

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