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Mumbo Jumbo’s; A Message for the Dumbo’s

“How slothful are my people. I try to encourage them into becoming lively and none have even bothered to move the rock I placed in their path. I don’t know what to do with these folks. Godforsaken, if some outlaws were to attack the kingdom, my people won’t be vigorous enough to escape, let alone defend themselves.”

“ Me lord! Me lord we have a slight issue.” “What is it Albert, doesn’t thee see that I talk about my country, and has thee forgotten that I do not like to be interrupted.” “But, Me lord though I present my meekest apologies and beg thy forgiveness, this matter is of utmost importance.”
“Well then speak of it; do not waste my time, for time is of the essence.” “Me lord, a group of merchants were passing through your kingdom, and when they saw the rock your highness had placed on the road was hindering everyone. They picked it up and as per your briefings to reward a bag of gold to the people who removed the rock; I was forced to give it to them.” “Ah! Once again my people have proven to be lazy, you may leave Albert.”
“Thank you Me lord. Sire, you need not worry, for I have just thought of a solution to your problem. I know a man who lives not far from here and is known for his sharp mindedness and trickery.”

“Okay then! Let us visit this man you speak of, for I believe this has been stretched enough and it is time we had some outcomes.”
So off the king went to meet Merlin the famed trickster and illusionist. Merlin lived on the steep slopes of a knoll. He had made his house inside the mount where he did all kinds of mystic and magical experimentations, Merlin had always wanted to be part of a kingdom but as a young man the cruelty of his people had made him leave his realm. But now it seemed he had received an opportunity and so afore the king had even arrived he was all-ready and waiting for him.
King Alexander arrived at his abode and after a few moments of words, Merlin said “Sire, I shall help you in your mission if you accept me as your royal advisor, I shall need assurance that you shall pay heed to every single one of my advice, in fact will find that it will all end in benefit to you.” “Well then! Looks like we have a deal”, replied the king in utter joy to have not even needed to make any perilous agreements. And so they took off back to their kingdom.

The next morning Merlin told his plans to the king. “I shall carry out a test which will god willingly change the nature of the people. The difference shall be that you came to think of it and I shall put it to action. For the chicanery I will require a few hundred of your guards and equipment.”
Once he had attained them he went to speak with them and told them about his simple plan. “You shall be secretly leaving the kingdom and create an illusion that the country is to be under attack.” And so after several preparations, that’s what they did, and when the people found out about it the king called out an assembly. ”My fellow men we are doomed, a vast army is approaching us from all sides,and are not accepting a white flag.And what is worse is that none of us have the métier and vitality to fight them, so my brothers, I believe death and imprisonment shall be our fate.”

Upon hearing the daunting things that could come about they stood up and pledged to do as the king commanded to defend themselves and their families. And so upon ensuring their trust and loyalty the king called upon Merlin to instruct them. “I shall train you to the very best and upon my life I promise you that that if thee work together and fast enough all shall be protected. First of all I would like all the men to come to a side, women in the center and children in the end. Now let us get to work.”
And so with fear in their hearts they started working. Merlin made them do all the things they were supposed to do, like helping build houses for others, labor work, learning to fight, cleaning their land, even building an arena for games and sports and what not. And that’s when Merlin’s trick showed its effect; as when at last they questioned why the army had not yet attacked, Merlin told them that the army had retreated, due to some unseen turn of events, but alas! The work they were doing had become their habit and they were enjoying it.

Thus, the laziest kingdom in the land turned into one of the mightiest and the strongest.

P.S Sorry for being so lazy myself, I think I’ve also learnt a lesson. 🙂

Mustansir Burhani.

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Why care ’bout Criticism,when we’ve got Hope

Life is perfect for everyone, But it is criticism that makes us vulnerable in mind and in body, Making our life miserable .Thus a person is never truly disabled or handicapped(even if he is, physically) if he is not continuously criticized and sympathized at. As these two things break the mental barriers of hope and forbearance and bring about helplessness in one’s life.

Though some people might have missing body parts, they can still achieve each and every one of their goals, if stimulated and encouraged properly. For instance, a one-legged person can learn to walk again with the help of a few doctors and strong willpower. But if he is continuously reminded that something is lacking in him and that he’s not the same or people keep on feeling sorry for him, It is obvious that the little hope that’s left in him will be devoured.

I remember watching a heartbreaking movie called The Soul Surfer in which there is a teenage girl who is an excellent surfer, but during one of her stunts she is attacked by a shark, and loses her arm.                                                                            
The story goes on that the girl has become the hot topic. The media started haunting her, and her family turned over protective-not letting her do much work, which makes the girl feel devastated as it keeps on reminding her about  her  accident.


But the girl has a very strong will and she tells her family that she wants to surf again. Her family being supportive helps her achieve what might seem impossible for a normal person, as balance is extremely important in surfing.

The point I am trying to make is that encouragement and support is always needed, even for people who are not handicapped. Children when very small need encouragement to talk, walk or to do any other challenges faced in life. It’s the same when we grow up, We need encouragement and motivation, and the idea that if we fall, Someone will be there to pick us up.

