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Many students think that being a good student means just showing up for classes, taking a few notes, reading the textbooks and studying right before the exams. But, that’s not all…

I had my midterm examinations a week ago. Today, was the day script-checking was to be done in class. Overall, the exam didn’t turn out so well. My chemistry teacher knew how frustrated we were during the exams. He could see the amount of disappointment on our faces. So, as per his habit, he decided to motivate us through a slide show. The slide show consisted of messages which were to reach each student to his/her core. He started with “WAY TO ACADEMIC SUCCESS”.

He explained to us how the geography students would rather ask, what is the ROAD-MAP to success? The mathematics students would ask, what is the FORMULA to success? The chemistry students would ask, what are the REACTANTS and PRODUCTS of success? The nutritionists would ask, what are the INGREDIENTS for success? These questions are just questions. Have you ever thought over the answers to these questions?

Well, the answer is simple. Keep on trying again and again. If you don’t succeed this time, that doesn’t mean you will never ever succeed in life. It’s just that you were not perfect in the way you did it last time. Scoring less marks in an exam doesn’t mean you are wasting your time studying for no reason, it means now you have a reason to start again fresh. Failing to succeed in one exam doesn’t mean you give up and let go. It actually means that it will take a little longer for you to get there. Believe, there is always a way. Due to disappointment, sometimes you think God has abandoned you. But, it means God has a better idea in waiting. You need to have an optimistic mind in this situation at all times.

Sometimes you think all sorts of study curses have come over you. You cannot succeed further. You seem to be loser in your own eyes. Thinking of yourself being an academic dwarf. But this is actually the time to seek and stand on the shoulders of academic giants. You need to figure out what the wrong things were, which robbed you on your way to academic success. Take your time and ponder really hard. Think of what you have done. Meditate! Decide what you want to do.

Academic success depends on your attitude! You need to contrast yourself with the focused high achievers. Your motivation meter should always be HIGH. Class participation counts. Seek help from peers and teachers. You should understand the importance of TEAMWORK. Because academic success is a ladder, where you climb step by step. Each step taking you higher and higher. It is said, “You can’t climb stairs and chew gum at the same time”. It is wise to climb stairs first, as it requires more hard work. Once you reach the top, sit and chew gum, looking back towards all your achievements. Similarly, leave all distractions aside to help maintain a clear focus. Once you reach your goal, sit, relax and enjoy to your heart’s content. Learning strategy also counts! Sometimes you can’t attain success with the same old, failed strategies. So, change your way of learning. That might prove helpful. If you are waiting for the right time, it is NOW.

Success is the aim behind each time you try. Always believe, the largest room in the world is the room of improvement. So, work hard! Focused, hard work is the real key to success. Keep taking the next step towards competing it. The most important thing is being passionate about what you are doing and always give it your best shot! Because, you never know how close you are to your goal. Believe, if you can dream it, you can do it. JUST GO FOR IT!


Alefiyah Rao.

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Forever Friendship…

School life is the best part of life. There was a time, when I used to meet my friends everyday at school. We used to spend so much time together. We had promised each other that our friendship will always be cherished.

Today, although we are physically distant from one another; all of us busy with our own daily schedules, but we still take out time for each other. Just a short chat sometimes proves to be a delightful way of promising a good day ahead.

As I speak of myself, at the moment I am living in Dares salaam, Tanzania along with my family. I shifted here a few months ago. Leaving my friends behind in Karachi was as difficult as it could be. The only reason because of which I feel incomplete, is, THEM. Those friends of mine are more precious to me than diamonds and gold. In fact, it is their friendship which I promise to treasure throughout my life.

A few days ago, I was sitting idle at home, and so, scrolled down the photo gallery in my mobile phone, during which, I came across a few memorable pictures of me and my friends. I was so ecstatic as I gazed over those photographs which brought back screens of memories, laughs, cheers, joys, hugs, wishes, excitement and smiles. I could see each one’s eyes shimmering out of contentment and happiness. Those days were special. Those FRIENDS are SPECIAL. They are the ones who complete me; each one having something unique in their own way. I really miss them.

Sometimes in life, you come across special people; people who change your life just by being part of it, people who make you laugh until you can’t stop laughing, people who make you believe that there really is good in the world, people who convince you to look at the brighter side, people who boost up your courage. And, most importantly, they are the people who make you believe that they will always be there for you, no matter what. Your bond with such people is what FOREVER FRIENDSHIP is.

