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Because, I miss you…

I really have no idea where to begin from, and I’m not sure if people would like to read it, but I’d like to notify the readers, that, this essay is as a small gift of thanks to my friend, Rasheeda.

There’s no once upon a time in this story, I’ve known Rasheeda since I was a kid. It’s simple; I and Rasheeda have been living in the same area since childhood just until yesterday. We have known each other since we were babies crawling here and there in the masjid. Then we joined the madrasah and had our own girls group of the mohalla (area). Time passed and we used to play with each other/ be with each other for like every day.

When teenage hit us, there came times for sleepovers and gossips. Girls will be girls, there’s no denying it. So, there used to be cat fights (amongst all of us), I don’t mean physically, but saying stuff and cold wars, that kind. But even then, I don’t know why or how we still stayed along in a group.

In all of this growing part, we graduated from schools, and then from colleges and got into universities (except me, still in college – no comments on that) . We enjoyed getting older, because now no aunties will tell us not to sit in separate thaals and go to our moms (Just kidding! :D) Taking the oath of misaaq was one part of growing up, because it really meant we have to be serious towards studies and life, and we have to act mature, somehow all those parts in life went well. I believe growing up brought us closer to each other’s heart.

Naturally, no one can live without friends, even if we don’t say it, we want our friends to listen to our scored goals and the missed ones too, and our times of hardship and happy days, we like it when they appreciate, and are consoled even if they just keep a warm hand of comfort on our shoulder. At the end of teenage, our ‘girly-group’ transformed  into a ‘club’, our park walks became dining out on occasions, our gossips jumped from who hit whom to who went out with whom, but, one thing remained the same, we laughed the same way like we did when we were kids.

Although our physique changed and we became different people now, but we stayed together, we enjoyed each other’s company, actually relished it, it was something special, actually it IS something special that I can’t define.

Time ran so fast it came to the part of engagements. Well, Rasheeda was the first one to get engaged from our group. We were all happy that now we are adults and have become mature with time. Who knew that we will all miss being together one day?

Day before yesterday, it was the last function of Rasheeda’s wedding, sorry if I’m jumping from engagement to the wedding, but it seems like she got engaged just some time ago and now, she is happily married.

I don’t know Rasheeda if I was ever a good friend to you, but you ARE to me. You might laugh now, I couldn’t sleep right now, I miss you. I miss you singing 9XM songs, I miss your smartness, I miss your cries, I miss you being bossy, I miss your enthusiasm, I miss dancing in the rain with you, and I miss your smile, I really miss you – already.

I think about your home, it’s such a big part of my childhood, I miss you being there. Apart from all the differences we have had, you were a really good friend to me, and to see you away I really don’t know how to react. I will miss your place beside Fatema – Muslim in the thaal. I will miss you every time as I pass by your building (which will be every day).

Yesterday as I hugged you the last time, I really didn’t want to let go of you, you are so much to me, you don’t even know. I know we haven’t been like best friends and all, but even then I will miss you like A LOT (Have I said this like the hundredth time till now?)

Life is really bitter sometimes, I really don’t want to be away from you.

I’d like to quote some lines to you;


I pray that your each and every day passes with a light heart, that no troubles bother you because I know you are great at tackling them 😉 .

I wish that every day you light the days with your radiant smile, and live a happy contented life under the Saya Mubarakah of both Maula. Ameen.

May Allah grant our Maula a long, healthy and prosperous life till the Day of Judgement. Ameen.

Take care.

With lots of love,

Yours truly,


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It is a fact that the Allah Almighty’s most loved men face the most adversities in life. I often think why? And, I never found the answer to this question until I read this poem;

Fairer is the manuscript;

When the read is clipped.

Clearer runs the message when;

There’s a trimming of the pen.


Dimly burns the lantern but;

When its wick is cut.

Perfect will its luster be;

Through the wick’s deficiency.

