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He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty…

Allah has created man in such a way that he has his phases, as a person he has an angry man phase, and a cool man phase, sometimes in situations the angry part of a man is heavy on the cool part of the man and everything goes hay-wired, and the reputation of a man goes worse, and we get results that are the worst.

The quote written above shows that the person who has control on himself and he who keeps himself calm in every situation is better than the person who is mightier than him, but if his attitude is different, then he is of no use, as the person who has control and remains balance, is well-known in the society.

In every aspect of life a person faces many situations, where he has to choose an option, but sometimes the person in fury or rage, goes for the wrong option which ruins the situation or even his entire life, I have a friend, he is my classmate, he is such a decent guy , and always remains calm and has good advises for others also and takes decisions which are approved by everybody. People around him even trust him as they know he never gets angry and deals with the situation in a smarter way than others.

The best example is there in our Islamic society, of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who was the leader of the Muslims, the person who introduced Islam and in the beginning faced many oppositions and severe problems from the society, but instead of getting angry and ruining the situation, he remained calm and dealt with patience and spread Islam wisely. Today, as we can see that true Muslims do not fight.

The quote from which I started has been proven right, as in every aspect of life we should remain calm and all the people who are successful or who were successful are because they followed the path of the calmness.

So, if you want to ‘live’ your life you must know that; ‘Anger is only a thief that takes your life’s best moments’. Now, you better know what to opt for! 😉

Ibrahim Shabbir.

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The system running in our blood.

 All the people in the world are divided as SUPERIOR or INFERIOR in the ‘caste system’. I am sure you must have heard about the Hindu caste system. If you haven’t then I’ll let you know. The Hindu caste system is very well known around the world in which there were four stages- The first were the Brahmins, the literate and influential then the Kshatriyas who were the soldiers then come Vaishyas who can also be called the middle-class people and last who were the most inferior, Shudras considered as ‘untouchable’.

 This was applied in the Hindu government but besides this, our brain also has the same mind-set like their caste system. Don’t you realize how? Tell me, if you sit with your maids at your home? The answer is- No. This is because we think of them lower then us as they don’t have a status in the society. And in the same way the celebrities would never sit with us as they consider us having a lower status than them. Another example can be of America where the whites thought themselves having a higher rank than the blacks. But soon after a successful boycott the blacks received equal rights like the whites.

We grade each other in every part of life but what was it like before Islam? The rich used to rule over the poor people. Then when Prophet Mohammad PBUH came, he initiated the concept of equality and even while offering prayers the rich and the poor used to stand in the same row instead of looking at their status value. This is what makes Islam a widely spread religion.

Why has the caste system developed all around the world? Why can’t everyone live equally? No matter who is rich and who is poor or what their status in the society is. One day they all have to go to the grave which is their final destination. And they all have to face the Last day- the Judgment Day. We all are born in this place of Satan – a place of troubles. There is no such place in world where trouble doesn’t exist!

One alone can’t master everything. So, according to this we must understand each person’s value, as we will need them in our time of problems. If we all live equally there will be unity among ourselves and so we can tackle anything quickly!


Ibrahim Jodia.

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