The hasty sparrow.

Photograph: Huzefa Hazari

​So, I see this hasty sparrow,

Who flies in the morning sky,

He sets his eyes across,

The horizon of the sunny shine.
The empty nests are not his,

Instead, the one that is fully filled,

His wife and hungry birdies,

All chirp since a long lost while.
I watch him peck some grains,

Hold water in his small beak,

To and fro his job takes him,

But he stops not a single time.
At last while his littles cuddle,

Lady birdie walks up to him,

She pecks his cheek in gratitude,

And hugs him while he cares.
The sun goes down at nighty hour,

As another busy day ends,

But he sleeps in peace this night,

For his family ease in rest.
Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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4 thoughts on “The hasty sparrow.

  1. ammar311

    Keep going and stay strong team.!!!

  2. Alifyah Nek

    Wow ruqaiyah apa totally stunned

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