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He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty…

Allah has created man in such a way that he has his phases, as a person he has an angry man phase, and a cool man phase, sometimes in situations the angry part of a man is heavy on the cool part of the man and everything goes hay-wired, and the reputation of a man goes worse, and we get results that are the worst.

The quote written above shows that the person who has control on himself and he who keeps himself calm in every situation is better than the person who is mightier than him, but if his attitude is different, then he is of no use, as the person who has control and remains balance, is well-known in the society.

In every aspect of life a person faces many situations, where he has to choose an option, but sometimes the person in fury or rage, goes for the wrong option which ruins the situation or even his entire life, I have a friend, he is my classmate, he is such a decent guy , and always remains calm and has good advises for others also and takes decisions which are approved by everybody. People around him even trust him as they know he never gets angry and deals with the situation in a smarter way than others.

The best example is there in our Islamic society, of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who was the leader of the Muslims, the person who introduced Islam and in the beginning faced many oppositions and severe problems from the society, but instead of getting angry and ruining the situation, he remained calm and dealt with patience and spread Islam wisely. Today, as we can see that true Muslims do not fight.

The quote from which I started has been proven right, as in every aspect of life we should remain calm and all the people who are successful or who were successful are because they followed the path of the calmness.

So, if you want to ‘live’ your life you must know that; ‘Anger is only a thief that takes your life’s best moments’. Now, you better know what to opt for! 😉

Ibrahim Shabbir.

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