If you are fortunate enough, like me, to find such valuable friends in life, they will definitely make you feel happy and complete. So, believe that you have a FOREVER FRIEND. As, FOREVER has NO END.


Alefiyah Rao.

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A beam of light abolishes darkness forever!


 In the darkness of life, even one speck of light can bring brightness. But, to brighten one’s life, one must always take the incentive to choose the right path. During our journey of life, our elders and teachers teach us many things; because, knowledge is like that one speck of light that can show us the way. But, the decision is ours, whether we choose to take knowledge in an optimistic way or a pessimistic way.

People, who teach us, always aim to clear the point of good and bad inside us. All they intend for, is to prepare and make us eligible enough to choose what is best. There are virtuous and immoral aspects, rights and wrongs, positives and negatives of every little act we come across. But we should be confident enough to choose whether life is good if it’s dark or if something can be done to make space for light to brighten life.

The decision of choosing the best, always comes from within. Therefore, we should try to abstain from taking the wrong path in life and taking things in a negative manner. Instead, try choosing the right path. Choosing the right path will always lead you to a better and enlightening future. Even one stroke of light can overcome dark. Darkness is going to abolish forever, if you just choose to take the right way in an optimistic manner. The two opposites of good and bad exist in all spheres; it is actually up to you how you tackle each situation with an incentive to choose the best.

It is said, that a beam of light abolishes darkness forever! So, to ensure your prosperity till eternity, all you must be able to do is to choose whether light abolishes darkness or darkness destroys light in our lives. Therefore, think twice, choose wise!

Alefiyah Rao.

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Lub Dub! Lub Dub!

…And the mass starts pumping hard. The circulation runs through the veins. And oh… the red piece of mass, the size of my fist surrounded by white solid barricades. It’s like a pumping organ locked up in a cage. And… how hard it tries to make sure its duties are performed.. Voices ricochet!! The sounds of flowing blood are heard from each side, the swaying of the microscopic cells all around make violence to serve their leader the best. “Oh heart, Thy heart. Thy heart!!” are the cheers heard from each side.

The heart, the sovereign of the body is the most efficient part and the most vital constituent for survival. It is the counseling of such eligible organs that the body performs its vital functions. Some people believe in what the heart ponders them to do. Some are just freaks, and listen to what their brain asks them to do. The thoughts of the brain and the commands of the heart, together make the human body work. It is their work of respiration and other functions that take place.

The heart of a person is like a king sitting on his throne, surrounded by his knights to ensure his protection. Therefore, it is its duty to let the world prosper. And of course, the diagnosis says that the heart is the reason of a living man. It is with the help of a renowned route, that the blood reaches the heart. The veins are collaborated and each serve as a linking cause for the organs spread throughout the body.

The command of a king and the loyalty of his knights, ensure a successful kingdom. The same works around here- The heart acts like a king and the other organs as its dedicated and obeying knights. It is the analysis of this red pumping organ that this world prospers today. And the day that these hearts stop working, the world sees an end.

Our life is a mystery itself! There is need of such a brilliant counselor like the heart to take charge of his subjects (the organs) and obey his duties to ensure himself of prosperity spread in the world. Life is all because of the heart. If no heart, then no life!


Alefiyah Rao.

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10+6!! Guess what it makes?

Who knew such a day would come, when I would actually reach the 9th grade!  And the excitement will overflow all the way. Last year, on the result day, just as our class was called out, to proceed to our classes with our respected class teacher. I was shocked to see a bunch of so many boys waiting to leave the assembly hall in a queue. And we girls were standing next to them, in a collective number but yet, less then them. It was just until I entered my new classroom, I found out… “I had a class of 10 mischievous boys and comparatively 6 talkative girls.” I was at first confused if this would really work out.  But, slowly and gradually, I learned to get along with everyone and we built unity amongst ourselves. It only took me about a month to be comfortable and understand each one of my classmates. Individually all 16 of us, have different kinds of personalities. Each one is there to brighten the day, with the art of refreshing everybody in their own way.

Out of 16… lets start off alphabetically. First comes Alefiyah (that’s me), I am a bit shy at times but usually trying to help others by hand. I often am moody. But as some of my friends say, I am the perfect amount of seriousness and fun!