A famous author once said “ Just when I feel like giving up, I Think of you and hold on.”

              So be the one who give’s Hope. Not the one who takes it away…

Mustansir Burhani.

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What about looks?

Physical appearance is inevitably important for humans. From the day history has begun, writers have written poetries and musicals about handsomeness and comeliness, and painters and sculptors have shown the essence of beauty through their art. However, the people have become so cautious about their appearances that sometimes they become too possessive about it.

The actions of people in today’s world are self centred and they just look at the benefits they get out of every thing. For instance, when making new friends it is better to ascertain their motives and actions for becoming your friend and keep a constant vigil on them ,because if there is jealousy between friends on the base of how they look it is destined to lead to disaster. So keeping a broad mind, always try to make friends with people who project well wishes, kindness and are not too possessive about their appearance.

For some people, their appearances are a way to stand up and present themselves to others ,as they believe it shows their personalities and taste.Some also believe that their appearances make them different,giving them chances to hide or change who they are from the inside, and look appealing to the world.Apart from this, most people agree that having self-esteem is related to being satisfied with the way we look and by being pleased with how one’s image is, it is easier to get by in life and relate to other people.

But one thing they do not pay enough attention to understand is that looks are not everything, and that things can be judged in two perspectives the 1st by its cover, meaning the way it looks from outside,and second from the matter,that is what it actually is from the inside.So even though they may look great , they will remain the same in the way they talk and walk,  as it is often said however hard you try you can never turn a metal into gold….

So have a happy life with a pure soul!

Mustansir Burhani

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The Camp Rock!

I was awake at the first light 

But on the sky there was no sun, 

The grayish clouds were in fight

And my prayers were undone


I got my clothes and my torchlight                                                                                

Thus my camping kit was done

Now ready to go to the campsite

Its three days of full on fun!


My scouting team and I

To our families, said goodbyes

Congregated all our stuff

 And reached our camp with sighs


At daybreak was a rigorous inspection

Of the gadgets we had to construct

All night we toiled to attain perfection

And few seniors were there to instruct                        


With no time for any to doze off 

We slogged for countless hours

At lengths when all concluded

We went for morning prayers


Then dressed up as subservient scouts

We stood outside our encampment

The judges who came with doubts

Went away with much contentment


The victuals we made were adequate

And the appearances were well astounding

On the whole it was a buffet

Which to us was immensely spell bounding


With prayer’s of our two Moulas (TUS)

Scouting camp has ended well

So I humbly pray to Allah

That in every heart They always dwell.

 Mustansir Burhani

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What Happened In Karbala

Imam Hussain gave shahadat
For the momineen till qiamat
So in the end in Allah’s hall
Islam is the winner of all
The Kufi’s called him to Karbala
He brought with Him his kafala
His kafala was stopped by Hur
Who was enlightened by Imam Hussain’s Noor
What Happened In Karbala is full of sorrow
It is filled with love for the momineen of tomorrow
Just One tear on Imam Hussain
Eight  Jannat’s it helps you gain
On the Second of Moharram
The zulm started on the haram
Moharram’s Seventh the water was ceased
By the enemies of Islam, to steal their ease
The day of sorrow then began
72 shohadas were in kafan
thus Imam Hussain all alone
Bravery of Ali, He had shown
Angels came to Hussain-Ibne-Ali
To serve their Moula,Imam and Wali
There were Angels of air,land and seas
To kill all of the enemies
But He denied and Enquired
What Allah almighty desired
Jabriel cried and said with a weep
He wants you to obtain Daraja of Shaheed
He put aside His talwaar
Which was called Zulfiqaar
He sat by a date Tree
As shimar came with his bhuti churi
he sat on Hussains chest 
And did be-adabi
But his khanjar didn’t work on Hulqoom-e-Hussain
shimar stood up and backed away
while hussain gave a sajda for momineen
shimar struck on Hussains neck
While Hussain was in sajda for momineens sake
in the end i ask Allah a favour for all
To grant my moula a Life longer than all.
Mustansir Burhani
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Happy Birthday Dad

You’ve been there for us,
Through it all.
Always ready to save us, 
If we ever take a fall.
Though usually we are in trouble,
You often take the blame.
Seeing all of that,
We feel guilt and are filled with shame.
We’ve never ever told you,
All the things we’ve felt-
Like how we’ve always loved you
And that in our hearts you’ll forever dwell.
 You try protecting us from this cold hearted World
Which humiliates us and doesn’t much care
You’ve dried our tears and made us bold
For that, we bring you all the well-fare.
When we lost all hope
You patched things up.
You pick us up from slippery slopes,
When times got rough, to even stand up
 Now we’ve got a chance, and we cheerfully say
Happy Birthday Dad, for this is the day
We celebrate for you and merrily say
May you live longer and your happiness stay
Mustansir Burhani.
For; My Dad who for years has been there for Me and My family in happiness and sadness
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