The poem tells that when one goes through problems in life, he/she becomes a better person. This is because the person deals with patience and always tries to opt for the right thing during their predicaments. Those who are near to Allah Almighty face many difficulties and that’s how they are proved to be a role model for others. Otherwise, how can you judge a person? This is necessary to show, so that we come to know how ‘we’ can counter dilemmas. Life with no problem would be like food with no salt. It has its taste and value which makes us learn from our mistakes and errors.

After we go through the bad phases and gradually when we find our path there is no limit to our happiness. There is an inner satisfaction that we got something out of all our hard work. If there is no problem, no difficulty in life, we cannot enjoy that feeling of contentment, because we never faced any hard ship.


Problem has its own essence. When we deal with it we are also able to relate to someone else who is going through the same phase. We can even help that person to get out of it as we know how it feels.

For me, my greatest problem is my anger. It takes a lot of effort to control it and stop myself from bursting it out. The times when I cannot stop it I realize what I have done wrong and the times I am able to conquer it, is a time of blessing, I feel free from burdens.

I being a prefect at school, is a very tough job, I have to control my anger at many times. When I was actually able to hold my anger, my juniors also became my friends, and doing this job became much easier for me.

So, it’s about being grateful to what ever you get and saying that “why not me?”, because by facing miseries in life you will eventually become a better person!

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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It covered my brother in its dressing,
Now it fills me up and it’s quite depressing.
Easily he fought the illness and then set it free,
Undoubtfully, he has proved to be an inspiration for me.

How will I be satisfied without posing in the mirror,
What will I do without the spice in my fillers.
But without school I’ll be able to study willingly for the CIEs,
Still what will I just do with the books, the tv and the numb me.

Like a couch potato I’ll lounge and chat with my mates,
Like a believer, I’ll have faith, I’ll tolerate and just wait.
For the remaining days, with the surrounding I’ll try to cope,
And make the most out of the ticking clock, I hope.
Tick Tick Tick!

PS: Folks this is the very first poem I’ve ever written. So don’t really judge the writing. 😛

Sarrah Mustafa Malirwala

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A House divided against itself can not stand.

This phrase is from the Bible which clearly states that a house that is divided cannot stand as one. A place where unity is not present and there are fights and differences among each other cannot remain to be stable.

The mosques in the world remain to be in their places for thousands of years. How do you suppose that happens? This happens since Muslims come together in their mosques for the same purpose-to pray in front of Almighty Allah, especially when Muslims from different parts of the world come in the month of Zilhajj to perform pilgrimage. The Holy Ka’aba is a magnet that attracts pilgrims to come there and every year, the percentage of the people performing pilgrimage keeps increasing. The Ka’aba is a house more over a home that knits bonds of brotherhood among Muslims.

Or even the golden temple where the Sikhs rotate around the temple. Even though they are divided amongst themselves with problems but this particular place unites them when they come together with a single cause.

These are the holy places in which, the house itself unites the people. But, in our house we ought to make this balance by ourselves. The United States of America has a combination of 50 states in it. But, before it was divided into two sections the north and south. The southern Americans promoted slavery however the north Americans did not. The president of that time, Abraham Lincoln was deeply troubled because of this; he used this phrase in his speech that; ‘a house divided against itself can not stand’. He knew that the Americans were divided among themselves because of this hindrance, half slavery-half free. There was a solution needed to this problem and so he put an end to slavery so that the members of the house, meaning the inhabitants of the country would live together as one. And, for that he was assassinated. Lincoln sacrificed himself to bring his people together. Or else the Americans would still be facing this problem.

house_divided-300x210 (1)

Today in Pakistan, people are sitting on roads, crying out loud, protesting against the terrorists who have taken thousands of lives. There is no one answering them,no one ensuring that they will be given their right. Karachi-the city of lights has become a battlefield. Each day starts with firing and ends with a bomb blast. Everything seems to be at sixes and sevens! The death rate keeps on increasing day after day. But still, there is hope that this would soon be resolved. May Allah bring back the liveliness of this country and may it prosper in near future! Ameen.

Dilemmas and problems never end in our life but we must know how to tackle them. Sacrifices are a part of it that clinches in strengthening the bond.

Ruqaiya Lokhand.

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