Then, there comes Hamza, he is very talented. As much as I know him, he is always trying to do his best in compromising and co-operating with others.  He surely has the most unique kind of excuses to try and escape from trouble.

Then the friends of brotherhood, Hassan and Hussain both ready to help at anytime. The best thing about them is that they always try to touch the skies. Hassan is diligent and a math freak, of course! And Hussain provides others a quest time with him around.

Here’s Hatim. A nice & a kind friend. He’s always finding a moment to have a sneak peak in his lunch box. But he and Moiz, in spite of being cousins, share a unique blend of brotherhood between them, both trying to help one another.

 (the entertainer) is a blend of mischief and good friendship. He lighten ups the seriousness of the chamber with his irrelevant but funny mocks.

The tallest of all, stands Juzer. He’s the gentleman of our little family, although he often looks stern, but he’s a kindred soul to chatter with.

The non-stop chatters come from both the Maria’s. Both quiet moody. Maria T is ready for anything at anytime. She’s really artistic with a brain full of bright colors. She puts all her effort in her drawings.
As for Maria S, she is always ready for challenges, anywhere, anytime! With a creative mind, she provides understanding, yet an enjoyable company. Both Maria’s providing a noisy state to the classroom.

Then, the opposite of the noisy ones is the quite, polite Mustafa. Indeed reserved at the outer core; he comes to be very smart, having the capability to realize the unspoken words too.

Then there’s the Einstein Mustansir. His logical sayings bamboozle us sometimes but then he’s a perfect adviser too.

One of my new classmates is from Africa – named Naqiyah. She is still trying to adjust within. I must say she’s quite a thick book of noble words and advises.

Ruqaiyah– well known as LOKHAND to all, brings a smile on everyone’s face. She’s a jolly good companion, holding the most jovial behavior with all. Always showing her bright white teeth she pulls out her magic wand and makes all the worries go in the classroom dustbin!

Next is Sarrah. A mischievous & a bubbly friend. She is a gifted photographer and possesses the brightest imaginations of all.

Last but not the least is Taha. He is a decent guy, not very social but a fine friend.

Each one of us possesses uniqueness and capabilities which make us 10+6 resulting 16. This is our little livelihood!:) And surely we do share the blend of friendship amongst us and we will FOREVER. Because friendship is a road that never ends!:)

Grade 9th O’levels

Alefiyah Rao.

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Life-A Bunch Of Roses!

The light of the sun reaches the ground. The ground allows the seed within to rise and enter the world above. As time passes, each bud blossoms into its own rose. Where, its stem becomes green and thorny.

Roses are a symbol of relationships. Bunch of roses are exchanged when a relation is formed. But why do people give roses with thorns to their loved ones, instead of other pretty flowers in the world? Because roses always come with a thorn, which is its real beauty. And a rose received by a loved one indicates that, no matter how the world moves on, there are negative things that will overcome each relation. Because, with every positive thing comes a negative one.

Life is like a bunch of roses. Where there are ups and downs. But its up to you, how you tackle each rose with its thorns. Life is made up of family, friends and comfort. All this make up our bunch of roses. There are dilemmas that overcome friends and family relations. But it’s your part to hold your rose without getting pricked by the thorns in its stem. With time, to keep our bunch evergreen, we learn to accept new roses with their thorns, no matter how sharp and pointy they are.
Everyday the sun rises with a new hope, shining upon the delightful bud. The moment you look at them, they seem to be fascinating. But the secret of their elegance is hidden beneath them, in the stems; the thorns.

In life, happiness is seen at first and other problems are hidden beneath it. Your bunch is your part to take care of! It’s up to you to take care of your rose and save it from withering. You accept each new rose with its stem, but some thorns aren’t visible in real life. With time, each bud blooms into a full flower.  And each thorn becomes harder and sharper. No matter how hard you try to discard the thorns, they’ll always be a part of your rose. Your life!

So, be proud of what you have! Be patient for what you don’t. Accept life in whatever state it is. Life has its own thorns ready to prick you when you hold them. But it is you, who will choose whether to hold your bunch by the thorns or by its roots. 

Never forget to scent the enchanting fragrance = Never forget to have fun in your life!:)

Alefiya Rao. 

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