Prayers Answered!

The heart desired, the eyes wept,
For thee to chant the golden words,
Decades had passed, but the memory still afresh,
the old and wise said what grandeur it was,
The youth had wondered what it would be,
dreams and imaginations had surpassed them in the cause,
Maula! O Maula each year we cried with tears,
Who knew our labbaik was this year,
1439 on the day of gadeer,
Bushra arrived; Maula chose karachi for nohawalaweel.
The cries of Allahoakbar was what all chanted,
The young and old had never been so excited,
Our homes are big our hearts bigger,
Come one come all, we raise our banner,
On this day of happiness, which is the haqqiqi Eid,
Sajadat-e-shukur is the least Amat could proceed.
Amate Syedna tus
Maria Sadriwala

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2 thoughts on “Prayers Answered!

  1. Ali Lokhandwala

    Got goosebumps after reading your blog. Nicely written. I can imagine your happiness. Nothing more to say, but little sad as didnt got visa. With an heavy heart, i can only ask you to remember in your prayers.

  2. alifiyah

    just as amazing as the people of karachi!

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